Tie Bu Tian clearly understood Chu Yang’s thoughts. Even though he did not have any solid basis, he absolutely believed that Chu Yang would not harm him or Iron Cloud Nation. Additionally, he was sure that Chu Yang would not abuse his position in Iron Cloud to achieve some dark plot!

If he was sure about all these things and Chu Yang’s incredible abilities, then Tie Bu Tian would of course give it a try! At this point, he desperately needed someone to help. Carrying the burden all by himself had made him exhausted! He needed someone to share it with, but none of the civil and military officials in court could help.

Because no matter what, he was a prince and they were just his subjects!

Chu Yang’s appearance perfectly made up for this deficiency! Even though Chu Yang would never be subjugated under him, it was the exact thing that made Chu Yang, a man of Jiang Hu with no connections to the court, the best candidate to take charge of Bu Tian Pavilion!

With anyone else from the groups of civil and military officials holding a sharp weapon like this Bu Tian Pavilion, Tie Bu Tian would be worried! As for himself, he founded Bu Tian Pavilion in earnest, but did not have enough energy to manage and develop it into something powerful.

Therefore, when Tie Bu Tian complied with Chu Yang’s request earlier, he had his own reasons as well.

Or who knows what other reasons he might have.

As for Chu Yang, at this time, he was currently thinking about Tie Bu Tian’s childhood… it was truly a tragedy. Even compared to a prince of some normal country, Tie Bu Tian’s childhood was many times worse.

As Tie Bu Tian said, the path of a ruler was a cruel one!

“Your Heavenly Armament Pavilion… What to do with it?” When Chu Yang met with Tie Bu Tian again it was already late in the afternoon. He had already recovered his natural composure as he smiled and asked.

“Heavenly Armament Pavilion…” Chu Yang originally wanted to merge Heavenly Armament Pavilion with Bu Tian Pavilion, but when the words reached his mouth, they came out quite differently, “Heavenly Armament Pavilion would of course exist independently. However, it cannot remain as it currently is; it’s too wasteful. Your Highness, my Heavenly Armament Pavilion will be moved to Emerald Flow Lake; is that okay?”

Emerald Flow Lake was a small lake inside of Iron Cloud Citadel. It was about ten blocks from Iron Cloud Inner City, but they were separated by a dense area of buildings, so it seemed really far away. This was a favorite area for people to go for a stroll.

“Emerald Flow Lake? Not a problem.” Tie Bu Tian readily agreed, “I will immediately arrange for this.” Tie Bu Tian thought the “wasteful” part Chu Yang was referring to was those divine weapons; he did not know that Chu Yang was in fact referring to Gu Du Xing.

Such a powerful expert with limitless potential left to sit around idly… that was really wasteful!

Chu Yang’s countenance remained unchanged, but he was overjoyed on the inside.

Only he knew that Emerald Flow Lake was not just a good place for a stroll. In his previous life, this was where he found the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment!

Now he could directly take over this area, then all he would have to do is wait until his cultivation was high enough to break the seal of the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment. And finally, he could take it without anyone knowing.

Nine Tribulations Sword, second fragment! Chu Yang was burning with excitement.

The two boarded a carriage and went forth. This carriage was completely covered without any openings. If someone from the outside were to look, they would not expect that the prince was sitting in this ordinary looking carriage.

Though the inside of the carriage was quite spacious, the two were sitting not too far from each other… Chu Yang could smell a faint fragrance that seemed to be drifting in the air. He could not help but snort. Internally, he was annoyed. How can a man wear perfume?

Tie Bu Tian seemed to have realized something was amiss. So he started to distract Chu Yang with a rambling conversation about some irrelevant topics. Tie Bu Tian’s education was truly profound. From heaven to earth, from legends to current famous figures, he could talk about them all. Moreover, regardless of whatever the topic was, he seemed to have some insightful comment about each one.

In terms of his education, Chu Yang trailed behind Tie Bu Tian by a great distance. The only thing he could do was listen. Time slowly passed and Chu Yang became more and more engrossed in Tie Bu Tian’s words; he did not notice the fragrance in the carriage anymore.

The carriage stopped.

The two got off the carriage and went into a large manor.

“This is Bu Tian Pavilion’s headquarters.” Tie Bu Tian said softly as he walked. Chu Yang replied with an “oh”, feeling really surprised.

