“My foster father’s daughter is one year older than me. It was because of her that I left home.”

Gu Du Xing’s gaze seemed to hold bittersweet emotions when he mentioned this girl, “Since we were little, Sister Xiao Miao (TLN: Nickname for Gu Miao Ling, means little Miao and it’s actually older sister. But I think Older Sister Little Miao is weird and a mouthful) was my guardian angel. Regardless of any problems, Sister Xiao Miao always covered for me. Each time my two foster brothers gave me trouble, it was Sister Xiao Miao who stood up for me. What I did not understand, she taught me. What I could not get, she helped me. For my sake, she even went against the clan’s head elder, against her own brothers!”

“Growing up, I was always sheltered under her wings, living peacefully without any worries. Since I was little, each time I was preparing for a breakthrough to the next level, it was her who went to the family’s Medicinal Herb Garden and Treasure Pavilion to find elixirs to help me breakthrough. Many of the elixirs were heaven sent, rare, priceless treasures! It was because of these priceless treasures and Sister Xiao Miao’s constant care that a talent like me became what I am today! My cultivation path was smooth sailing, without any bottlenecks. If I hit a lull, then the power of miracle pills and elixirs turned all obstacles into nothing!”

“All those elixirs that Sister Xiao Miao stole, many of them were not even accessible to my foster father and the other elders. That’s why Sister Xiao Miao suffered countless punishments because of me. As for me, I was clueless and did not know anything. Each time she brought the elixirs, Sister Xiao Miao always told me that these were just sitting around the house, and I took them all like an idiot…”

Chu Yang quietly listened. He finally understood why Gu Du Xing became such a legend in cultivation at a young age in the previous life. This was the reason.

With the powerful human and material resources of the great Gu family clan, could the elixirs collect be ordinary? Gu Du Xing had consumed such a huge amount of elixirs like that, it would be strange if his cultivation speed was not fast.

“We slowly grew up, and because of Sister Xiao Miao fearlessness, she never stopped supplying me with elixirs. From those, my cultivation speed surpassed all my peers. One breakthrough after another, I became a heaven sent talent that all members of the clan noticed. But little did they know that because of this heaven sent talent, Sister Xiao Miao had put out so much effort and suffered so many injustices.”

“Even I was proud and arrogant about my talent. I was really too heartless…” In Gu Du Xing’s eyes there appeared a clear bright flash. He suddenly tilted his neck and finished his cup of wine in one gulp. He immediately filled it up again.

“Until one day, Sister Miao Ling, in order to help me breakthrough Sword Great Master, went and took the family’s treasure, Purple Sky Fungus. This made the whole family furious!”

Gu Du Xing suddenly punched himself hard in the head, “Right at the moment I broke through Sword Great Master, my foster father angrily broke one of Sister Xiao Miao’s legs and locked her up.”

“Because of this, my two foster brothers resented me even more and came to find me to dump their anger. Because I did not know what happened, I gave them a beating. Afterward, they angrily yelled, ‘You keep hiding behind a woman; don’t you feel embarrassed? Today, you have made Miao Ling this miserable; don’t you even feel a little guilty?’”

“Shocked, I chased after them for an explanation. This time they did not hold anything back and told me everything.” Drop by drop, Gu Du Xing’s tears felt into the wine cup. “When I went to find my foster father, he sighed and told me that because Sister Xiao Miao took the family’s treasure, the clan’s head elder decided to lock her in Dragon Prison Cave! Plus, the term was forever! Purple Sky Fungus was the clan’s treasure. They were waiting for the moment the head elder to reach Martial Emperor to use. If successful, it would help the clan become number one. And after that they would advance into Upper Three Heavens broaden the clan’s legacy! Sister Xiao Miao had stolen it for me and I ate it all. That was how decades of the clan’s preparation was ruined!”

“To the entire clan, this was unforgivable! If another family’s clan at the same level as ours had someone breakthrough Martial Emperor, then the Gu family’s clan would be lost! In giving me Purple Sky Fungus, Sister Xiao Miao might as well have cut off all ties with the family! This error was inexcusable!”

Chu Yang sighed deeply.

At this moment, Gu Du Xing’s description of Gu Miao Ling made Chu Yang think about Mo Qing Wu!

These two women were apparently very similar. For their love, they ignored everything! In their eyes, besides their love, there was nothing else worthy of their attention!

“I only had one chance to see her with my foster father’s permission. From what I learned, she was sent to Dragon Prison Cave after that.”

“We were separated by a Purple Colored Metal fence. At that time, I cried and cried until my inside felt as if it has broken to pieces. I asked her why she was so foolish. Why? Because of me? It was not worth it. Really not worth it!” Gu Du Xing tears poured out. He picked up the wine gourd and drank in madness. His tears and the wine mixed together as they poured into his mouth.

Chu Yang sighed and quietly handed Gu Du Xing another wine gourd.

“Bam!” With burning red eyes, Gu Du Xing slammed the empty wine gourd on the table, “At that time, Sister Xiao Miao said to me, ‘Fool, you are such a fool.’”

“She said, ‘When you were little, I saw you as my brother and especially treasured you. So I gave you everything that was good. But when we grew up, I no longer saw you as my brother.’”

“When Sister Xiao Miao said these words, her heart palpitated. She looked at me for a long time and smiled sadly, ‘Forget it, you should leave. It’s nothing. This is the time I need to go in closed door cultivation anyway. Foolish brother, you are not young anymore; you should start a family. Too bad Sister Xiao Miao cannot drink at you wedding. Go, you should go. Don’t come here anymore. Just pretend you never had this Sister Xiao Miao.’”

“After that, Sister Xiao Miao turned and went into Dragon Prison Cave.” Gu Du Xing became scary. His whole body shook.

“In my heart, Sister Xiao Miao is no different from an angel!” Gu Du Xing trembled, “I love her. I adore her. I… I… but after she walked into Dragon Prison Cave, I discovered that my heart became empty. There is nothing in life more important than her. I cannot live without her! I cannot live without her, ah!”

Gu Du Xing gave a low roar and looked up. Tears poured down his face like torrential rain, “But she is now locked up in Dragon Prison Cave. That mistake was too big. I am afraid she may not be able to come out…”

“In the end, is there some conditions in which she could be released? Finding another Purple Sky Fungus?” Chu Yang asked with a calm gaze.

“It’s no use. The head elder heard this news when he was in a key moment of his breakthrough. His mind was in shock and he spit up blood. Not only his breakthrough was unsuccessful, his cultivation actually decreased. He would not have a chance at breaking through Martial Emperor again. Besides the head elder, other people in our family clan cannot reach that level!”

“What did your foster father say, then?”

“My foster father… also had no other way.” Gu Du Xing looked blankly into the empty space in front of him. His tears ran down, “And like that, I lived as if I was dead for two years. In that time, my foster father arranged a marriage for me…”

Chu Yang suddenly understood.

It seemed this Soaring Dragon Sword King was not only crazy about swords, he was also crazy in love.

“Anyway, even if I have to live a lonely life, I would still not be able to make it up to Sister Xiao Miao!” Gu Du Xing grinded his teeth, “So I immediately ran away.”

No wonder this person cultivated like crazy in the previous life. With such fast advancement, he wanted to use his own ability to breakthrough to Sword Emperor and free Gu Miao Ling.

Chu Yang felt sad inside all of a sudden.

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