(TLN: the carrot and stick approach)

This guy looked at Chu Yang and gave his thumbs up as he praised, “Minister, you are great! I am a spy and I only knew the identity of one of those spies; you managed to find them all. What’s most admirable is that you did this by only looking through documents. This power of insight alone is worthy of my respect!”

“Really?” Chu Yang closed the documents and waved his hand as he looked at this person.

This time, Chu Yang did not need to say anything. Chen Yu Tong automatically took the documents from Chu Yang’s hand. Only a single day had passed, but Chu Yang had managed to establish absolute authority. Notwithstanding anything else, the existence of these spies meant that Bu Tian Pavilion could have fallen at any time. Moreover, as long as they did not show any big flaws, they could have continued to spy indefinitely!

What Chu Yang did was equivalent to saving their lives, more than once!

Forget about how young Chu Yang was. Forget about what his cultivation level was. His insight alone was unmatched in this world!

Chu Yang did not bother to move a finger. He also did not have to show his cultivation. His keen insight was enough to conquer these stubborn people of Bu Tian Pavilion.

“You are also a spy? You’re admitting it on your own? Good, you saved me the trouble!” Chu Yang smiled, “Could it be that you have something to tell me?”

That person smiled and said, “You did not ask those before me. Now that I have stood up on my own, you definitely should not ask.”

Chu Yang nodded in agreement. Witnessing his calmness when he identified himself, Chu Yang had long since given up any hope of him talking. This man was clearly ready to die since he was so calm.

Chu Yang gently tapped his finger on the tabletop, “I understand. Most of you people are faithful to Diwu Qing Rou; the rest are controlled with the lives of their family members. Currently, we do not have the power to save them, and we especially are in no condition to recruit you; so I won’t ask. You may go ahead and kill yourself if you want.”

“Bu Tian Pavilion has indeed found a good leader. Minister Chu’s intelligence, cunning, and insight are little different from the legendary Official Diwu. I actually wanted to see you two fight, to see who will win in the end. It’s a pity that this is no longer possible!” That person smiled as black blood slowly ran down the side of his mouth. He had bitten the poison sac in his mouth.

“In fact, we also have never seen Diwu Qing Rou…” That person looked at Chu Yang with blank eyes. His body remained erect like that but his breathing had stopped. It was not until a long while after that it fell down.

His last words were filled with hidden meanings.

The entire great hall was flooded with the smell of fresh blood. The atmosphere was so quiet it was suffocating!

Cheng Zi Ang’s people were stunned. All those spies, and none of them turned. While some of them were captured and killed, most of them committed suicide.

What sort of methods were used to train a group of people like that? Especially that last one, even when he was dying, he was calm and smiling.

As Chu Yang looked at the bodies on the ground, his countenance was grim. How many more of such people did Diwu Qing Rou still have in his hands? He suddenly felt that this Diwu Qing Rou had become a giant mountain in his path.

He already knew that Diwu Qing Rou was incredibly powerful, but after what had happened today, Chu Yang was forced to place Diwu Qing Rou at an even higher level!

An unprecedented rival!

Chu Yang smiled faintly and gathered his thoughts. Looking at the remaining people, he said, “Those who are still here, there is… ahhhh… The evidence I have currently is still too inadequate, so we will temporarily stop here. In any case, there will not be any missions in the near future. I hope all the remaining spies will quickly leave Bu Tian Pavilion on their own. As for those who are currently in contact with Diwu Qing Rou’s people, but are still on the fence, I hope that you will quickly make a final decision!”

He paused a little, then slowly continued, “Bu Tian Pavilion was just founded not too long ago. The reason you people had come here is to, first, use your efforts to make your own fortune, and second, help your families live a good life. However, spying… haha… This is not exactly a good thing. If you leave on your own, I will not pursue any further! Anyone who comes to me on their own, not only will they not be punished, they would be rewarded! I solemnly guarantee it! Besides not pursuing it further, I will also help those people keep their secret!”

At this point, his gaze swept over the dozens of people below. One by one, as his gaze fell upon them, they felt as if they were being watched by a poisonous snake!

An icy chill rose right to their heads.

“I only have from now until midnight.” Chu Yang said coldly, “From the Pavilion Lord and downward, two people every quarter of an hour; everyone will have to come in for a chat with me. By dawn tomorrow, those who are still on the fence will be killed. Absolutely no mercy!”

“Pavilion Lords, do you have anything to add?” Chu Yang turned and asked.

His question was simply a false courtesy to appease the two. He did not expect Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong to immediately step forward and answer, “Whatever the minister decides, we will absolutely follow!”

Chu Yang smiled with satisfaction, “If that’s the case, let’s start. I will be waiting inside.”

With that, he casually stood up and walked away.

After Chu Yang left, everyone simultaneously stood up with all eyes on his back.

“This Minister is really powerful!” someone whispered.

“True, this insight and this intelligence are really indescribable. I have not done anything against my conscience, but when he looked at me, I felt guilty.”

“Yes! Yes! I also had that feeling.”

“What is his cultivation level?” one person wondered.

“Forget it. Don’t try to poke into things you don’t understand! With just his intelligence alone, would it matter if the Minister did not know any martial arts? Do you not see Diwu Qing Rou?”

“You’re right!”

“Having said that, it seems that the Minister does not even know a little bit of martial arts. His appearance seems gallant, but also a little weak. I am sure he will grow to be handsome. Such a weak physique, but one glance was enough to send chills over the whole body!”

“… …”

“…” (walkthejianghu.com)

Everyone was still talking when Cheng Zi Ang stood up and walked toward the room Chu Yang just went in. Behind him, a discussion rose up, “You guys try to guess. After this purge, how many people will remain?”

“Who knows. With nine dead… Mother*! Those nine guys lived in the same place as us every day, and yet I did not notice anything.”

“Ahhh… Honestly speaking, this minister saved our lives. When I went out on missions… Ahh…”

“You got that right. After hearing you say that, a chill ran down my back!”

After a short while, Cheng Zi Ang came out from the room, his gaze shifted back and forth. Chen Yu Tong sighed and went in.

“Look, it seems that the two Pavilion Lords have yielded. Since the founding of Bu Tian Pavilion until now, besides Prince Bu Tian, they have not yielded to anyone. This minister is really not a simple person…”

“Are you kidding? Currently, the whole world is fighting for power. An individual’s strength can only rule one region, but superior intelligence can rule the world. How could these two things even be compared? Being subservient to someone like the Minister, at least we won’t die in vain!”

“Well said.”

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37 thoughts on “Chapter 91 – Hard and soft

  1. what need here is ” MOARRRR ” …..You a mere mortal dare to not give me a supreme celestial MOARRRR….????
    you have guts I’ll tell you that much….!!!
    ( thanks for the chapter)


    1. Some as Chu Yang said, their families or relatives being held hostage by Diwu, and others has absolute confidence Diwu will win, so backing the winning horse.


  2. Niiiice. The “superior intelligence can rule the world” guy at the end sounds like another follower of Diwu Qing Rou.

    I’d understand if the spies were from different countries, but I have no idea why a single group needed so many spies in one place. I guess Diwu Qing Rou threw all of his unemployed people into the Pavilion.


    1. Actually, I’m more worried about the guy who asked about Chu Yang’s cultivation level. He might be plotting an assassination when they’re alone in the tent together, to take out the enemy general.


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