For anyone who heard of the three words “Bu Tian Pavilion”, a grand building would come to mind. However, it turned out to be just an ordinary one story building.

So that place with the plaque “Bu Tian Pavilion” and the small lake that Tie Bu Tian had his first discussion with me at was just a cover? To Chu Yang, that place felt more appropriate for the three words “Bu Tian Pavilion.”

This place was a little too ordinary.

Walking into the building, Tie Bu Tian brought Chu Yang straight into the main hall without stopping. There were a few people there discussing something; when they saw Tie Bu Tian entering, they immediately stood up and greeted him.

“This person is Chu Yang, Senior Chu.” Tie Bu Tian introduced, “From today on, Senior Chu is a person of our Bu Tian Pavilion. His temporary position is Adjunct Minister of Bu Tian Pavilion. From now on, Senior Chu will be participating in all of Bu Tian Pavilion’s matters, from planning to decision-making.”

In the room, all five faces changed at once.

Adjunct Minister, this was no ordinary position. If the word “Adjunct” was left out then he was Bu Tian Pavilion’s Minister. Before this, the minister position belonged to Tie Bu Tian; this position was even higher than Pavilion Lord.

Could it be that this youth is the future Minister of Bu Tian Pavilion?

They were all extremely surprised. Tie Bu Tian had brought a youth in to take over this important Minister position. Currently, the Pavilion Lord and his deputy were also present in this room. The other three people were all Martial Great Masters. How could they just tolerate a youth being above them?

“This is Bu Tian Pavilion’s Lord, Icy Soul Revered Saber Artist, Cheng Zi Ang. This is his deputy, Shooting Star Revered Martial Artist, Chen Yu Tong.” Tie Bu Tian introduced each person to Chu Yang. All five faces managed to smile and came up to greet him one by one.

Icy Soul Revered Saber Artist Cheng Zi Ang seemed to be about sixty. He had gray hair and a thin body that seemed capable of getting blown away with a strong gust of wind. As for Chen Yu Tong, he was a large man with a strong build. He was about forty-five or forty-six years old with a crude face.

They both looked and evaluated Chu Yang with their gazes. In their smiles, there were traces of alienation.

After the brief introduction, Tie Bu Tian brought Chu Yang into an inner room. This was a study filled with documents lying in piles and piles.

“This is where Bu Tian Pavilion keeps all of the documents on all of Iron Cloud Nation’s personnel. Each one has carefully accounted details from great to small. All the events that happened in their lives, as well as things such as personal abilities or skills are all written down. You can look… Normally, a person with cultivation level below Martial Master would not be allowed to join Bu Tian Pavilion. Someone with unclear background would not be able to join either.”

Tie Bu Tian slowly continued, “At present, Bu Tian Pavilion has a total of eighty-seven people. Within this group there are one Revered Saber Artist, five Revered Martial Artists, and thirteen Martial Great Masters. The rest are Martial Masters of grade four and up.”

“This strength is weak. Too weak!” Chu Yang shook his head. Such strength in a sect would be incredibly powerful, but placed in a war between two large nations, it was too little.

Compared to Diwu Qing Rou’s Golden Horse Riders Department, this strength was not enough. In fact, it did not even earn the right to compare to Golden Horse Riders Department.

Golden Horse Riders Department was already well-established with about thirty thousand people! Even if you didn’t count the support staff, the number of experts at the level of Martial Master and above were about twenty thousand!

Such a horrific number, how could a newcomer like Bu Tian Pavilion compare?

“Until now, Bu Tian Pavilion, with its status as my personal force, only dealt with strategies. Our few assassination attempts have all ended in failure. Instead of success, we lost many people.” Tie Bu Tian said slowly, “Because of this, I dare not develop it any further.”

Chu Yang lightly nodded.

Even though Tie Bu Tian did not say it outright, Chu Yang heard: There are spies in Bu Tian Pavilion!

As long as there were spies, unknown ones, no matter how rigorously the assassination attempts were planned, they would still be a joke… It was no different than sending your subordinates straight into the hands of the enemies!

“This is the first problem you have to solve.” Tie Bu Tian said casually.

“Not a problem.” Chu Yang glanced at the piles of documents and said decisively.

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