This youth in white wore a purple jade crown; his face was white, his long brows touched his hairline, and his phoenix eyes showed great grandeur. A white robe covered his whole body… at first glance, he looked like a white snow flower, very delicate and scholarly. But the person facing him got an impression that was completely different from that appearance.

He simply sat on the horse’s back, but gave the feeling that he was overlooking the whole world.

Prince of Iron Cloud, Tie Bu Tian himself, came out to welcome Du Shi Qing.

At this moment, he was sitting with his right hand gently placed on top of his left. His eyes squinted as he was looking ahead, waiting patiently with a calm countenance.

From a distance, dust rose up along with the gentle rumbling sound of rolling wheels. A group of people appeared on the horizon.

“They’re here!” Tie Bu Tian said and immediately got off his horse. His robe still covered his body just like before. He was not tall, but never gave the impression that he was small in stature.

At his side were dozens of people standing vigilant with light flashing in their gazes. Their hands were on the hilts of their swords, covering and protecting Tie Bu Tian in all directions. With such a formation, even if a Martial Emperor attacked, they could still keep Tie Bu Tian safe and sound!

At this moment, Du Shi Qing was stunned.

“Senior Du, you have arrived safely at Iron Cloud. I should say goodbye.” Chu Yang faint a ceremonious farewell. He was like a warrior who just finished his mission.

“Ah?” Du Shi Qing really did not expect that Chu Yang would bid farewell at this moment.

Could it be that he only wanted to escort me on this journey? Only a simple repayment? And nothing else?

Manager Gao and the four guards were also caught by surprise and raised their heads to look at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang gave Du Shi Qing a determined glance and, without waiting for Du Shi Qing to say any words to hold him back, he turned and walked away. His lone figure seemed to be lightened, as if an important burden was lifted!

Looking at his back, they all suddenly felt shameful for misunderstanding him.

He appeared suddenly and journeyed with them for hundreds of miles. If it were not for him then this group would not have survived to arrive at Iron Cloud! If it were not for him then this group would have been annihilated at that thick forest.

But at this hour of success, he decided to leave!

In fact, just two days ago, this group almost got into a fight with him! What ungrateful behavior! Chu Yang leaving like this left Du Shi Qing with a deep impression of a selfless hero!

Everyone looked at the lone figure as it slowly became a small black dot in front of them… afterward, it disappeared… they could not help but be a little dumbfounded.

Chu Yang came because he wanted to repay an old debt; this much was verified. However, in everyone mind, Chu Yang should still have another intention.

Using Du Shi Qing to get into the eyes of the upper crust of Iron Cloud to win wealth and fame; this was really his main purpose, right?

However, at this moment, Chu Yang’s action broke all of their expectations and made them feel that they have “used a small person’s heart to measure a good person’s intentions” (TLN: you probably know it, but just in case, a person with dark heart thinks everyone is like them)… extremely shameful.

What they did not know was that Chu Yang departed at just the right time to start his plan.

Manager Gao’s group did not even have one bit of suspicion toward him.

Chu Yang knew that if he followed Du Shi Qing into the citadel, he would conveniently meet Tie Bu Tian. However, his status would not be good.

At best, he would be one of Tie Bu Tian’s aides. Then he would have to work hard to once again to find or wait for another opportunity to emerge slowly, step by step.

But who knows when the right opportunity would come along, and Chu Yang could not afford to wait.

What could easily be obtained would naturally not be cherished. The words applied to men and women. They also applied to love as well as wealth and career!

A wife was not comparable to a concubine, a concubine was not comparable to a lover, and a lover was not comparable to an unrequited love. What cannot be obtained was always the best. Haha… Chu Yang understood this too well; in truth, this was not without reason.

If Chu Yang initiated contact, then his importance would never be one that Tie Bu Tian had to invite time and time again. His worth in the prince’s eyes would be completely different. Therefore, Chu Yang was currently putting himself in an advantageous position, and creating an opportunity where Tie Bu Tian would have to invite him three times before he comes.

Originally, when there was no other way, Chu Yang could only use Du Shi Qing. Now that he had Nine Tribulation Sword’s devouring ability (TLN: it’s really absorption, but the author use terms that mean bite, swallow, devour; sounds more ferocious), he immediately changed his plan. Now that there were other paths, Chu Yang would absolutely not be content with just being an insignificant aide!

