TL: Fallen     Editors/TCs: Me & my anonymous editor

On the plaque that faced towards the busy street, three flamboyant characters “Heavenly Armament Pavilion” shined in their gold lacquered brilliance. It made half of the street shine with a blinding golden colored radiance.

The couplets on both sides were written on silver billboards with gold writings. The entire setup seemed to give off the taste of the nouveau riche. Anyone who passed by would immediately notice a heavy stench of money coming at them head on.

On the billboards were: Cutting through steel as if it were mud is not a dream, an eye-opener for you!

And below: I (TLN: I, your father,) have all sorts of divine weapons. Come quickly if you want them!

Streamer: No need to wait!

Leaning against the door, was a sign: Heavenly Armament Pavilion is open to money, those with little silver need not enter. Millions of silver taels is barely enough, a million gold taels does not count as rich. Heavenly treasures are yours to take; the moment you enter you will be satisfied.

Evidently, this was not only a nouveau riche, but it looked like he was not that educated as well. An extremely tacky appearance from the house to the billboard. Even the words were crooked and full of evil intent. It was as if a rat’s tail was dipped in ink and wine was forced down the rat’s mouth. Finally, the rat drew those words by dragging its tail after it was dead drunk.

Big Boss Chu sat inside waiting, intent on fleecing the fat sheep that came calling. This is called Grand Duke Jiang goes fishing, waiting for fish to willingly and knowingly take the bait. (TLN: Author put in a note to say that, naturally, Chu Yang didn’t know this fishing story. It’s about… read it here)

It should be noted that, preparing for several days and nights was pretty tiring for Chu Yang, but it was also pretty exciting.

This taste of unearned wealth really was fantastic. Goddamn, no wonder so many people wanted to be thieves. He only needed to stretch out his hand, and he could take their gold or silver. This was really too easy.

Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Hmm, it could be also be considered that. At that time they were oozing with money while he was poor to death. Robbing a little for himself, was that not the same thing?

The moment this Heavenly Armament Pavilion opened, it made all the people who saw it open their eyes wide in shock. Too arrogant, too outrageous! Since times past no one had ever seen anyone who tried to run a business this way!

This was not even about trying to run a business anymore, but purely trying to offend people! Moreover this was tormenting yourself to offend other people.

Suddenly, Heavenly Armament Pavilion became the biggest joke since Iron Cloud’s founding, and the name began to rapidly spread out.

“Hey hey, quickly go and check it out, there is an extreme leveled lunatic opening a shop in bright daylight right over here!”

In a flash, the outside of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion was filled with a large number of gawkers. With nothing to do and since everyone was idle anyway, going to look at this idiot was not such a bad thing.

But everyone was also feeling a bit strange. This idiot can show off anywhere, but did he have to come to Iron Cloud Citadel’s most bustling imperial street to get shamed? This person’s brain didn’t go bad, right? But if it really is an idiot…… where did he get so much money to open this shop?

Inside Big Boss Chu sat with his two legs crossed. On the counter in front of him there was not a single divine weapon in sight; the only thing there was a cup of tea, steam and tea fragrances slowly spiraled from the cup into the air. Big Boss Chu’s head was also in this spiral of tea fragrance, nodding from one point to the other. This really was too sleepy…

At the left wall near the inner door hung a long sword, a great saber, a short sword, and a short saber. It seemed like these four articles are the only merchandise with which he opened up shop with, and are the “divine weapons” that he was prepared to sell.  On the outside, the chaotic mess of people was at the same time speaking in wonder, sighing, and laughing. Chu Yang turned a deaf ear to this. As the ones he wanted to do business with were not these people anyways.

Moreover, Chu Yang’s memory of his past life clearly told him that Iron Cloud Nation perhaps did not care about other things, but “Heavenly Armament”, these 2 words will certainly touch Iron Cloud’s leadership’s most sensitive nerve!

“Get out the way! Get out of the way! A good dog does not block the road, this means you! Oh you don’t submit, do you?” In the distance came unreasonable sounds of yelling, a few dark haired large men with unbuttoned collars were walking over this way, the way they walk reminiscent of crabs. Wherever they went, the crowd there was like seeing the plague and scattered to avoid them.

“What ‘heavenly armament pavilion’? My god such an upstart.” said a dark haired big man with a face that had a huge mole growing on it, and on this mole there was a long thick tuft of black hair as well. This person used slanted eyes to look at the plaque saying “Heavenly Armament Pavilion”. And with his nose in the air, suddenly and furious yelled “His mother, is this person poor to the point that he became insane? Not a lot silver, then don’t come in? I don’t have a lot of silver, but I still want to go in!”

“Big Brother…… Big Brother……” On his side, the smaller man who was just looking left and right surprisingly yelled, “Thi- thi- this is all silver! Pure silver!” This guy was pointing towards the plaque while jumping and shouting as if having a stroke.

“Silver?” The person squeezed the plaque a bit doubtful, suddenly his tone of voice changed “My god, this really is silver!!”

The eyes which looked up at the plaque suddenly changed, it become greedy and malicious.

“Who is the boss inside? Come out! Come out!” His voice was almost hoarse, his Adam’s apple moved up and down swallowing rivers of saliva. “F* me, I don’t even need to ask for anything else, I only to take away this plaque and it would be enough.”

