Chu Yang was very well versed in the teachings of the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique. If he were to train at this time then there would be no mistakes, but the only problem was that he could not train at this time!

Because the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique has one major requirement. Knowing the teachings alone would not have any use. You must have the sword along with the teachings; then you must absorb the mystical energy from the sword to have the power to practice Nine Tribulations Transcending Nine Heavens Technique!

Moreover, each sword fragment had a different mystical energy.

If you were to practice without a sword fragment, then it would be likely that your internal energy would burn and you would die!

Secondly, Chu Yang’s body, in its current condition, did not meet the requirements to practice the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique. Only when his body reaches the Martial Warrior level, and all of his meridians channels are opened and his qi goes beyond the primary natural cycle and enters the higher natural cycle. At that time, he would have the ability to practice the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique.

Dawn was approaching in the east and the light was appearing on the horizon. Chu Yang took a deep breath and slowly absorbed the energy. He stood still for a moment, feeling a warmth in his body, a feeling of pleasure that cannot be described in words…

He continued to stand like that, squinting his eyes and looking in the direction of the Gathering Clouds Peak, the place where the first fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword lies quietly buried under the earth.

I must quickly acquire it!

His eyes sparkled.

He looked for a while before taking his gaze away. He carefully looked in all four directions for a moment. After verifying that there was no one around, he started to move. Suddenly, he slowly descended from the cliff. His eyes constantly scanning, looking carefully at every place. Because, if Shi Qian Shan did not lie, then on this rock face was the where the Golden Blood Herb grows!

The Golden Blood Root is actually not a supreme elixir. However, even in the Three Higher Heavens Territory, this is the kind of thing you cannot buy with money. All the big clans, need to use this root to help set the foundation for their descendants.

Children from these big clans, from birth, they were already fed the Golden Blood Root! Taking the advantage of the energy from child’s mother that hadn’t dissipated yet, a peak martial expert can help the child absorb all the energy of the root. Then this child would definitely become a talented martial cultivator of earth-shattering potential!

If this rare talent worked hard, his future ability would be beyond imagination! And these achievements would be the direct result of this one elixir that was used when he was a child.

Martial students from powerful clans learn quicker because of one main reason: they never lack in cultivation resources!

On this earth, there was no lack of heaven-sent talents! Talents were those with more opportunities to succeed than other people!

But there were a few things that could not be denied: in this world, there were more talents that would die young or become unable to advance than those that can push forward and succeed!

I may not be a talent, but I want to change. To make myself even more talented than those heaven-sent talents! I want to make it so that when those talents stand next to me, they can no longer be called talents.

Chu Yang slowly walked down, even though his whole body is clinging to the smooth vertical cliff face. He was like a rock worm, steadily climbing straight up.

This was because in his previous life, when he killed a certain martial artist, on his body Chu Yang found a technique called Unholy Movement and he thought it was a useful technique, so he practiced it.

Right then, he was using it; even though his current body never practiced it, he could still force it…

A rustling sound suddenly came from below, a gust of rancid air came upon him. Chu Yang’s eyebrows rose and his eyes widened. His right hand clung tight to the rock face. His whole body flattened against the rock face.


A poisonous snake with a bright colorful body slithered across his body!

If he had not move earlier, he would have been bitten by the snake.

A smile appeared on Chu Yang’s face. This place definitely has the Golden Blood Herb. Moreover, it was the type that is more than 100 years old!

This snake’s body had more than 7 colors, was as large as an arm, and its head had one color. It was a Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake. Wild Golden Blood Herb might have a Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake protecting it. This was the reason why, after seeing the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake, Chu Yang came to the conclusion that the Golden Blood Herb was here. That type of snake has very tough skin; normal weapons would have difficulty causing harm to it, it was also especially poisonous. Normally the weak spot of any snake is 7 cm from its head, but with that kind of snake, it was not.

Its weak spot was the radiance on its head!

Golden Blood Herb of over a hundred years old would exude a very strong aroma. This aroma was especially attractive to the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake. The aroma could help the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake shed its skin without any pain or suffering!

To the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake, eating the Golden Blood Root would not have any benefit. The smell was what it loved.

