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In this world, one does not know how many professional pawn shops there are; he was just an ignorant fella trying to bait out a prey. This storefront was also there only for his own purposes; to attract people’s eyes and increase his own worth. As soon as that purpose was achieved, then he would immediately close it down.

Unexpectedly, ever since he opened, not a single business transaction had been done yet, but this late at night there was actually someone who came here on their own to pawn something? Moreover, it was such a good sword?

This event really was strange, too unusual. Could it be that there was something fishy about this?


Past midnight, within Crown Prince Manor.

The burly stature of Wu Kuang Yun left looking pitiful. (TLN: You guys remember him? The vulgar guy)

The moment he came to Tie Bu Tian’s, even without saying a word, everything was blocked at once by Tie Bu Tian’s words, “No need to explain, I know for sure that it was you.”

Then he was just left hanging in there. Standing upright and left hanging for half an afternoon until the evening. This great general who within Iron Cloud was considered so powerful and formidable. In the armed forces, undoubtedly mighty; in subordinate’s hearts, invincible and undefeatable. He was, for the entire afternoon and half the night, continuously wiping off cold sweat.

Tie Bu Tian had been constantly approving documents and arranging tasks. Waves and waves of people had been walking in, then the waves and waves of people walked out, everyone was moving hurriedly. Only Wu Kuang Yun stood like a stake in the middle of the hall, motionless.

This time it really was embarrassing to the point of death. Wu Kuang Yun looked at the pairs of eyes that curiously watched him. Those surprised, questioning gazes made him feel unbelievably shamed. He almost wanted to find a hole to up into. In particular, several who recognized him and were familiar with him; their eyes when looking at him were like those watching a monkey.

Wu Kuang Yun, for countless times, looked at Tie Bu Tian with a gaze pleading for mercy. Brat (TLN: literal is little ancestor, but means little devil or brat), even if you cut off my head, please don’t continue to leave here like this…

But Tie Bu Tian did not even spare him a single look; their eyesight didn’t even meet for just a bit. Moreover, he didn’t even try to talk to him.

If Tie Bu Tian did not speak a word, then naturally Wu Kuang Yun was afraid to speak as well. This teenage crown prince’s power and influence were still quite solid. The key was the fame and respect he accumulated over the years. This made Wu Kuang Yun respectful of him to the extreme! Thus, he was very afraid.

If Tie Bu Tian were switched with someone else, it would be likely that this general, whose temper was notoriously grumpy, would’ve already smashed a table and begun to swear viciously. But in front of Tie Bu Tian, he even had to consider the loudness of his breathing.

Tie Bu Tian’s final sentence rescued him from his predicament. Looking at the document on the desk, without looking up, he said, “Go find the army penalty section, give yourself 100 lashes and a year’s fine in pay. All the people who were involved in this matter, is to be treated as such.” Tie Bu Tian looked at the documents on the table before him, without lifting his head said, “I believe that you will not try any mischief again. Get out.”

Tie Bu Tian did not let out any fury and sounded very calm. But it was just this type of calm voice that made Wu Kuang Yun’s heart tremble. Because this meant that Tie Bu Tian was really angry. If Iron Cloud Nation were not in such a crisis, his head would probably be hanging on a flagpole by now…

Heh…, if it wasn’t a crisis, and my brain wasn’t retarded, why would I even do such a thing?

After hearing Tie Bu Tian’s penalties, Wu Kuang Yun felt as if he had been granted amnesty, thanked him again and again. With a turn of his body, like a rabbit being chased by a wild dog, he ran out of the Prince’s mansion. Only then did he let out a long breath, with a sound plopped himself on the ground, opening his mouth and loudly sighing “My mother, finally out of there. This feeling really isn’t much better than just being beaten.”

As for mischiefs… the thought did not even enter Wu Kuang Yun’s mind. Although one hundred lashes was a lot, but he could still endure it. But if there was more mischief, then the next time it wouldn’t be just a hundred lashes…

These kind of things… Wu Kuang Yun, having learned a lesson from the ancestors, definitely would not dare to pretend to be obedient outwardly while opposing the prince secretly and go piss him off again.

“Reporting, Crown Prince, we have found that person.”

“Oh? Where is he?” Tie Bu Tian was just currently looking at the mountains of reports on the table. His right hand was holding a long feathered pen and quickly approved several reports.