“You want to buy something?” Chu Yang folded his arms, and slowly came out. There was no other way; in this entire Heavenly Armament Pavilion there was only him alone, for he was both the manager and the worker.

The moment he came out to look, Big Boss Chu’s nose almost became crooked from the anger (TLN: erm, another strange idiom… basically he was pissed off).

I am preparing to catch big fishes, but before the big fishes even came I first attracted a group of the local hooligans? This is too f*ing unlucky, isn’t it?

“This shop was opened by you?” That person asked with his nose in the air.

“What?” Chu Yang was in a bad mood, so his tone naturally would not be good as well.

“What? My god you really have a temper do you? It seems you do not know who is in front of you do you?” the dark haired big man stretched forth one hand intending to seize this damn kid in front of him by the collar, and give him a beating.

“Get lost!” Chu Yang gave a low yell, with a glare in his eyes. Then his two arms rose up and suddenly from his body, burst out a layer of visible black smoke. It contained an overwhelming feeling of evil killing intent and a freezing chill, which rushed toward the other group.

That dark haired big man was just a small fry on these streets. Not only that, he was not even a martial pupil. He only relied on his two arm’s strength to bully other people. How could he withstand this soul attack that was at the level of a revered martial artist?

The dark haired big man had just finished a word when he suddenly felt a chill, then he was hit head-on by a killing aura that shook his very soul. His two eyes began to roll back, and then he began to feel like he had sunk into an endless nightmare.

It seemed as if countless demonic ghouls that were bleeding from many orifices rushed upon him from all directions, from both heaven and hell.

“Ahhhhh………………” After uttering a scream that was not like any which a human can voice, the dark haired big man staggered back. Suddenly his two hands clung to his head, and he began rolling back and forth on the floor, while crazily screaming, “Mercy, no! I didn’t do it, mercy, mercy, ahhhhh……”

He suddenly jumped up and turned to escape; but in just a single step he fell back on to the ground in a tumble, blood started to flow, and he lay paralyzed on the ground. It seemed that he couldn’t even stand up anymore, but he still desperately crawled forward. As he was crawling away, the crotch of his pants gradually became wet…

Only that piercing cry for mercy echoed slowly in the sky.

His two younger bros (TLN: not really brothers, you know how it is in a gang) who came along with him did not even understand what just happened, but had seen their big bro becoming like that in a blink of an eye. He had changed from being very normal to being such a terrifying sight, they both felt a sudden chill though the air and couldn’t help but let out a cry. Then, to the left and to the right, they scattered like cockroaches.

Chu Yang feigned a perplexed expression to look at the distantly fleeing trio, and scratched his head a bit. It seemed to the onlookers like he didn’t know what even happened. Only after think for a long time did he seemed to have realized something and said, “Ohhh right, divine weapons each have a wicked and wild air surrounding them. It seems like they sensed people who had bad intentions in their hearts and that offended the divine weapons inside. All divine weapons have a soul and spirit, so they disciplined them a bit …….”

After listening to him explaining so, everyone in the crowd suddenly understood what happened. All of them could not help but show a bit of fear on their faces as they took several steps back. They felt a chill go up their spines.

Chu Yang laughingly said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know who else wants to come to visit a bit? Please, please, you’re all welcome, don’t be afraid.”

With a rustle, the onlooking crowd quickly dispersed.

Chu Yang, with a small “he he” laugh, turned back into the shop.

Heavenly Armament Pavilion really was terrible, the divine weapons in there each actually had a spirit! If an ill-willed person goes there, they would curse them. This rumor spread even faster than the previous rumor.  After all, there were a lot of people who personally witnessed it happening. Thus, it spread out with even more vigor than the previous one. The people who retold the story did it in a low and careful voice; those who did the listening kept quiet with bated breaths.

“Who wouldn’t believe this? Did you not see those guys from East Main Street who were scared to insanity? What, you don’t know who those guys were? It’s those hooligans that were raking in protection fees, you know.”

Since then, this rumor spread even more excessively. It developed into many different versions, giving this newly opened Heavenly Armament Pavilion, which had opened out of thin air, another veil of mystery.

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    1. He isn’t really trying to start a business… just getting bait….

      And for this world, it would work great. He has priceless treasures and only can sell to the super elite who look for that stuff and have the money for it….

      So then he captures them….


  1. [and it would “be” enough.] ~”be” was missing…
    Also what is going on here? Divine weapon shop? Also revered martial artist? When did he advance to that level?

    Thx for the chapter


    1. Thanks! Good catch. e-medal
      Nine Tribulations Sword can purify metal and make weapons for him. Remember? e-medal retracted.
      As far as I know, Chu Yang is not at that level yet. It speaks to how powerful that attack is. If you get beyond this chapter, which I am sure you did by now, then it’s explained that this “psychological” attack is based on his life experience; he has two. Similar to the crazy killing aura Meng Chao Ran felt many chapters ago.


  2. Is it the quality of the story that has dropped or is it me that don’t really like the way the story is advancing ?
    Robbing people, 50/60 in one night ? No explanation on how he did it ? Not like I care anyway but…
    I really feel like the author gives him too much credit compared to his rank. It’s always the same problem, they set up a ranking system and break it for the mc. Justifying with the special technique he has, or special item etc.
    Always the same easy choice made by the author because they don’t know how to write a story with a weak character.


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