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A Sword Great Master pushed to this point by the lack of gold and silver, and still did not resort to stealing or robbing …… although Chu Yang had some contempt, and disagreed with this kind of approach, but he could not help but to praise this guy’s perseverance.

“Gu… Du Xing is it?” Chu Yang lightly smiled, putting on an enigmatic look. He pointed at the four weapons hanging on the wall, “How about you first check out the weapons I have here and see how they compare with yours?”

Then, Chu Yang rose, taking off from the wall a long sword and a great saber, and placed them in front of Gu Du Xing.

Gu Du Xing was a bit surprised, his face showed a look of disdain. He squinted and said: “These sabers and swords of yours, from their looks, they seem brand new, never used. The fact that they have just been recently forged is readily apparent. Their scabbards shine with light and although they look as if they are expensive, but single look will tell that they are made of regular metal. Not worth much money. ”

This guy really was direct.

“This type of weapon is basically mass produced goods, for killing a chicken is fine, at best you can use it to fool people who don’t know better…” While speaking Gu Du Xing reached out his hand to grab the long sword. Indeed a true Sword Great Master for he did not even spare the saber a single look. The moment the sword was in his hand, Gu Du Xing’s mouth emitted an “oh” sound. The look of disdain on his face instantly disappeared, replaced with great surprise.

“This sword, there something wrong with this sword…” Gu Du Xing muttered, but a shock ran through his heart. This sword was even heavier than his own sword!

Chu Yang chuckled, stood up and walked into the back room. This guy is probably hungry, I should probably prepare something for him to eat. As for leaving his weapons with Gu Du Xing, Chu Yang was one hundred percent assured. For someone who would not steal even when starving to death and would rather pawn his beloved sword… if he could not trust him, then there really were no one else in the world he could trust.

Even if Diwu Qing Rou were to steal his sword and ran away, Chu Yang will not be surprised; but if it were Gu Du Xing… then wouldn’t that be a joke?

Carrying in the food after leaving for a while, he saw that Gu Du Xing, who was sitting at the table, was still staring and maintaining a look of being overly shocked. This guy was obviously starving but seemed utterly indifferent to the food Chu Yang carried out, only looking at the sword in his hand while murmuring to himself, “How could this be possible? How could this sword that has not been watered and nourished with blood be so sharp???”

“Is there such thing as impossible?” Chu Yang grabbed a thick iron bar with one hand and grabbed the sword in Gu Du Xing’s hand with the other. Then he shaved the iron bar as if shaving the skin off an apple.

“Ting”, with a slight noise, a thin piece was shaved off the iron bar. With Gu Du Xing’s perceptive eyes, he could see that Chu Yang’s hands absolutely did not exercise any power.

Only relying on the sword’s own sharpness!

“Ting”, another piece.

“Ting… ting…”

The thick iron bar was shaved down by half, on the ground a patch of Iron shavings shined.

Gu Du Xing felt his mental state collapsing.

He had problems with his family along with other issues and he snuck out, but due to being in a hurry he had forgotten to bring money. Along the way he pawned off most of the items he had carried.

Since he was a man and not a woman, he did not wear jewelry. A jade pendant and a few concealed weapons made of precious metals were all he had.

But going into pawn shops again and again, made Gu Du Xing completely annoyed by those people. In there, his jade pendant and precious metals actually became a “crappy jade,” and “crappy metals”…

Can there even be “crappy” ones for this kind of stuff?

So this time, although Gu Du Xing had been hungry for two days, He resolutely refused to go to a pawn shop. For he knew what kind of treasure his Black Dragon was. If those idiots called it “a crappy sword”, then he was afraid that he would really be unable to restrain himself and pull out his sword to kill someone!

So he was looking over all the way on the road, only after hearing the rumor that this Heavenly Armament Pavilion had scared a man to insanity, did he tentatively find his way here.

After seeing the three words “Heavenly Armament Pavilion”, he suddenly felt very comfortable.

Heavenly Armament Pavilion …… Wasn’t his Black Dragon a heavenly armament? Besides the two words heavenly armament, there really was no other word that could be compared to his Black Dragon!

Not even the words heavenly armament would be sufficient to describe it!

Because Black Dragon, actually has spirituality!

Thus when Gu Du Xing walked in, he had already made up his mind. As long as the other party accepts, he would gather the money in the shortest possible time, and then with the fastest speed, redeem Black Dragon back.