Although his speed was fast, but each one was looked at clearly, and had been carefully considered. Every approval was sharply written, directly answered. This type of insight; it really does make people gasp with admiration.

“Early today, at Iron Cloud Citadel’s Main Street, there was a rumor that someone lost their sanity due to sheer fright. Hearing this news I went have a look, but for some reason saw the person that Crown Prince was just looking for in a store as its shopkeeper.” The speaker’s face was a bit strange, as if he could not hold in his laughter.

“Store? Shopkeeper?” Tie Bu Tian finally could not help it; his hand jerked and the brush smudged an ink spot onto the report.

It was really too unexpected; that wolf-like person, how could he become the shopkeeper in a store at Iron Cloud Citadel?

“However, the store he opened is… Heavenly Armament Pavilion!”  The dark clothed man gave a description of Heavenly Armament Pavilion, and said: “It seems to be selling divine weapons, but the style is quite mad and quite grand, it’s completely unprecedented!”

“Divine weapons? The style was especially grand?” Tie Bu Tian gently put down the pen within his hand, his beautiful eyebrows lightly jumped. Only after a while did he thoughtfully said, “Tomorrow, I will go and personally have a look.”

“Also, that rumor of a man who was driven mad because he offended the divine weapons and so was punished by the heavens. But according to my investigation, that person must have been scared witless by Chu Yang’s aura, so that the soul separated from the body, resulting in madness!”

“Oh?” A light flashed through Tie Bu Tian’s eyes, and asked, “To simply use one’s aura to drive someone insane …… what kind of cultivation would you need?”

“This is …… very hard to say.” the person hesitated for a moment, then said: “Generally if it’s an expert below the realm of martial great master then, even if it’s against ordinary people, they definitely cannot cause them to faint. This is because aura is after all something unseen and non-physical. And the aura of an expert is something only those at the same level can grasp, however there are always the exceptions…”

“What exceptions?”

“If the one emitting this aura, is originally the kind of person who can murder without thinking, is encumbered with blood debts, with both hands reeking of blood. This kind of peerless killer, or a warlord who battled year after year, killing without thoughts. Once they release their qi into that kind of fierce and brutal aura, I’m afraid even if it scares someone to death, that would not be surprising. But Chu Yang’s age is very young, so this supposition seems a little ridiculous.” The blue clothed man frowned, distressed. He indeed felt that to use this supposition on a youth who was only in his mid-teen, seemed to be too preposterous. At that young age, how could one murder without thinking?

“Oh…” Tie Bu Tian let out long sound.

“I originally wanted to go in and investigate a bit, but was stopped by members of the Military Ministry. The Military Ministry had secretly blockaded Heavenly Armament Pavilion, not allowing anyone to enter.”

“Members of the Military Ministry?” Tie Bu Tian suddenly smiled. “Were they Imperial Uncle Long Cheng’s men?”


“It seems like Imperial Uncle will soon make a move.” Tie Bu Tian smiled relaxingly. “Never thought that a Heavenly Armament Pavilion would make Imperial Uncle Long Cheng, who in recent years has always been reclusive, who even I have difficulty meeting, appear. This Chu Yang really is my lucky star. ”

“Also, three of the seven sections of Bu Tian Pavilion within Great Zhao has suddenly lost contact. Prince, I’m afraid Diwu Qing Rou has made his move.”

Tie Bu Tian frowning, thought for a long while, only then did he slowly said: “It can’t be Diwu Qing Rou, Diwu Qing Rou is not this impatient,” He did not say why it was not Diwu Qing Rou; it seemed like he just came to this conclusion, there was no room for discussion.

“Is there any other news?”

“Great Zhao’s southern forces have begun to mobilize. Three army corps have started leaning towards Devil’s Cry Valley. But this event, if looking at the situation, is really a move against Limitless Nation, with no relations to Iron Cloud.”

Iron Cloud was located north of Great Zhao, the mobilization of Great Zhao’s Southeast Army was thousands of miles away.

But once the blue clothed man spoke this sentence, Tie Bu Tian’s expression suddenly became very serious. He murmured, “Southeast?” His eyes suddenly glinted; he again murmured and asked: “Southeast, three army corps?”

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