There was a soft sheen on the sword blade, as if there were small waves of light rolling on it.

With sword in one hand, the young lady flicked out a thread from the other. The thread gently touched the sword blade, and the long sword vibrated. A clear and melodious sound rang out and reverberated throughout the whole room for a long while.

“It really is a divine weapon!” The young lady praised. She immediately put the long sword back in its sheath and brought down the great dagger…

When she was finally done with looking at all four weapons, she looked up at Chu Yang.

On the side, Chu Yang might have seem calm, but he was astonished on the inside… Since beginning to end, this young lady was surprisingly calm. Even though she was holding a rare weapon in her hand, her eyes never flinched.

Certain expressions like “scared, surprised, greedy, emotional…” that normally appeared during situations like this, were not shown in the eyes of this young lady!

True to her words, she simply looked over the weapons. Everything was so very ordinary.

Chu Yang could not avoid being aghast. Such state of mind, such cultivation, was this really just a young lady?

“What is your pricing?” The young lady seemed as if she was thinking about something. When she asked this question, she looked a little preoccupied.

On the other hand, Chu Yang was currently trying to figure out this young lady’s identity. Looking at her demeanors, each time she lifted her arms or moved her legs, seemed to carry an air of a superior being. As if giving orders was a normalcy for her. Plus her whole body seemed to exude an innate elegance. She was probably a descendant of some royal family, or at least of royal blood.

The strange thing was, how could a person like this went out without any guards at her side? This was unbelievable. Could Iron Cloud Citadel’s security be that good?

Before, Gu Du Xing has wandered in here by himself, and now there was young lady who, strange enough, also did the same.

Regardless… If Chu Yang had dared to hang up his Heavenly Armament Pavilion sign, then he was already prepared to receive all sorts of troublemakers. Then he would be able to celebrate in the publicity and use it to advertise Heavenly Armament Pavilion. And finally, his divine weapons would make Heavenly Armament Pavilion the talk of Iron Cloud Citadel and on the front line.

Now that he was thinking about it, with the exception of the hooligans coming to make trouble on opening day, no one else had come along.

The likes of money spending young masters, unruly young ladies, arrogant aristocrats, and royal family members who wanted to show off that Chu Yang counted on never showed up! In this crowded capital where you can step on three people with one step, he could not believe how empty it was these past few days.

How very odd!

“Each blade is one hundred thousand gold taels! Or you can put out some precious treasures to trade. Things such as Seven-Star White Magnolia, Nine-Leaf Spirit Root, Purple Air Spirit Star… I am not very particular. If not those, then Purple Crystal Jade, Legendary Gold Iron, Star Steel, Nightmare Silver, and Diamond Sand would also do. Eighteen thousand pounds of each should be enough. Payment would be expected with delivery of goods.” Chu Yang looked at her with an amused gaze. She clearly did not bring any gold or silver, so he named an astronomical price! This price, even for a country, was gigantic.

These were the items the sword spirit told him were necessary for leveling up. And now he brought the whole thing out as the price, giving the young lady a severe shock!

Even though her perseverance was more than that of an average person and her mind was firm… but meeting this guy’s lion mouth, she could not control her anger.

Even that dead face Gu Du Xing who was screaming about not selling these four divine weapons was now speechless with wide gaping mouth.

With that kind of pricing the term “highway robbery” would not even fit. It was more like killing and taking an entire country’s treasury…

“You don’t want to sell, right?” those two eyes clear as autumn water now turned cold and looked at Chu Yang. But she was really speaking out the words in Gu Du Xing’s mind.

Chu Yang smiled and took out a glistening gold bar; after that, he grabbed the sword… He threw the gold bar on the table and swung the sword down.

With a “pow”, it was as if a sharp knife cut through a piece of tofu.

As the young lady stared in disbelief, a gold bar turned into more than a dozen gold leaves in just a few seconds. The table was spangled with their golden radiance.

