“The second problem is that our Iron Cloud has countless spies sent by Diwu Qing Rou since so many years ago. And I am guessing many of them currently hold high positions on both the civil and military sides.”

Tie Bu Tian smiled, “Senior Chu, you once said, ‘If you want to eliminate the foreign invasion, you need to first deal with internal pacification…’ Once you have successfully completed your first task in cleaning out Bu Tian Pavilion, this second task will be given to you as well… Your final task would be to fight with the two outside forces! But the stabilization of the country comes first.”

“I don’t mind if you have to kill a lot of people. In fact, to maintain stability, you can kill all the people here if it must be done.” Tie Bu Tian smiled, “But there are some whose deaths would cause great turbulence in the world.”

Chu Yang smiled mysteriously. He understood Tie Bu Tian’s meaning. In other words, “If you cannot even complete the first task, then you should just leave. Don’t even bother thinking about the second or third…”

As for what he called stabilization; it was not something he said for the moment, but the one thing that Iron Cloud needed most right now!

Currently, stability was much more important to Iron Cloud than the rapid development of strength. This had also been Tie Bu Tian’s biggest headache for a very long time.

“Senior Chu, Bu Tian Pavilion will have to depend on you from now on.” As Tie Bu Tian walked out the door, he turned his head back and smiled.

“Bu Tian Pavilion, haha… Your Highness wants me to patch up the sky starting right now?” Chu Yang laughed.

“Since Senior Chu sincerely wants to collaborate, then you should prove your ability. Divine weapons are just accessories after all; no matter how much you show them off, they’re only as good as empty ranting.” Tie Bu Tian smiled, “Bu Tian Pavilion will be your test.”

“Bu Tian Pavilion has been in existence for three years, yet it is still not quite developed.” Tie Bu Tian’s smile was full of hidden meanings as he waltzed out.

From beginning to end, Tie Bu Tian only introduced Chu Yang and did not say any words of support. He did this so Chu Yang would have to use his own abilities to fortify his position, consolidate Bu Tian Pavilion, clean out the place, and finally, gain complete control. After this process was done, then it could be considered that he had completed his first task in his collaboration with Tie Bu Tian!

Chu Yang was by himself with his Martial Warrior status. If he wanted to gain control of all of Bu Tian Pavilion, he needed to at least have the strength of a Martial Master. Moreover, he also needed their complete respect to establish his authority. This was an almost impossible task!

However, Chu Yang could no longer go back. He was already here. He wanted respect; Tie Bu Tian gave him that. He wanted attention; Tie Bu Tian gave him that. His initial plan to create an important status for himself was completely successful. In fact, when he asked for the one thing that was most important to Tie Bu Tian, Bu Tian Pavilion, Tie Bu Tian also gave him that!

Even though this Tie Bu Tian was a little girly and a little feminine in Chu Yang’s eyes, he gave Chu Yang the trust he wanted without reservations.

Everything that Chu Yang had wanted for his first step in Iron Cloud, he had achieved.

Now was the time for him to show his abilities. If he could not earn the respect of the people in Bu Tian Pavilion, then he would prove that he was not worthy of Tie Bu Tian’s trust!

The current situation was essentially Chu Yang and Tie Bu Tian’s collaboration to push Chu Yang to a point where he could no longer turn back!

Tie Bu Tian left a long time ago, but Chu Yang was still engrossed in the endless documents. He carefully analyzed each line. These documents were just plain texts, and these texts were not exactly accurate compared to reality. But Chu Yang was looking for tiny bits of truths or flaws in these fuzzy reports. From there, he would decide on the next step.

Picking through a lot of people who had already been through a rigorous screening process, moreover he was picking based on only what was written, the difficulty of this process was immense.

However, Chu Yang could only start with this for now. Because he currently had no spies of his own, he could only rely on his own efforts!

Chu Yang wholehearted believed that any organizations would have cracks where outsiders could enter. In Diwu Qing Rou’s plans then, this place of Tie Bu Tian’s must have had some flaws. Even the staff responsible for screening people to enter Bu Tian Pavilion might not have been loyal to Tie Bu Tian!

Chu Yang used up the afternoon to carefully go through the files of the eighty-seven people in Bu Tian Pavilion. Within this short time period, he memorized them all!

