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That night, Chu Yang was somewhat puzzled. On the first day of opening, Heavenly Armament Pavilion’s assertiveness had attracted a crowd of onlookers; inside the crowd there were also many martial artists, and many affluently dressed people with haughty demeanor, who were very likely the members of some large families within the city.

How could these people actually have been able to hold back their curiosity and not come in for a look?

It is should be noted that with a sharp divine weapon in hand, you can raise your combat ability at least one level, whether it is walking in the Jiang Hu or fighting in the battleground, it is always a treasure that martial artists could only dream about getting.

When one has a divine weapon, its qualities would be far more superior to any other ordinary weapon. It is tantamount to having an extra life!

Did this not have enough attraction for them?

No matter whether if it was a martial family or the military, this type and level of attraction should be enough right?

Chu Yang remained completely puzzled, what sort of thing was this? As far as I know, the moment this Iron Cloud Nation hears of this situation they should’ve been storming in regardless if it was true or not. But how bizarre that nobody actually cares, did I remember incorrectly?

On the second day, there were still people gawking. But it was even more deserted than the first day; frankly not even one person went through the doors to enter the shop. At least on the first day, there was a group that came to make some trouble.

On the third day, even the onlookers became less. Chu Yang could not help but be depressed. Buying or not buying was one thing, but at least there should be a few people who would come to look around? There were millions of people throughout the city; did they not have any curiosity? In the end, what sort of thing was this?

On the third night, there was finally movement.

After eating, Chu Yang was looking at the book “Immortal Medicine” that Du Shi Qing gave him; upon opening the title page, there was an opening phrase: “In this world, who can avoid death? None. Therefore as doctors, one can only heal non-deadly diseases. However what is a non-deadly disease? I humbly believe, that it is those that are inflicted by external forces and cause one bodily pain; those are non-deadly diseases.”

As for terminal diseases, they are one’s destiny.

Chu Yang was shocked as he read. The meaning of these words was clear: As long as one was not old to the point of burning out the last bit of gas in his tank, any injury or disease could be cured. Of course this was only in theory. But even if it’s only in theory, the tone was majestic to the extreme.

Bang, bang!

There was someone knocking on the door.

Chu Yang who was just getting immersed in the book, impatiently asked: “Who is it?”

“I heard that there are divine weapons for sale here, thus I especially came to visit.” From the outside came a tired voice.

Chu Yang’s heart moved a bit, although this voice sounded tired, it glowed with a one-of-a-kind type of haughtiness that did not seem to be putting anyone in its eyes. Only people who have become accustomed to being in high places could have such a tone.

Moreover, this voice sounded very young.

Closing the book, Chu Yang opened the door, in a glance there was a youth in silk clothing standing there, his face calm and yet tired, but within his brows there seems to be an unsolvable light of melancholy. Even after seeing Chu Yang open the door, he still had the same expression.

Although this youth was clothed affluently, but his clothing was entirely covered with dust, it actually seemed to be from a long journey without a break. Such a person, with such a haughty tone, but how could he appear to be so pitiful?

At the moment that Chu Yang opened the door, this youth’s stomach suddenly let out a sound, it seemed to be from hunger, but upon this person’s face you definitely cannot see the slightest trace of embarrassment.

A lamp was lit. There was a lonely glow of light.

“Please sit.” From the guest’s demeanor and air Chu Yang could see that the youth in front of him was definitely not from some mundane family. He was certainly the child of a large family.

Because this type of upper class air was not something that those regular officials’ families would have.

Spoiled rich kids are of course easily produced by large rich families, but they were also the easiest place for geniuses to be produced as well. Because their starting point was much higher than any hero who comes from the masses.

Chu Yang had some doubts. Why had such a large family’s precious child come out at midnight? Why was there not even a single guard to follow him as well? Moreover, why did he appear to be so pitiful?

The youth lightly smiled and only after checking out the inside of the store a bit did he take steps to come inside. After sitting on Chu Yang’s opposite, he lightly smiled and said: “What is elder martial brother’s name?”

“You want to buy weapons? Or are you here to make friends?” Chu Yang smiled then looked up and asked.

“Good!” The youth gazed at him for a moment, before he gently spoke. After speaking, he took off a sword from his waist and placed it on the table. Only after gazing unwilling at it for a moment did he then slowly push it in front of Chu Yang, “Since brother specializes in selling divine weapons, how about looking a bit at this sword of mine?”