After that, Chu Yang reached out his right hand and grasped for a large steel block of about a few hundred pounds. It was originally standing next to the door, but now it has reached the side of his foot… He brought pointed the long sword down, tip first, above the steel block and gently dropped it. The sword fell down with the tip piercing straight through the block.


The long sword quietly pierced deep into the steel block, burying about half of the blade! Leaving only about a foot of the blade shaking slightly in the bright sunlight that came into the room, and shining with a soft luster.

A look of shock was exposed in the young lady’s eyes.

“Is it worth the price?” Chu Yang crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled as he asked.

The young lady stared at the sword, her eyes flashed with eagerness.

It was true that Iron Cloud currently lacked divine weapons… but she absolutely did not expect that at this moment, in front of her very eyes, there appeared such a kind of weapon that only existed in legends!

Heavenly Armament Pavilion! It truly deserved the name “Heavenly Armament”!

“Worth the price! A divine sword like that is truly a priceless treasure. No matter how much money there is, it would still be difficult to buy it!” A voice suddenly rang out like thunder. With that voice was a stately figure that suddenly appeared behind the young lady.

The moment that voice sounded, both Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing looked at each other in shock! This was because they did not expect that their senses were not able to detect when the person had arrived. In that case, did it not mean that this person’s cultivation was at least beyond Martial Great Master?

This person was brawny with a square face. His eyes were calm but extremely sharp. His brows were large and thick. His mouth was wide, and his nose was lion-like. On his jawline was a three-part, black beard that slightly swung back and forth. He simply stood there with his wide shoulders, giving one the sense that he was carrying the world on them!

His body emitted a powerful aura that was enough to send thousands of soldiers running!

Without needing an introduction, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing immediately recognized this man!

In this entire Lower Three Heavens, besides the number one famed general, Tie Long Cheng, no other individual could have such a powerful air like this! And only Tie Long Cheng could stand as he please and give the feeling of an impregnable fortress, like a thousand miles of endless mountains that armies would even avoid!

The head of Iron Cloud’s military! One of the two pillars that held up the heavens for Iron Cloud Nation. A saint of war in the Nine Heavens continents, Tie Long Cheng!

At this time, Chu Yang finally understood why a busy street suddenly became extremely quiet, abnormally quiet. So, since who knows when, a team of elite soldiers in disguise had strictly kept the entire street separated from the rest of the citadel!

An entire long, crowded, noisy street was currently quiet to the point a pin drop could be heard!

At the main door of Heavenly Armament Pavilion, two people stood emotionless on each side watching the situation inside. Even though he could not discover anything further, Chu Yang was sure that the back door and the roof also had people. Moreover, masters!

“It really is a good sword!” Tie Long Cheng’s sharp, cold gaze glanced at the swaying sword on the steel block and said loudly. After that, he immediately turned and looked at the young lady. Unexpectedly, his expression became soft and completely different from earlier, “Why did you come here?”

After that, he asked more specifically, “Why did you come here alone?”

“I just wanted to see.” The young lady calmly smiled, “This Heavenly Armament Pavilion, I was really curious about it.”

“Where are your bodyguards?” Tie Long Cheng’s thick eyebrows pinched together. The coldness in his eyes rose up dangerously, “How do those bastards do their work?! I cannot believe they dared let you go out by yourself like this! Wait till I get back; I will chop them up and feed them to the dogs!”

“I snuck out. It has nothing to do with them.” The young lady slightly shook Tie Long Cheng shoulder, pleading, “Second uncle, I only have this one little secret left, only this one way to relax a bit…”

Tie Long Cheng sighed, and looked at the young lady with affection and sorrow. He seemed to have let the issue go as he turned to Chu Yang, “Damn little man, these two swords and two sabers, I will buy!”

Chu Yang hesitated, then asked “What are you buying them with?”

“Of course I will not buy them with gold.” Tie Long Cheng’s eyes narrowed as he squeezed out each word, “Buying it with your life, would this price be enough?”

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