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“Yes, in the southeast.” The blue clothed man was somewhat surprised by Prince’s reaction; how could an army mobilizing thousands of miles away affect Iron Cloud?

“Tomorrow afternoon, tell the generals and military affairs ministers to come here for a bit.” Tie Bu Tian pinched his brow and said in a dignified manner, “This time, Great Zhao’s mobilization is certain to be something unusual. Command Bu Tian Pavilion Intelligence to immediately gather information regarding this matter. Once there is news, immediately report back!”


“Let this news be delivered to Imperial Uncle Long Cheng.” Tie Bu Tian added, “Since he has come out, he should know about it. Even if he didn’t come out, he should still know. But he still needs to let me know that he knows.” This sentence came out just like a tongue twister, while saying it, even Tie Bu Tian himself began to smile.


The blue clothed man’s eyes suddenly flashed with a light.

Tie Long Cheng was Tie Bu Tian’s uncle; the number one royalty below the Iron Cloud Emperor. He was not just a lavishly-cared for prince of a royal household, but also a general! A famous one at that!

Amongst the continent’s great generals, he was ranked first! Undefeatable, Invincible! The entirety of Iron Cloud’s military was reformed by him to become strong as a steel plate! How Iron Cloud Nation was able to hold on for this long, besides Tie Bu Tian’s great skills, was due to Tie Long Cheng’s power and great abilities as a general.

Two people, one internal, one external, one with the pen, one with the sword, this was the greatest weapon in deterring Diwu Qing Rou!

Arrangements completed, Tie Bu Tian gently waved and said, “You can go, you’ve worked hard.”

“Yes. Your subordinate will retire now.” The blue clothed man quietly exited.

“Southeast …… Diwu Qing Rou, do you really want to start?” Tie Bu Tian took in a deep breath, finally taking his thoughts off the matter. Right now, there were other things to deal with. In particular, Heavenly Armament Pavilion.

“Heavenly Armament Pavilion…” Tie Bu Tian read out these three words one by one, within his heart a flame began to burn. With that man’s ability, to say such a thing, surely it would not be empty boasts.

The one thing Tie Bu Tian was missing right now was divine weapons!

This type of weapon might not have much usefulness for regular soldiers, but for Bu Tian Pavilion, which Tie Bu Tian himself set up, such divine weapons were urgently needed!

Because a considerable part of the organization were Dead Warriors! And another part were killers who were carefully cultivated for years by Iron Cloud’s royal family!

If attempting to kill a target, with a divine weapon in hand, one can increase the chance of success by more than a few percentages! Even if it only increased the chance for success by a tenth then it would be enough for Tie Bu Tian to pay good money for it! But there were no such easy things in life.

Iron mines might be numerous in Iron Cloud Nation, but as for high grade weapons, they have always been the weakness of Iron Cloud!

Moreover, this type of divine weapon has only exists within legends, never before seen. But now there was actually someone here who opened a “Heavenly Armament Court”?

Tie Bu Tian decided, no matter if this news was true or false, tomorrow he would go to have a look for himself.


An assassin was a Dead Warrior!

For a long time, people have confused assassins with killers. But this a big mistake, for although assassins and killers all have the purpose of killing an enemy, their process was not the same.

Once an assassin makes his move, then there must be a death as a result, if not the target’s death, then his own death, or both. To put one’s life on the line, only then can one make the move to kill one’s target. Regardless of the target death or not, the assassin’s fate was to die!

Therefore, there were often assassins sneaking into an enemy’s heavily guarded location to conduct assassinations, and regardless of success, once the move had been made, they must see it as if their death was forthcoming. Therefore, an assassin was often called a Dead Warrior!

But a killer was not the same, if he was unsuccessful he would flee far and wide and slowly look for opportunities to strike. The emphasis was on protecting himself first, then killing the enemy second. Between these two, there was a fundamental difference!

So even if there were rankings within the world, then there would only be a number one killer, never a number one assassin! Because an assassin could not to be ranked. When person decides to be an assassin, he was a dead man walking…


“You may find it very strange.” The youth gently stoked the blade, his eyes full of affection and reluctance. He slowly said: “Black Dragon is a good sword, anyone who is able to have it, should cherish it and treat it with care. Pawn shops? I’ve already visited several of those. Those people were all blind to it! If I pawned my sword to them, then it would just be insulting to my Black Dragon! ”

“Forgive my bluntness.” Chu Yang lightly said: “If you’re able to have such a sword, then your skill should not be very weak either, whether through armed robbery or thieving in the night, for you gold and silver should be inconsequential things, why must you pawn your beloved sword?”