As for Du Shi Qing, Chu Yang had put all his efforts into leaving a deep impression. The utility of this would definitely not be wasted. At the least, Tie Bu Tian only needed to mention his name with Du Shi Qing. With these impressions, Du Shi Qing would have some effect on Tie Bu Tian’s decision! (TLN: Don’t be confused, basically he wanted Tie Bu Tian to bring up his name with the Du Shi Qing, who of course will only have good things to say about Chu Yang. If Tie Bu Tian asks about him first instead of the doctor bringing up his name, Chu Yang would have more value to Tie Bu Tian.)

With the current situation, what Chu Yang needed to do right away was to get Tie Bu Tian’s attention. Let Tie Bu Tian ask about him, then he would be the one that took the initiative and Chu Yang would just be the reluctant party!

He only needed Tie Bu Tian to have a little impression of him then his plans can move forward like a horse soaring through the air!

Succeeding in one step was a challenge, but doing something strange to attract Tie Bu Tian’s attention, that was his specialty!

Tie Bu Tian’s group gathered to wait about 3 miles outside of Iron Cloud Citadel. When they saw Du Shi Qing’s carriage appeared in the distance, they were finally relieved.

However, they were suddenly stunned.

A figure separated from Du Shi Qing’s group and rapidly approached their direction like a bolt of lightning!

No, it was heading in the direction of the citadel!

From a distance, it came closer and closer. The time that it took that black spot to turn into a small silhouette of a person to a clear figure to a black bolt of lightning was extremely fast!

“So fast!” one of the valiant looking men next to Tie Bu Tian blinked and could not help but praised.

Though the others did not speak, they felt the same way.

This figure was not riding a horse, but was on foot. The speed he was approaching with was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, he was no longer far from them. When he got a little closer, all of the martial art experts around Tie Bu Tian suddenly got an unsettling feeling!

Because at this moment, the fast moving silhouette was suddenly moving by them!

He lifted his head and looked over in the direction of Tie Bu Tian!

The two gazes were like heavenly swords that cut through the dark sky and met!

The dozen of martial experts around Tie Bu Tian suddenly felt the moment the pair of eyes felt on them that they were completely exposed.

It was as if they were stripped and tossed into an icy field of wind and snow.

All of a sudden, a cold like a thousand mile of icy wind swept from the man’s direction. That cold seemed like it could engulf the whole world with ice! It was like a calm sea that was suddenly hit with monstrous waves!

An absolute calm turned into earth shattering agitation in a blink of an eye! This sharp contrast made everyone unable to react in time; especially the guards around Tie Bu Tian, who had heightened senses and were always alert!

There were martial experts on both sides, the air was filled with tension.

However, that person seemed to suddenly sense that something was wrong and immediately took back the cold air. This ability to freely release and take back shocked everyone to the core!

At this time, the gazes of that person and Tie Bu Tian were directly on each other!

Tie Bu Tian had unexpectedly turned around and looked.

Their eyes seemed to have met each other by accident, but they were both shocked!

This seemingly casual gaze was actually deliberate on both sides!

Moreover, both parties only knew that theirs was intentional.

Tie Bu Tian’s gaze was preceded by his activation of Emperor Saintly Technique; it brought with it the type of pressure from one of the ultimate position of power. That was paired with Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique that he cultivated since his childhood!

From one glance, Tie Bu Tian was able to perceive one thing from the other person’s speed, momentum, and gaze. The person in front of him was an extremely dangerous character! If that person was a friend, he would be of great help. If that person was an enemy, he would be a formidable one!

Separated by more than ten yards, two people and four eyes faced each other. In their mind, there suddenly rose a subtle feeling. As if they should never have met each other; this impossible encounter of friend or foe that should never have been now suddenly meet in this chaos of space and time!

Chu Yang was very aware of this feeling. At this moment, in front of his eyes, it seemed as if time and space was grounded and mixed. The two different worlds of previous life and this suddenly mixed together!

This was an extremely mysterious feeling.

A meeting completely outside of fate!

(TLN: here‘s something specially drawn for David. it’s even worse than before, drew it 1 minute, hope you like it)

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