Chu Yang was somewhat speechless. He was there to sell weapons and for three days he had not sold any, nor was there any customer, and now one finally came at night. But listening to his tone, he was actually trying to sell a weapon! Was he actually in the same business? Chu Yang thought his luck really was bad to the extreme.

But after thinking for a bit he still reached out for the sword. There was nothing to do anyway, and idling was idling after all.

The moment the sword was in hand it felt quite heavy, Chu Yang couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and exclaim, “Good sword!”

“Brother you have not yet pulled it out, how can you already know that this is a good sword?” the gold-clothed youth smiled at him. Although the clothes on him were very pitiful, his every word and move were leisurely, which showed how good an upbringing his family gave him.

“Common long swords are usually 3 feet in length, with scabbard 3 feet 3 inches. But this sword of yours together with scabbard is 3 feet 5 inches.” Chu Yang looked at the sword and said, “For experts of the sword, an inch longer is an inch stronger, this is specific to swords rather than other weapons. People who says that this saying applies to any weapon are mistaken, because the sword is a gentle killer, it is long but not firm, not firm thus it is brittle, if it is brittle then it is easy to break. Therefore, it is easier to create a short sword; that is to say that creating a long sword is difficult. A sword like yours, being much longer adds to the difficulty of making the sword. But from looking at the scabbard and hilt, old and unadorned with a faint blood aura, shows that it has been through many years, experienced a lot of kills, yet it remains unchanged; there is no doubt this is a good sword!”

“Well said!” The youth laughed, his laughter full of appreciation, and said: “Brother indeed is a person who knows swords!”

“Also, regularly a long sword weighs at about six pounds to nine pounds, the ideal heavy swords are weighted at 7.7 pounds.” Chu Yang lightly smiled. “If mixed with other specific metals, then it is very hard to say.”

“But this sword of yours, with scabbard its weight has already exceeded more than thirty pounds.” Chu Yang said, “A sword that heavy, and yet does not change its shape, is definitely a good sword!”

The look of appreciation in the youth’s eyes became more profuse.

Chu Yang’s wrist turned; with a clang, as if were a groaning dragon and a hissing tiger, the long sword exited the scabbard. Suddenly a ray of cold light spread throughout the room; the lamp’s light shone upon the sword actually and became thousands of rays that almost made the entire house transparent in its brilliance!

“Good sword!” Chu Yang praised, carefully inspecting it. The more he looked the more the praises came.

Blade as still as autumn water. Yet when still, it seemed to be constantly shaking.

“Observing a beauty underneath the lamp is a great joy in life; but to those who know swords, seeing a sword underneath the light is actually the greatest blessing,” the youth could not help but sigh. “The sword has a spirit within, a heart within. To see a sword is to look at the killings in Jiang Hu! A famed sword within one’s eye is like clear autumn water. Groaning dragons and hissing tigers sounds brings to one’s mind an image of armored cavalry stampeding through Jiang Hu!”

“Yes.” Chu Yang sighed and said, “To look at a sword, is to look at Jiang Hu.” He raised his head watching the youth. “But you and I have never met before. Your coming here today is not to let me take a look at this sword, to feel a bit of Jiang Hu.”

While talking, sword lights flashed, without even a look Chu Yang returned the long sword to its scabbard, as if the blade itself had eyes.

“You really are an expert with the sword.” The youth smiled. “Naturally I am not just here to let you see the sword, I wanted to find a person who loves swords.”

His eyes flashed a pained look. “Ever since coming out, I didn’t have a single penny on hand, a journey of eight thousand miles to here, all the items which I had have all been bartered away save only for this sword.”

His eyes looked at Chu Yang: “Brother, I only need a hundred and twenty gold, I will for now leave my sword here as collateral. After a period of time I will come to retrieve it, at that time I will return you ten thousand gold to take my sword back.”

Chu Yang fell into silence, doubts began to well up.

This sword, one only needed a look to see that it was priceless. To put it as collateral for one hundred and twenty gold was more than enough. But he just could not understand why such a good thing came to find him on its own.

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  1. Maybe the sword has pursuers… People could be looking for this sword and he gets blamed for it if he cannot protect it?
    Thx for the chapter


  2. thanks for the chapter,
    liked this chapter, so is this guy one of those who came to befriend the owner of the Sword, otherwise it seems a bit like a quest-line in a single player game


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