(TLN: TItle means to undertake a painstaking investigation)

Even though there were still some knots in Cheng Zi Ang’s heart, his annoyance had greatly lessened.

“Liu Xiao Cheng might not be his real name either.” Chu Yang sneered, “This type of soldier, once their identity is revealed, they would kill themselves. Why would they leave their own name and give you a clue to investigate with? It might just lead to a bunch of powerful enemies. We must be careful in this matter.”

“The Minister is right.” Cheng Zi Ang’s face seemed frightened as he said gravely.

Towards this young Minister, his admiration was increasing.

Deputy Pavilion Lord Chen Yu Tong also agreed with Chu Yang’s insight and became pensive.

“We first need to investigate based on appearance, cultivation level, and special characteristics of the body. From there, we could verify his true identity. We cannot believe in anything he said.”

“The second step: while the name Liu Xiao Cheng might not be credible, one person will surely know. It is the Ranger, Ping Wu Ying, from Clear Spring prefecture. This person must be captured.”

“At the time Liu Xiao Cheng joined Bu Tian Pavilion, we investigated him through Ping Wu Ying. Ping Wu Ying verified Liu Xiao Cheng’s identity. In other words, Ping Wu Ying was involved in this. He was not the mastermind, but he is definitely an enemy. We absolutely cannot spare Ping Wu Ying and his family.

“Yes.” Chen Yu Tong said, “I will arrange it immediately, and bring Ping Wu Ying back for questioning.”

“No need, just kill him with one slash and be done with it. Questioning will not bring us any results.” Chu Yang said firmly, “Secrets between two countries, the position of someone like Ping Wu Ying is not high enough to know anything. Most likely they would have already severed ties with him by the time we catch him. We don’t have such an advantage.”

“We should at least try; we might just be able to catch a big fish.” Cheng Zi Ang insisted. He had made such a grievous mistake before, so he was trying to make up for it. And Ping Wu Ying was the closest opportunity; he could not just let that go.

“Up to you.” Chu Yang said casually, “There is another connection, the Sun Clan. They gave this person a background. In other words, the Sun Clan is also another force involved in this conspiracy.”

Chu Yang’s cold eyes slowly looked over everyone as he said lightly, “Thriving South’s Sun Clan, kill them all.”

Whoever his gaze fell upon, felt as if they were being eyed by a poisonous snake; their whole body felt a sudden chill. As those three words came out of Chu Yang’s mouth, a killing aura followed it and spread in all four directions, making everyone tremble.

“I will have to bother Official Cheng with this.” Chu Yang looked in Cheng Zi Ang’s direction, and slightly nodded as he said politely.

Even though Chu Yang’s voice was polite, this was an order. This was Chu Yang’s first action after his investigation. If he wanted to have total control of Bu Tian Pavilion, Cheng Zi Ang’s attitude was the most important.

On Cheng Zi Ang’s face there appeared a conflicted look; after his countenance changed a few times, he slowly said, “Yes, I shall carry it out.”

Chu Yang smiled with satisfaction and said, “As for any invasion routes discovered by this spy, we will toss them out from now on. They can no longer be used.”

“This… can we use these routes to plan against the enemies and salvage some of our dignity back?” Chen Yu Tong mused and asked.

“No, we have no way of knowing whether there are still spies left. Just one would be enough for the information about today’s purge to be leaked out. Then the enemies could also use these routes to plan against us. This would be a road of death.” Chu Yang’s gaze changed. It seemed this Chen Yu Tong had some brains, only he was still too inexperienced and green.

“Yes, the Minister is right.” The sweat on Chen Yu Tong’s forehead poured out like rain. He certainly did not consider that possibility.

Chu Yang picked up the second file, his eyes swept over them as he slowly asked, “Who here is Meng You De?”

Below, in the third row, a bearded man suddenly turned pale.

Everyone around him immediately turned around and looked at him, their eyes showing a guarded air.

Chu Yang’s clear gaze was on Meng You De. He quietly asked, “Meng You De, do you want to kill yourself now or after I expose you?”

