“Um… Elder Brother Gu, our Heavenly Armament Pavilion is going to change location soon.” Chu Yang said casually, “It will be moved to Emerald Flow Lake. As for me, I have agreed with Tie Bu Tian in becoming the Minister of Bu Tian Pavilion.”

“Ah.” Gu Du Xing wiped his sweat. Clearly, he had no interest in this Bu Tian Pavilion.

“Elder Brother Gu, I have this idea.” Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing walked side by side as they talked, “Given the current situation, we need to have our own forces to get things done. Since Heavenly Armament Pavilion only has the two of us, we’re spread a little thin.”

Gu Du Xing’s eyes brightened, “You mean?”

“Whether it is to protect our lives or to do some great deeds in this troubled world, we need to have an elite team in our hands. Moreover, the Middle Three Heavens that we are aiming for is even more troublesome compared to Lower Three Heavens. It’s even more lawless; there is only one rule there, big fish swallow little fish. At the least, saving Gu Miao Ling would require strength.”

Chu Yang continued, “There are some things you don’t need me to say. The Gu clan has its own successor, and you are only their adopted son… With this fact, even at the peak of Sword Emperor level, your saving Gu Miao Ling would be dependent on the how the people of the Gu clan felt. Any family clan would place its survival ahead of one person’s life.”

Gu Du Xing’s face darkened.

Everything Chu Yang said was true. Based on their ages, by the time he achieved Sword Emperor, the two Gu young masters would already hold power. Currently, the two were busy fighting for power so they were not paying attention to this situation. Once Gu Miao Ling is freed, everything would change. First, he was an adopted son, not an outsider. Second, his cultivation level of Sword Emperor would make him the most powerful person in the Gu clan. Third, marrying Gu Miao Ling would make him the son-in-law of the Gu clan.

It would be odd if the two Gu brothers did not guard against him.

“Our Heavenly Armament Pavilion needs to become more powerful quickly.” Chu Yang’s gaze became more profound, “You will be the first divine weapon of Heavenly Armament Pavilion!”

“Once you have a first, then there will be a second.” Gu Du Xing’s eyes brightened with great interest, “How do you want to proceed?”

“The development of Heavenly Armament Pavilion cannot be publicized; it must grow in secret.” Chu Yang said as he rubbed his chin, “As for the specifics of this development, it will be up to you. I will not deal with that. Additionally, we should temporarily put the weapons of Heavenly Armament Pavilion aside. Once the recruits have sufficient skill, we will give them those. That would be good motivation.”

Gu Du Xing’s eyes emitted sharp rays of lights as he nodded repeatedly, “Yes, our divine weapons would be an irresistible temptation for any martial artist.”

“The second thing is our Heavenly Armament Pavilion will develop secretly so we do not necessarily need masters; we should concentrate on those with the potential to advance to such levels!” Chu Yang smiled, his eyes were like bright flashes in the dark, “In the future, we will not only stay in Lower Three Heavens, but advance to Middle Three Heavens… and then Upper Three Heavens as well! We will kill and fight to our top position!”

“Those we recruit will be part of our team; they will advance with us. From fighting in Lower Three Heavens to bathing in Jiang Hu blood in Middle Three Heavens, even when we are in Upper Three Heavens, we will walk arrogantly!

Gu Du Xing’s face was radiant. His breathing had become more rapid, “Do you mean…”

“We won’t work by the rules of others. What we want… is to set rules for others to follow!” Chu said quietly, “Regardless if it is Lower Three Heavens or Upper Three Heavens…”

“Good!” A bright-eyed Gu Du Xing said, “Since you already have such ambitions, I, Gu Du Xing can’t just sit around. Let us two brothers join forces and see!”

Chu Yang nodded and said deeply, “I will leave this to you. In this time period, I need to quickly finish up things at Bu Tian Pavilion. Anyway, our mission at this Lower Three Heavens is to defeat Diwu Qing Rou. This absolutely cannot be changed.”

“Defeat Diwu Qing Rou…” Gu Du Xing muttered and nodded. He did not know why Chu Yang was so insistent on defeating Diwu Qing Rou, but he knew that, having said it, Chu Yang must have his own reasons.

Heavenly Armament Pavilion just opened for a few days… then closed.

Gu Du Xing already went ahead to Emerald Flow Lake; at this time, his stubborn character clearly showed itself.

With Chu Yang’s generous financial backing, Gu Du Xing played a big hand and surrounded the area around Emerald Flow Lake with a thirty feet tall wall. In a sudden, he took over the entire area.

At the time Gu Du Xing did this, even Chu Yang did not know.

Chu Yang’s original plan was to only take over the lake. He did not expect Gu Du Xing to directly take not only the entire lake, but also Shadow Hill near it as well. In total, he took a few acres of the surrounding area!

Even though there were no homes or government offices in this area, it was a favorite area for people to go for a stroll. There were also many thriving businesses like brothels and gambling dens.

With Gu Du Xing taking such a big bite, the others were certainly not happy. So he started making lots of noise.

When people came to make trouble, Gu Du Xing showed off his cold dead face, warning them not to come close. When officials came to question him, they got beaten to black and blue and left. He even yelled after them, “This is the prince’s order! If you are capable, don’t find me; go find the prince!”

The money Chu Yang gave him, other than spending on hiring workers and construction material, he did not have to spend on anything else.

During this time, Official Chu Yang just got his position so he put all his efforts into showing off his authority.

“My colleagues, today I gathered everyone here because I have just come into office. I needed you to know that. First, we need to become familiar with each other so we can easily work together. Second, there are some things I don’t understand and I need your help in clarifying them. In other words, the new official will be showing off his authority today!”

The Pavilion Lord and his deputy, sitting next to Chu Yang, sank down slightly. As for the people sitting in front of Chu Yang their faces were all gloomy.

Chu Yang looked at the eighty-five people in front of him. His face was serious as he clasped his hands behind his back and paced back and forth; he was one hundred percent authoritative. With one look, he could easily tell that these eighty-five people as well as Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were not with the group welcoming Du Shi Qing. Moreover, those people were more skilled compared to these people by far.

Tie Bu Tian really did not show all his strength.

“Who I am, I am sure everyone has already heard. Compared to everyone, I am probably just a student who could barely tie up a chicken. However, since I have undertaken this task the prince has given, I will use all my efforts to make Bu Tian Pavilion the best it could be! I hope you will cooperate and not make it difficult for me.” Chu Yang smiled coldly, “If it becomes difficult for me, it would be even more difficult for you! This, I promise you!”

There was a commotion and lots of whispering. Everyone here has been in Jiang Hu, and they felt Chu Yang’s words were a little ridiculous. Threatening people? How many of us have not put our lives on the line? Threats? Stupid threats!

Student? A student wants to control Bu Tian Pavilion?

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong looked at each other. They both did not know whether to laugh or to cry. It had always been the case that a newly appointed official showed off his authority a bit, but saying it straight out like this… Official Chu was definitely the first.

“This is not Jiang Hu; it does not need Jiang Hu’s rules. While this is not a military camp, it still needs its own rules. Moreover, it should be even stricter than that of military camps!” Chu Yang took one glance and not letting anyone interject, he continued to show his authority, “I will ask you now. Is there anyone who has opinions regarding my methods? If you do, you can leave immediately. I will not stop you!”

Everyone smiled awkwardly; once you joined a secret organization like this, how could you leave? The only exit was death.

“Good! If no one has any opinions, then you have all recognized my position. Then, from now on, for anyone who goes against my orders, there is only one punishment… death!”

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