When Chu Yang said he could help him quickly fulfill his wish, Gu Du Xing had his doubts. Plus his thought was: I am just avoiding a forced marriage and after all, cultivation was the same wherever…! But right now he had absolute faith!

“This sword technique is enough to help you breakthrough Revered Sword Artist in a year! But you can only cultivate to that point and you must stop. Otherwise, you can become immersed in it and lose your sanity.” Chu Yang said slowly, his eyes emitted a sharp brilliance, “Plus, after you breakthrough Revered Sword Artist, we still have other ways for you to quickly increase your cultivation. The path of cultivation must be taken one step at a time. I believe you also understand this principle.”

“It’s enough. This is already enough!” Gu Du Xing said as he trembled, “Thank you… Thank you…”

Even to his death, he could not believe that when he reached the end of his road, such a big gift like this would drop down from the heavens! Chu Yang’s appearance to Gu Du Xing was like a floating log to a drowning person!

This is my biggest hope for quickly saving Sister Xiao Miao from her suffering! Gu Du Xing would sooner die ten thousand deaths than miss this opportunity!

Chu Yang smiled; he could finally relax.

Of course, he did this because he believed in Gu Du Xing’s incredible abilities. But the biggest reason, at the moment, was the love between Gu Du Xing and Gu Miao Ling. That kind of love was capable of touching the softest spot in Chu Yang’s heart.

Mo Qing Wu!

Such a love should never be let down! And loving women like Mo Qing Wu and Gu Miao Ling should definitely never be let down!

Just then, there was a voice from outside the door, “Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?”

The two men look at each other. And with an “ah”, they both jumped up.

They have been drinking and talking since early this morning and completely neglected the business. It was now late in the morning, and Heavenly Armament Pavilion was not even open for business…

“I will open the door, you clean up…” Before Chu Yang could say anything else, Gu Du Xing quickly grabbed his precious Revered Berserker Sword Technique and ran to into his room like a flash.

“Mother…!” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and quickly grabbed the drinking mess on the table and tossed it in another room.

Then he dusted off his hands and went to open the door.

The strong smell of alcohol rushed out the door the moment Chu Yang opened it!

“Well, khoff khak khak…” A coughing fit suddenly broke out, in front of Heavenly Armament Pavilion was a young lady patiently waiting. But the sudden of attack of the smell of alcohol in her face made her unconsciously frown.

“Huh? You’re here to buy swords?” Chu Yang’s eyebrows pinched slightly.

This young lady, even with Chu Yang’s experience, was difficult to describe. She was not a beauty that would cause people to lose their minds over. Whether it was nose, mouth, or eyes; they were all extremely ordinary. But in that extreme ordinariness, there hid a pull that could not be exactly pinpointed.

If you only glanced at her in a crowd, then she would not leave any impressions at all. But if you looked at her a little longer, then you would immediately discover that this young lady had many differences from other people.

Her face seemed simple at first glance, but after longer observation, everything was hazy. Her gaze seemed mysterious like a dream; her countenance was calm and peaceful. She was clearly a woman, but, surprisingly, carry an aura of a mighty general!

Standing in front of the door, even though her figure seemed delicate, anyone facing her would feel as if she was as fortified as a mountain. Unmovable like large mountains and big rivers!

Like that, she stood alone in front of Heavenly Armament Pavilion. From the looks of it, she had probably been there for a long time ago. And even though Heavenly Armament Pavilion did not open for such a long time, she was in no hurry. Her countenance seemed indifferent.

This was clearly a young lady of only seventeen or eighteen years old, but Chu Yang felt as if she was extremely experienced.

Moreover, her eyes suddenly gave Chu Yang a feeling of familiarity. As if… they have already met somewhere?

“Excuse me. Are you the shopkeeper of Heavenly Armament Pavilion?” The young lady’s clear gaze looked straight at Chu Yang’s.

“Yes, what do you need?”

“Ah, I came to see if what you called divine weapons were actually worthy of their name.” The young lady said faintly, “Will you not invite your customer in for a sit down?”

“Oh, you want to come in? You have read the notices at the entrance, right?”

“Rest assured. Silver and gold is not an issue. It’s not as if I don’t have divine weapons either. Hahaha, but according to the rules of business, I have the right to see what you are selling. So I can judge if they are indeed valuable or just empty boasts. If they are not worthy, then I would not need to spend my money, of course.”

The young lady clasped her hands behind her back and casually walked into Heavenly Armament Pavilion. It was the kind of naturally comfortable attitude she would have if she were walking around her backyard.

Chu Yang frowned. There was a mysterious aura on this young lady. In his two lifetimes, he had met many women and never once had encountered such a special aura. This was definitely different!

“These are the divine weapons you were referring to?” The young lady stood in front of the wall with four weapons hanging with her hands behind her back. With her head slightly tilted upward, she looked without any other actions. Chu Yang could not understand why but he suddenly felt as if she was watching over an entire world of her own. Like a king watching over his territory, his own people.

Chu Yang’s mind become more and confused… She is clearly just a young lady, how could these strange feelings emerge like this?

“They are.” A voice answered her, but it was not Chu Yang’s.

Gu Du Xing quietly appeared at the corner of the room. His eyes icily stared at this young lady. Even though his face was now a little changed, it kept its iciness as before. It was still essentially expressionless.

He did not care to change his countenance because of some young lady.

“I can see them, right?” With the sudden appearance of another person in the store, this young lady, unexpectedly, did not show any surprise and just asked casually.

“Buying swords here, your status does not matter. It also does not matter how much gold and silver you have. It depends on who you are as a person!” Gu Du Xing said coldly, “We’ll see if you are suitable for these weapons! If you are not suitable, then even with a whole nation’s wealth, you cannot take any weapons away!”

“Oh, the sword is choosing the master?” The young lady said slowly and softly, “In any case, you want to choose the people and I want to choose the sword. If a sword is not worthy, I would not take it even if you begged me.”

These words were definitely aimed at antagonizing Gu Du Xing.

After that, the young lady gently reached up and brought the long sword down from the wall. The moment she held it in her hand, she was, of course, surprised by the weight of the long sword. Therefore her arms dropped a bit. Compared to other long swords, this one was three times heavier. It was not until she had a total grip on the sword that her face showed a look of surprise.

Long sword?

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing looked at each other; both of them were astonished.

Normally, if a young lady was looking for a sword then she would most likely choose a light and portable one. In this aspect, the short sword was much better than the long sword. Moreover, it was more elegant and more suitable for females to carry. Plus, this long sword looked very crude on the outside, full of masculine characteristics.

The two did not expect this young lady to look at the long sword first!

Then there was a clang, and the sword emerged from its sheath. A ray of radiance shot out.

The girl squinted hers eyes and praised, “Good sword!” After that she slowly pulled the whole sword out of its sheath. With arms at the same level as her shoulder, she slightly tilted the sword, admiring it.

Only seeing the angle she was using to look at the sword, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing recognized that this girl was a connoisseur. Even though she was definitely not an expert sword artist, her knowledge and understanding of swords was probably not inferior to the two of them.

Chu Yang search his memory and brought out all the females he met in the previous life and this, but could not find anyone who fit the characteristics of the young lady in front of him right now. As for Gu Du Xing, even though his countenance seemed hard and icy, he was also silently going through all the young ladies from the large families in Middle Three Heavens. After that he was also surprised to discover that those young ladies were probably not as graceful as the person in front of him this moment.

This strange young lady, who is she?

(TLN: I think we all know this one.)

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