At the moment he opened those cabinet drawers, even a person who was used to seeing riches like Gu Du Xing was shocked!

Their shine was almost blinding, gold pieces, gold nuggets, gold bricks… all gold. There was also a thick stack of banknotes.

In this instant, young master Gu’s head was spinning. For a second, he thought he has fallen into the vault of a wealthy mogul.

Additionally, he did not expect that Chu Yang had arranged for him to sleep in this room filled with riches, and without any locks at that… Hmm, the feeling of being trusted when you were at the end of your rope was truly great, truly warm…

Chu Yang earnestly raised his hand, “Brother Gu, we have only just met, but we have become close friends. No need to talk about formalities.”

He thought to himself: Besides those, I still have a few more cabinets like that, all filled riches ransacked from more than a dozen wealthy houses. How could there not be a lot? It’s just that I am not using them yet…

Gu Du Xing nodded his head repeatedly; suddenly, a question rose from his head, “Elder Brother Chu, if you already have so much money, why do you still want to sell these divine weapons?”

The night before he insisted that if he did not sell these weapons then there would be no food to eat. However, with the gold, silver and banknotes piled up in the cabinets like this, how could he explain himself? This stockpile was enough for three lifetimes of living in wealth and debauchery; how could it be said that there would be no food? Was this not laughable?

“Sorry, Elder Brother Gu. I lied to you last night.” Chu Yang acted as if his ruse had succeeded, “Elder Brother Gu, this type of divine sword… do you think I would just sell it? I saw that it was gathering dust and felt bad for it. So I put it upon myself to find all of them worthy owners.”

Chu Yang sighed, “Such a divine sword should be in the hands of the right people. Killing under the heavens, arrogantly traversing Jiang Hu, bathing in the wind and rain of blood, this is how it can show its unmatched character; this is the destiny a divine weapon deserves.”

“For a person to find the right sword for them is already difficult. But for a sword to find the right owner, it is twice as difficult! It is rare to find someone like-minded like Elder Brother Gu so I secretly thought I could now be a little lazy…” (TLN: Fooled you into working for me. Hehe!)

“I see.” Gu Du Xing laughed. The knot was undone making him laughfreely. In his heart there suddenly rose the feeling of “hero meeting a likeminded friend.” These divine weapons were no longer items for sale. Chu Yang had agreed with me because he valued my worth.

It should be noted that the feelings developed after a good impression is definitely different. Because once there is such warm feelings, even if the other person says something wrong, you would still find some excuse for it. Moreover, you would accept such reasoning comfortably…

“Of course, finding the right owner for the divine sword is my desire, but I also need to find enough money to eat.” Chu smiled, “Moreover, if the owner of the sword did not pay a great price for it, then he would surely not cherish it.”

Gu Du Xing nodded sympathetically and said, “That’s true. I remember when I got Black Dragon, I did go through a lot of hardships…”

The two looked at each other and laughed. Compared with the Black Dragon Sword Emperor who traversed under the heavens in the previous life, the current Gu Du Xing was no doubt less wise, more naïve and youthfully impulsive.

Chu Yang naturally knew how valuable the person in front of him was. Gu Du Xing’s stubbornness, love for swords, steadfast principles and obstinate attitude had not changed from his past life.

This person was definitely a worthy friend.

Chu Yang was not committed to swords like Gu Du Xing was, because, to him, such commitment was foolish. But this did not stop him from admiring Gu Du Xing.

This difference in characteristics was the reason why, in his previous life, Chu Yang became a Revered Martial Artist and not a Revered Sword Artist. Even though he used a sword, his abilities were not that of swords alone.

“Elder Brother Gu, how do my swords compare to your Black Dragon?” Chu Yang asked.

“In term of sharpness, they greatly exceed my Black Dragon. In term of toughness, they also exceed my Black Dragon.” Gu Du Xing thought carefully and replied, “But in my heart, Black Dragon is unique. These swords of yours, even though they are rare divine weapons, I feel as if something is missing! If I have to choose, I would choose my Black Dragon.”

Gu Du Xing’s fingers gently rub the sword hilt at his waist lovingly. His eyes showed a sincere feeling like a youth deep in love. While this love was not one that could make countries fall or topple citadels like the famed beauties, it was the only one that could toggle his heartstrings.

Of course, he would certainly appreciate and marvel at other beauties, but if he has to find a partner for life, there was only one! (TLN: Still talking about Black Dragon here.)

Missing something? Chu Yang’s heart jumped.

Gu Du Xing’s senses were definitely accurate. At first glance, these swords were extremely sharp, but they really do lack something. Because all the essence of the material was already devoured by Nine Tribulations Sword and that was the true spirituality of a divine sword.

Without essence, these swords were just sticks of steel pure enough to scare people; they definitely would not become divine weapons of legends! Because they would never be able to have spirituality.

A sword with spirituality, after killing and bathing in blood, would grow in spiritual aura. However, even if these swords kill the entire world, they would still remain as sticks of steel only.

That tiny difference, only  at the level of Sword King would it become a large gap. Before reaching that realm, no one could recognize this discrepancy!

But Gu Du Xing was only a Sword Great Master, yet with his keen intuition, could feel that something was wrong with these swords!

“Elder Brother Gu, this is not why I opened Heavenly Armament Pavilion.” Chu Yang thought for a moment and said, “I have another reason, but Heavenly Armament Pavilion must remain. It is complicated and dangerous, so I need your help.”

Chu Yang smiled, “Actually, since the beginning, I did not expect that someone like you would come here. But now that you are here, I will not let you go. I trust you and I especially trust my judgment.”

Gu Du Xing flashed a sincere smile and said, “Good.”

Only one word, but that was Gu Du Xing’s promise. He could feel that Chu Yang’s words, while he still did not reveal everything, were completely from the bottom of his heart. So he readily agreed.

No matter what, one, the person in front of him looked like a good person, and two, this person helped him during the toughest time of his life. That was enough!

The two smiled and two palms clapped together. (TLN: First high five in history!) No one could have thought that this clap would become a legend of Nine Heavens later!

“I come from a great family of the Gu family clan. I am telling you this, but I am not sure if you can understand the weight of the words Gu family clan. In truth, in all of Lower Three Heavens, there are probably very few people who know about the Gu family clan’s power.” Gu Du Xing held up his cup of wine, a ray of deep nostalgia escaped his eyes. He continued, “I am the adopted son of the head of the clan. After my birth parents suddenly died, my foster father took me in and cared for me with all his heart.”

Chu Yang nodded and thought to himself: If I don’t know about Gu family clan, then who would? Such a large clan like that, if I still do not know then I might as well just bang my head against the wall and die!

Ah, so the rumors were right… The future successor of the Gu family clan was really only an adopted son of master Gu, not his biological child.

“My foster father has one daughter and two sons.” Gu Du Xing continued be immersed in his memories, “My two foster brothers always stayed away from me. I truly never thought about competing with them and taking what’s theirs so I remained submissive. I know that I am only an adopted child of the family, and core power of the family would never belong to me.”

“Even if I succeed in the future and protect this clan, not letting anyone hurt them, I still would not become the head of the clan.” Gu Du Xing smiled. His smile seemed to bloom from his cold countenance, making the whole thing incongruous.

“Then why did you run away from home?”

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