Of course, there was a precondition that this Heavenly Armament Pavilion’s boss had to cherish Black Dragon, only then could he be assured!

How would he even know that this place that he so casually walked in actually had such a treasure of a sword! The legendary ‘cut iron as if it were mud’ … Did I really witness it?

Secretly pinching his thigh, Gu Du Xing finally determined that he was not dreaming. In the next moment, Gu Du Xing suddenly became furious!

He was angry like crazy!

“You actually put this sword here to be sold to those vulgar animals?” Gu Du Xing suddenly jumped up, his eyes rolled up and stared fiercely at Chu Yang.

The rumbling in his belly was getting louder and louder, and his mouth was snarling as well. He was full of rage!

“Er?” Chu Yang blinked his eyes a few times.

“You! This is blasphemy! This is a crime! This is an insult to these divine weapons!” Gu Du Xing roared. Directly becoming mad. Seeing the surprised expression on the other person’s face, his heart almost exploded from rage!

This type of divine sword was something that, unless they were a superior swordsman, people definitely cannot obtain! They do not deserve it!

Was it not said that treasured swords are gifts to heroes and pearls are gifts to beauties? How could ordinary human beings deserve to have these divine weapons?

The name “heavenly armament” definitely fitted perfectly!

“I will not allow this!” Gu Du Xing jumped up, eyes sharp: “I will never allow this!”

Chu Yang was stunned. He looked at this person whose stomach let loose sounds of hunger and was almost at the verge of starving to death. This person was jumping up and down in his shop with an appearance of almost being excited to death. He actually disallowed him to sell his own stuff ……this is too much, isn’t it?

“Umm, buddy, this store seems to belong to me.” Chu Yang was dumbfounded.

Gu Du Xing froze for a bit, suddenly overbearingly said, “What is yours? It’s not okay even if it’s yours!”

Chu Yang was speechless. This idiot, no wonder he advances this fast, looks like he has already been possessed by a sword. This was an extreme obsession, not just a regular addiction.

“This… this… this, this is a sword that’s rare to see even once in this world!” Gu Du Xing’s eyes and face even the whole body seemed to exude a frenzied air, “This is… This is a perfect sword… This is a favorable killing tool! Such a sword if piercing a person’s heart, if cutting off a person’s heads, how… how refreshing would that be?! It’s enjoyable even just thinking about it!”

Then while saying he closed his eyes, his hands making sword like gestures, his mouth imitating the sounds. He did not even notice himself, “Ka! Ka! …… This is a real sword! This is what the sword’s fate should be!”

Chu Yang was dumbfounded, looking at this madman, he immediately placed him in the same ranks as mental patients. Unbelievable, there is actually this kind of people?

Gu Du Xing was so excited that it was as if he was in convulsions, with a loud clang he unsheathed the great saber on the table. Looking at the saber’s shine, this man’s convulsion became more severe, he was quickly approaching the point of severe spasms, “This great saber… This great saber is also a rarely seen treasure…”

Jumping to the wall’s side, with a smooth sound, he pulled both the short sword and small saber from their scabbards.

“This is simply the dream of all the martial artists in this world” Gu Du Xing was already stricken in place; suddenly he stared at Chu Yang with eyes full of grief: “You you you …… you actually want to sell these blades?! You actually want sell the dreams of this the world’s martial artists?!”

He stared, approaching Chu Yang step by step ,the muscles on his face cramping, eyes suddenly bulging out like a frog’s and then suddenly narrowed, with his lips trembling, roaring suddenly: “Are you still human?!”

Chu Yang was thoroughly stunned!

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  1. chu yang tell him how you bully a defenless fat man, steal money from rich people, keep it for yourselfs, oh and tell him how you want to feed aphrodisiac to horses to torture someone


  2. “looks like he has already been possessed by a sword.”… that coming from the mouth of a person that has a sword’s spirit inside him that tells him what to do… doesn’t seem very convincing now, does it?


  3. Thanks for the chapter! He sure loves swords I can kinda see where he’s coming from it’s kinda sad to sell amazing weapons to those that don’t deserve them


  4. Haha! I haven’t commented on any chapters of this novel yet (as I’ve been speedily reading through them all) but I have to say something here. This man… Haha, I think I love this guy! His response is wonderful, his skills exceptional, his character upright and yet still bloody… What a man! A man among lesser mortals! Haha!


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