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Chu Yang nearly fainted.

I only just wanted to use these blades as a lure, that’s all. How come it became me selling the dreams of the entire world’s warriors? There’s no need to be this serious, right? If I just sell these blades, then I would actually become the enemy of all the martial artists in the world?

If that’s really the case …… then there really is no way to continue living this life!

Chu Yang fell silent for a while, before finally finding an excuse, “Gu Du Xing, why do you want to pawn your beloved sword?”

“I… I need to eat!” Gu Du Xing’s mind wasn’t quite able to follow; he didn’t know why the other side brought this up.

“Yes, you need to eat; therefore you pawned the sword that you love more than your life.” Chu Yang nodded, pointing to his own nose and said: “But what about me? Did you even think about how I also want to eat? If I don’t eat then I will starve to death as well! I’m the same as you, understand?”

“If I don’t sell swords, and I have no other skill, what do I eat? Do I eat people?” Chu Yang asked angrily. The more he said, the more he felt more righteous. He actually started to yell loudly; his spit almost sprayed onto Gu Du Xing’s face.

What Chu Yang said was pure nonsense! The plaque outside his door was made from pure gold and silver, how could he even be worried about eating? But Gu Du Xing apparently did not notice, or did not remember it. Looking at Chu Yang’s upset appearance, he could not help but be tongue-tied.

Only now did he realize that this guy opposite of him also need to eat.

“Although you have not displayed your martial abilities yet, but I cannot see through your cultivation.” Gu Du Xing finally thought of something to say, “With your skills, why do you not steal and rob? At least with that you can fill your stomach right? That is far better than selling these divine blades!”

“Your mother’s fart!” Chu Yang, filling with indignation, roared out with righteousness: “Am I, Chu Yang, one of those types of people? These words of yours are an insult to my persistence, an insult to my spirit! A degradation of my will, the raping of my character! I thought that you look like a dignified man, but I never thought that you were this kind of trash! Bah!”

The last words were literally “sprayed” out.

Gu Du Xing’s face was covered with saliva.

What Gu Du Xing had just asked of Chu Yang was the same as the one that Chu Yang had asked of Du Gu Xing. At that time Chu Yang was harshly lectured by Gu Du Xing, but now having been asked by Gu Du Xing, Chu Yang had repaid him back with interest! And couldn’t help but feel great in his heart.

Goddamn, who in the previous and this life would’ve dared to criticize the Soaring Dragon Sword King like this? I dared!

When he remembered his earlier reply, Gu Du Xing suddenly became a bit ashamed. Of course, do not impose on others, what you would not do yourself. Since even he would not do such things then how would this upright youth in front of him do them?

He sat in this room of the shop which from the top to the bottom, from the inside to the outside were all made possible by the money that Chu Yang had stolen. And couldn’t help but feel respect; so the other side was the same as him, a real man with conviction and firmness! (TLN: Lol)

After all, do they not say that “on no road are you alone”? Who says that I’m stupid in my beliefs? Isn’t this a fellow traveler right in front of my eyes? Although Gu Du Xing was mercilessly reprimanded by the other, he suddenly felt that he could really get along with this youth before him.

The feeling of meeting a kindred spirit.

But…… but even if it’s for food…… Gu Du Xing looked at the blades, his heart couldn’t help but feel extreme pain. The muscles of his face twitched; the thought that these type of divine weapons had to be sold was really heart aching.

This was not a pawnshop. Once sold that meant it will be completely lost.

“This thing… how about taking a longer perspective?” Gu Du Xing cautiously asked, “Elder Brother Chu, a precious sword like this, and being people who love swords, we should at least look for a good home for them, if money is not yet that tight. I mean, if you can still at least keep living…”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Then according to you, what should be done?” Gu Du Xing was stunned.

“How about this? I give custody of these weapons to you, and you sell them?” Chu Yang suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and could not help but become excited all of the suddenly, “You have nothing to do anyways. How about you just become an employee here? This way you don’t have to pawn your sword anymore, and you also get to eat food and a place to live. The most important thing is, of course, that you can also find a suitable master for these divine weapons, not letting them gather dust somewhere. This is a win-win situation. Elder Brother Gu, what do you think?”

“Uh?” Gu Du Xing was confused. He really couldn’t think of how, with just some words, he was going to become someone else’s employee?

But… this also seemed like a viable plan. His reason for coming out alone was just to escape; since it’s to escape… then is not escaping anywhere still escaping?

Thinking about the reason he ran away from home, Gu Du Xing could not help but let loose a deep sigh. Haa…… what should I even do?

“What? Do you not agree?” Chu Yang asked nervously.

“It’s not that I don’t agree, but…” Gu Du Xing seemed to have something that he couldn’t say.

“Since it’s not that you don’t agree, then let’s just do it this way.” Chu Yang interrupted his words, and emphatically concluded the matter, “Elder Brother Gu, from now on we are one family. From now on, in this store, everything you say will count! Whoever you say we sell to, then that’s who we will sell it to. Ah, you see, I actually don’t know much about this line of work anyways…”

This remark of Chu Yang’s was the truth; he really doesn’t understand this line of work. He also didn’t mind using this line to make Gu Du Xing stay.

As long as you stay, how can you ever run out from the center of my palm? If something happens to the store, can you not care about it? If you dare not care then just watch me hand these swords to some beggars, I will see if your heart aches or not! Since my heart is not going to ache, with the Nine Tribulation Sword in hand. If I want, how many more can I make…

Consequently, under Chu Yang’s honeyed words and outright lies, Gu Du Xing confusedly stayed, becoming Chu Yang’s employee. Indeed this guy was sword addict, and while he was already this old, this was the first time he had ever left his home. Plus it was sneaking out as well; he had no Jiang Hu experience to fall back on. Falling into the trap set by Chu Yang, an old fox who had experienced two lifetimes, naturally there was no other road for him…

One had to concede that the young ones really are good… hehe, good and easy to cheat…

Naturally, the biggest reason was that Gu Du Xing simply could not see through Chu Yang’s cultivation. In his mind, anyone whose cultivation he can’t see through, then their skill level would naturally be higher than his own. Being the employee of such an expert, and at the same time achieving his purpose of escaping from his family… this didn’t seem to be all that bad and was not shameful as well.

After he wolfed down the food Chu Yang had brought out, Chu Yang had already deftly cleaned out a room and stuffed him inside for the night.

Only after the night had past did Gu Du Xing asked Chu Yang, puzzled, “There’s something that isn’t right here…”

“What is it?” Chu Yang rubbed his temples, thinking, could it be that this guy’s brain suddenly started working?

“Elder Brother Chu, you only said about providing food and shelter, but what about wages?” Gu Du Xing stared and said, “You can’t just make me work for free right? After all I’m still a sword… uh, at least I should still get a few silvers each month right?”

It looks like that within this guy’s heart there was still some unwillingness…

Chu Yang was madly dizzy for a moment, “Elder Brother Gu, in that room of yours, there are two cabinets, did you see them?”

Gu Du Xing nodded his head.

“Those cabinets hold all my belongings and it’s not locked.” Chu Yang had a look of sincerity. “Elder Brother Gu, although the first time we meet and our paths never crossed before, but we’ve hit it off right at the beginning, thus I am entrusting all the belongings in my life into your hands.”

Gu Du Xing hesitated for a moment, then turned and ran inside.

After a while, from the room came sounds of screaming!

Subsequently, you could see that this young master of the Gu family came out with shaking hands, moved to the extreme: “Elder Brother Chu… you, you actually trust me this much…”

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