“What kind of talk is this?” This youth seemed like he had just been greatly insulted, suddenly standing up, he angrily said, “Would I, Gu Du Xing, do such a thing?”

Gu Du Xing!

Chu Yang’s startled heart jumped; suddenly, he opened his eyes wide and a stared.

So it’s him!

His head was suddenly overflowing with memories of his past life. Gu Du Xing, the heir of Middle Three Heaven’s Gu family. An outstanding talent among the younger generation. Rumors had it that this person as a child was called “Sword Addict”. His obsession with the sword was almost innate. At the age of three he became a Sword Pupil, at seven a Sword Warrior, a Sword Master at only around thirteen-year-old. And on the year he was Eighteen, he became a Sword Great Master; age twenty-one, Revered Sword Artist! At thirty three, he was already Ninth Grade Sword King! He became the youngest person to try and achieve the realm of Sword Emperor(TLN: highest level for Sword) since times past!

This type of cultivation speed was that of incredible legends.

Gu Du Xing had created a generation of myths and legends within the Middle Three Heavens.

Such achievements, in the entirety of the Mid-Heavens perhaps only the generation’s Evil Young Master (TLN: this is a pun of Ao Xie Yun’s name as xie means evil) Ao Xie Yun could compare! Gu Du Xing and Ao Xie Yun were the idols of all the youths within Middle Three Heavens!

In the past life, Gu Du Xing was someone that even Chu Yang, the ‘Poisonous Sword Revered Martial Artist,’ looked up to! A large part of Chu Yang’s determination to reach the peak was due to the influence of these genius!

But Chu Yang never could have thought that the Soaring Dragon Sword King of his past life could have fallen down to a point that he even wanted to pawn his beloved treasure sword!

This …How does one put this into words?

No wonder the name of this Black Dragon Sword seemed so familiar when he heard it; it turned out to be him!

The 12 famed people of the time in the Mid-Heavens; “He Mo (Black Devil) An Zhu (Dark Bamboo) Gu Du Ke (Lone Traveler), Du Sha (Poison Spirit) Tian Ji (Heavenly Secret) Li Xiong Tu (Strict Aggression), Mo Dao (Black Saber) Qian Hao (One Thousand Talents) Xie Gong Zi (Evil Young Master), Meng Luo (Dream Fall) Qiong Hua (Jade Flower) Tian Bu Ru (Heaven Cannot Compare)”

(TLN: Yes the English here doesn’t make much sense when put together, but in Chinese it does (sort of) and it also rhymes in Chinese as well. This line is basically 4 poetic lines of the 12 famed people. Despite how this sentence don’t seem to make sense in English, in Chinese it does carry a lot of meaning, for example the 3 ending words Tian Bu Ru- meaning Heaven cannot compare – is the name of 1 of the 12 people. But in this case, it also caps off the entire sentence, saying that the heaven cannot compare the these men.)

These twelve people covered the Middle Three Heavens and dominated all. Each one was an out of this world expert, geniuses among geniuses.

Within this group was Gu Du Ke was really this young master Gu, Gu Du Xing!

Chu Yang slanted his eyes, looking at this future legend who would traverse the Middle Three Heavens, and in his mind started to do some calculations. Hmm looking at his appearance he is only at around 20 or so, that is to say, he hasn’t reached Revered Sword Artist yet. But he must have already reached Sword Great Master!

And at the peak of Sword Great Master as well!

This …… this is a meat pie falling from the heavens. F*, heaven sent me a powerful man and so rare to get him while he is so poor as well. Of course, even rarer is that I’m so rich, never before have I been this rich

Even so, in Chu Yang’s heart there were some questions. A Sword Great Master, how did he reach this point? A Sword Great Master …… pawning his own sword? What was this?

However, this this Gu Du Xing really was the same as the legend from the past life; just, firm, and upright.

Gu Du Xing, walking alone through his life, traversing the world. But one of the biggest good point: Everything he obtained were fair and square, all legitimate income! Absolutely no wealth of questionable origins!

Just this one point, the whole of the Middle Three Heavens, including his enemies, all praised him as a good man!

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