“Hold it!” Meng You De shouted loudly, “This little b* is talking nonsense. Don’t tell me you guys are believing this? Because of a little b* that just arrived, you are ready to cut down a meritorious brother like this?”

“Meng You De, if you are not a spy then we will surely give you back your good name. Why are you being so scared like that?” Chu Yang said coldly.

Meng You De was surprised, then he suddenly laughed out loud, “If Tie Bu Tian already gave power to a little b* like you, then is this a place for me anymore? I don’t need to answer any questions; I will bid you all farewell!”

Right after he finished, he immediately shot toward the window as fast as a flying meteor.

However, there was someone even faster than him. In a flash, Deputy Pavilion Lord Chen Yu Tong appeared by the window.


The two people palmed each other. Chen Yu Tong shook violently after that one move. His face turned dark; he yelled angrily, “Your cultivation level is clearly Great Martial Master; why did you pretend to be a Martial Master?”

He thought that his opponent was a Martial Master so he only used a quarter of his martial power. He did not expect the opponent’s strength to be so powerful; he did not have time to activate more energy and almost suffered a major injury.

Chen Yu Tong’s words made the atmosphere even grimmer.

Just the cover up of his cultivation alone was already very suspicious.

Meng You De fell to the ground, and took a few staggered steps before stabilizing himself. He laughed mockingly, “That’s enough. If you don’t believe me then let me just die! My own martial brothers don’t trust me; what else is there to make this life worth living?”

After he finished, he raised his palm above his head and started to slam down, his face was filled with frustration.

“Elder Brother Meng, wait a minute!” A big man stepped up, reached out and grabbed Meng You De’s wrist. He said hastily, “Someday, everything will be clear. Why must you put down your own life like this?”


Before the man was done speaking, Meng You De’s face turned devious. The hand that was aiming at his own head now turned and grabbed the other man’s wrist tightly. At the same time, his right arm reached down toward his waist and only a bright flash was seen before his long sword was on the man’s throat.

“Let me leave!” Meng You De grinned, “Otherwise, this guy will die with me!”

“You would rather threaten the life of a hostage than explain yourself. If you’re not a spy, then what are you?” Chu Yang looked at him from a distance and used a strange, unseen force as he slowly spoke, “Meng You De, even though you are a spy, I really admire you. The process Great Zhao uses to choose talents is truly impeccable. I don’t even know how they managed to find such powerful people like you guys!”

Meng You De sneered. With his hand holding a sword, his eyes looked around as he slowly moved toward the door. His mouth unconsciously answered, “Under Minister Diwu, no one is afraid of death!”

After those words came out of his mouth, his face suddenly became pale.

In the great hall, everyone immediately let out an angry hmm. These words were his own admission of his true identity!

“You really are a spy!” Cheng Zi Ang was so angry he almost vomited blood. The feeling of shame rose right to his head. At that moment, he felt extremely depressed; he only wanted to kill himself to pay for his errors!

Chen Yu Tong looked at Chu Yang with surprise. This Meng You De had a really fortified mind. Even in great struggles and hopelessness, he was still a formidable person. Such a person was normally tight-lipped; why did he reveal his flaws after a few words from Chu Yang?

Chu Yang’s face seemed nonchalant, but inside, he was sneering. He secretly used Deep Spirit Principle with the words he said earlier. Moreover, he used all of his mental strength to speak, and these words came out at a key moment. When Meng You De had just relaxed his mind, Chu Yang’s question along with this hypnotic method powerfully fell upon him. Meng You De was too busy looking around him for any movements to notice Chu Yang’s mental attack, and just conveniently answered his question.

A sentence he could never be redeemed from.

“No worries, they’re both on the same side. Kill them!” Chu Yang said coldly as he looked at Meng You De pulling the other man toward the door, “He took that guy as a hostage instead of anyone else. Just earlier, the two were against each other. But suddenly, that guy jumped up for him to take hostage; and so easily, too! Who would be fooled by such a cat and mouse game? Kill them all.”

These words barely came out of Chu Yang’s mouth, yet they gave everyone another shock. Even Meng You De and that man were not any less shocked. Suddenly, the two roared out loud and separated from each other. With their weapons out, they tried to break out!

Such actions further verified Chu Yang’s speculation. All the doubtful minds immediately understood. No wonder that man acted so strangely. No wonder Meng You De captured a hostage so easily. No wonder…

Chu Yang’s words had forced the two to take desperate actions. In their head, Chu Yang’s words rang clearly: “I only need to suspect you, then it would be enough for me to kill you. What evidence would I need?”

This made the two think: Death is death. It is better to risk it with a fight. Even if we die, news would be sent back and our families would be safe.

Besides, we might not die!

They were already at the door, another ten feet then they would escape. This might not have necessarily meant survival, but it was still safer than this enclosed great hall. The two felt like success was in their grasp. They were so happy when Chu Yang unexpectedly revealed their tactic.

However, there was not that great of a distance left. Taking a desperate rush might not end up being so bad for them. Once they were out of here and in the midst of Iron Cloud Citadel, they would surely find help.

Cheng Zi Ang angrily roared. A bright saber suddenly flashed in the great hall.

That saber just flashed, there was immediately two screams. There were two dead people chopped into four parts at the door. Blood spilled on the ground. Cheng Zi Ang with his saber in hand, stood like a statue at the door with his back against everyone.

He killed the two spies with one swing of his saber!

“Minister, I… have done wrong!” Cheng Zi Ang turned toward Chu Yang’s direction and kneeled with his head down as he spoke with great difficulty.

Cheng Zi Ang felt extremely shameful. Earlier, he was almost fooled again. If Meng You De did not use his fellow spy to escape, then he would still be here to continue causing damage to Bu Tian Pavilion.

What was most intolerable was the fact that he almost got fooled again. If Chu Yang was not here, then he surely would have believed what he had seen.

There are so many spies in my ranks, and yet I am still a naïve idiot. So naïve that I could have been fooled so easily. I don’t have any dignity left to live. How can I take on the responsibilities of a Pavilion Lord of Bu Tian Pavilion?

“Don’t be in such a rush to confess. This is not over yet.” Chu Yang glared at him coldly, then looked at the documents in his hand and randomly pulled out one file. He said nonchalantly, “Who is Feng Cheng Zhi? Step out. Suicide or be killed, choose one.”


After this cleansing, Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong only wanted to crawl down a hole and die. In the group of eighty-seven, Chu Yang managed to pull out nine spies!

With each one, he had evidence. If not actual evidence, then Chu Yang would use some psychological methods for them to show their tails.

The most incredible one was number nine. Chu Yang did not even call his name yet. He only shifted his gaze toward that guy, and he immediately looked around and stepped out of his ranks.

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