The beard on Meng You De’s face trembled, then he suddenly snapped, “B*, don’t think that just because you got to go on the prince’s carriage and got a few praises from him that you are truly the Minister. My whole life, I have never done anything to be ashamed of. Bu Tian Pavilion had dozens of missions; all the successful ones, where we came back alive, included me. I am completely dedicated and put my life on the line for Iron Cloud. But today, a little b* like you dare to call me a spy?”

After he said this everyone immediately re-evaluated everything. It was true that in all the assassination missions, only Meng You De’s squadron was able to successfully complete theirs; the other six squadrons were all annihilated. Moreover, Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong also had a celebration in honor of Meng You De and promoted him from squadron leader to captain.

How could he be a spy?

Cheng Zi Ang frowned and looked at Chu Yang. Meng You De was a good fighter that he wanted to promote. If he was really a spy then Cheng Zi Ang might as well toss out his dignity.

Chu Yang looked at Meng You De calmly, “Those assassination attempts, four other squadrons went southeast and continually failed. Only you, Meng You De, went southeast and succeeded. And your strategy was based on information from Liu Xiao Cheng. Furthermore, your mission was carried out in the territory of Thriving South’s Sun clan. Yet somehow you managed to not only succeed, but also came back safely without a scratch. So I ask you, what happened to the others? Why did your squadron come back alive time and time again?”

“The other four squadrons’ cultivation levels were not lower than yours; they had more manpower and their targets were actually weaker than yours. And yet, in the end, they all failed while you came back in victory. Perhaps Liu Xiao Cheng only knew the plans of the four other squadrons but not yours? How could this be? If I am not mistaken, he and you were both on the second squadron and the plans were completely in the hands of the second squadron. So in other word, Liu Xiao Cheng definitely knew your plans.”

Before being able to verify the true identity of that person, Chu Yang could only refer to him as “Liu Xiao Cheng.”

Chu Yang gave Meng You De an icy look, “Is your luck that good?”

Cheng Zi Ang sighed, his face pale. In this respect, Meng You De was looking really suspicious.

“Is my superior skill not enough?” Meng You De looked full of anguish, but behind that façade, there was a flash of panic.

“No.” Chu Yang slowly shook his head and stated with certainty, “You are a spy.”

“If you are accusing me of being a spy, then bring out your evidence.” Meng You De roared.

“We might be part of Iron Cloud’s royal court, but this is not the justice department.” Chu Yang said coolly, “I only need to suspect you, then it would be enough for me to kill you. What evidence would I need? People, grab him.”

The moment the order was given, two men immediately jumped up and headed toward Meng You De. One of them was Cheng Zi Ang.

Cheng Zi Ang was really furious; he did not expect that when Chu Yang gave the order so many subordinates below actually started to move. This was essentially the official recognition of Chu Yang’s authority over them. This symbolized the solidification of Chu Yang’s authority over Bu Tian Pavilion.

Cheng Zi Ang’s face was as red as a liver. His anger was about to burst out from under his skin.

If Meng You De was a spy, then the spies essentially saw him as an idiot. Moreover, with more than one spy in his organization, and he, himself, helped promote one of them. He was, in essence, one of their confidants.

What kind of mockery was this?

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  1. Poor Cheng Zi Ang, he probably feels really bad right now. His people are the enemy. He probably has skill, but is still much a greenhorn. Some suspicion would probably appear towards him.

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    1. Chu Yang has a major advantage over him in spotting spies though – in that he doesn’t have a relationship with anyone in the pavilion, yet knowing that there are spies there. Cheng Zi Ang has been working with these people for years which makes suspecting them difficult if they do a reasonable job of hiding themselves.

      The problem has been more of a lack of independent oversight than of a failure of leadership. Sometimes you are just to close to an issue to see it clearly.


    1. I believe you’ve reached the level of Martial lord in terms of reading speed, but sadly the chapters are shorter. Well time to read the raws there are like 2,000 chapters and ongoing as well 😛


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    1. First of all, thank you for the compliment. Having people who appreciate the little details definitely make the work worthwhile.
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