He closed his eyes and all eighty-seven individuals’ files ran through his head all at once, without one detail left out!

Chu Yang then walked out.

“Minister.” Seeing Chu Yang come out, Icy Soul Revered Saber Artist Cheng Zi Ang stood up first, and the rest of the people behind him followed. Since the time Chu Yang arrived, there had been an addition of seven more people. There were now twelve people total.

These people looked at Chu Yang with guarded gazes filled with hostility and mistrust, but when they saw him sit on the main seat, they greeted him respectfully. There were a lot of people with cynicism in their eyes, waiting to be entertained by a comedic skit.

“Official Cheng, from now on we are of the same house, there is no need for ceremony.” Chu Yang said casually, making that Icy Soul Revered Saber Artist’s mouth twitch a few times.

You’re acting like my superior? No need for ceremony? Moreover, in this statement, Chu Yang used “Official Cheng” and not “Senior Cheng”… he meant to indicate that he was using the rules of the royal court, not that of Jiang Hu.

One rank higher was enough to crush the people below!

Chu Yang’s first sentence told Cheng Zi Ang that even though he was a Revered Saber Artist, this was the royal court, under the prince’s command! Even if a weakling student was your superior, you would still have to obey!

In Chu Yang’s mind, he did look down a little on this Revered level expert. Since ancient times, there were many Revered level experts who ruled over Jiang Hu, but not many coveted worldly wealth and status.

If you abandoned your place in Jiang Hu and went to work for the royal court, then you are nothing but a court official.

Once you gave up that identity, you lowered yourself. You will never truly be a Revered level expert again! You could still hold on to that title, but if you have to come face to face with a Revered level expert from Jiang Hu… Cheng Zi Ang, you don’t stand half a chance of winning!

“Official Cheng, please let everyone from Bu Tian Pavilion who is currently in Iron Cloud Citadel know that there will be a gathering early tomorrow morning.” Chu Yang said casually, “I am a newly instated official and I want to show my authority a little bit; this is pretty standard. I hope Official Cheng will wholeheartedly assist me in this matter!”

Cheng Zi Ang was stunned.

This new adjunct minister is too straightforward! Even if he wanted to show off his authority, did he have to say it outright like that?


When Chu Yang came back to Heavenly Armament Pavilion that night he heard the sound of wind swooshing from the backyard. Of course, Gu Du Xing was practicing his sword art.

Chu Yang stood on the steps and watched Gu Du Xing practice, but inside, he was contemplating.

This Gu Du Xing, should I bring him out with me? His fighting strength in this Iron Cloud Citadel is that of an expert. Having him with me would greatly help me in solving any problems I might encounter.

After all, I am currently only a grade four Martial Warrior.

Looking at the flashing sword in the backyard, Chu Yang finally shook his head. It was better that Gu Du Xing did not show himself. Bu Tian Pavilion was Bu Tian Pavilion, and Gu Du Xing’s strength was insurance for the two martial brothers in this Iron Cloud Citadel.

Keeping an ace card like this hidden, regardless of the situation, was much better than showing it to everyone.

“Elder Brother Chu, you’re back.” Gu Du Xing was done with his sword practice. His clothes were soaked and his face was pale; he had used up a lot of energy. It looked like he had started to understand Revered Berserker Sword Technique.

Gu Du Xing was really curious when it came to Chu Yang. Chu Yang is much younger than me; this is sure enough. But I don’t understand why every time I talk to Chu Yang, he seems much more mature than I am.

Gu Du Xing was sure that Chu Yang was younger than him, but Chu Yang never brought up the age difference between the two. This gave Gu Du Xing a headache; how was he supposed to address him?

Should you keep calling me Elder Brother Gu? Should I keep calling you Elder Brother Chu?

Of course Chu Yang would never talk about age with Gu Du Xing. If it was based on age… would he not be the lower-ranking one? Such a position, he would not be so stupid as to voluntarily enter into one.

Gu Du Xing also could not see through Chu Yang’s cultivation level. Was this youth a Martial Great Master? Or a Revered Martial Artist? Gu Du Xing dared not guess lower; he only guessed higher and higher.

If Gu Du Xing found out that Chu Yang was currently just a Martial Warrior, he probably would collapse on the spot…

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