The sound started again. The Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake turned back, aiming in the direction in the direction of Chu Yang and headed straight for him. It beat its tail with a bang on the rock face and sent its body forward towards Chu Yang, wanting to bite him. Chu Yang’s gaze narrowed and his body was completely still. He waited until it was about a meter away, then he moved extremely quickly. One could only see that his body suddenly moved to the right. Then it arched higher. His whole body become contorted in an unnatural position. The Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake shot right by his body, missing him barely. In the blink of an eye, Chu Yang’s two fingers formed a sword, concentrating all of his qi to them and ferociously stabbed the snake at its weak spot.


A paralyzing scream rang out and the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake writhed painfully, with the radiant spot on its head bleeding black blood, mixing with the seven colors. It rolled from the cliff face straight to the ground.

Chu Yang breathed a sigh of relief. He turned in the direction the snake came from and carefully climbed over. In truth, he could go faster, but he was afraid he might inadvertently damage the Golden Blood Root…

“A Golden Blood Root of more than a hundred years old…” Chu Yang was full of excitement. This was truly a treasure. Only a root of fifty years would be enough to get good results, moreover it would help sustain future progress. Then a root of more than a hundred years would give what kind of results?!

Moving a little further down, Chu Yang dreamily smelled a faint aroma. It was extremely calming and refreshing, like the smell of the Snow Wind Orchid. Although its aroma was not strong, it had a lingering effect on people. Chu Yang was joyful. Normal Golden Blood Root had always been without any color or flavor, only the kind that’s more than a hundred years old would have a faint smell. This smell was actually not very different from other aromatic Herbs. If it were to grow where other plants thrived, then it would be indistinguishable.

Luckily, this one was growing on a cliff face! An aroma like this on a cliff face definitely stands out.

Chu Yang carefully inched himself. He could see on a rock a few blood red leaves on a rock, gently swinging in the wind. Beneath these rocks is a hint of the herb showed. It was also red like blood.

This is truly Golden Blood Root!

Climbing down a little further, setting himself in a steady position, Chu Yang pulled out a sword. He concentrated his qi into the sword and then he stabbed it down into the rock face with all his might. Half of the sword went into the rock. His two legs carefully stepped on the sword. Pulling out another sword, he started digging cautiously.

He brought two swords with him, one of them belonged to Tan Tan. Early this morning, he snuck out with it. Tan Tan was still asleep at the time. If he knew that his precious sword was used as a digging tool, what would he think?

One part digging, one part thinking, Chu Yang could not fathom this feeling of excitement. This feeling surprised him: My elder martial brother was always truthful and kind, not the kind of person to play others like this… (TLN: basically Shi Qian Shan wasn’t lying, so Chu Yang is super happy – thanks to yuigahama)

Not long after, Chu Yang’s body was soaked in sweat. All the digging effort revealed a cave, small enough to force a body through. With difficulty he entered the cave, breathing a sigh of relief, but he did not rest. Immediately, he took his hands and pushed away all of the red leaves of the Golden Blood Herb to find its root. He paid special attention to keep a safe distance of 3 meters around him and then started the excavation.

With every rock he dug up, Chu Yang carefully placed them next to him to keep them from falling down. When he could no longer keep them from falling, he started to put them on the side of the cliff, letting them fall down along the cliff, being careful to make as little noise as possible to avoid anyone’s attention…

Although this area seemed desolate, it was better to be careful. No need to invite unnecessary trouble that could be avoided.

The digging took over an hour. Chu Yang’s whole body was soaked in sweat. Finally, the top of the Golden Blood Root was visible, radiantly a hazy, dreamy light as if its body had blood moving within.

The whole Golden Blood Herb, even its skin, was not damaged in anyway. The root was intact and fat like two fingers. He took his hands and gently touched it. It felt like touching a swollen ripe peach.

“This is really the good stuff! It looks like this Golden Blood Root is almost two hundred years old. No wonder why in the previous life, Shi Qian Shan progressed so quickly… that punk! So it was because he found such a precious thing.”

Now it belongs to me!

Chu Yang panted heavily, scanning the root from top to bottom, his eyes full of happiness. In truth, he never imagined that it could be this good!

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  1. One part digging, one part thinking, Chu Yang could not fathom this feeling of excitement. This feeling surprised him: My elder martial brother was always truthful and kind, not the kind of person to play others like this… ( it means that his elder martial brother didnt lie to him about the blood root ) basically hes happy about it


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