After everything at Bu Tian Pavilion was finalized, Cheng Zi Ang immediately went into a secret tunnel. He went to the prince’s manor at top speed. After that, he relayed everything in the shortest amount of time possible, and returned at the fastest speed. The whole process did not even take fifteen minutes!

And yet, Chu Yang already knew everything; he was waiting right there. Even if Tie Bu Tian secretly notified Chu Yang, he could not have been that fast!

Cheng Zi Ang suddenly understood. The youth in front of him had a mind with a depth as deep as the sea. In front of him, no one could hide anything!

Just now, he did not say anything, but he clearly came to find me.

‘Your whereabouts are in the palm of my hand. For ten thousand times, you should not have any wrong ideas, or you will be sorry!’

This was his meaning.

Looking at Chu Yang leaving, Cheng Zi Ang let out a deep sigh.

Walking in the night wind, Chu Yang felt very refreshed. He had always paid attention to Cheng Zi Ang because he was sure that Cheng Zi Ang was Tie Bu Tian’s representative at Bu Tian Pavilion.

Cheng Zi Ang might have been a high level expert, but he was not a suitable leader! He could climb to the position of Pavilion Lord because, first, he was currently the most powerful one, and, second, he was trustworthy!

Otherwise, Tie Bu Tian would not have let an outsider hold the pavilion lord position of Bu Tian Pavilion like that. Moreover, while Tie Bu Tian was the founder, he did not hold a single important responsibility. In fact, his leadership position was in name only and not even notable.

This was because Tie Bu Tian trusted Cheng Zi Ang.

Chu Yang absolutely believed that Tie Bu Tian would not have abandoned Bu Tian Pavilion just like that. That was why upon seeing Cheng Zi Ang disappear after everything ended, Chu Yang knew that he ran to report to Tie Bu Tian.

After all, Bu Tian Pavilion underwent such a big change, he would have to immediately notify Tie Bu Tian!

So Chu Yang immediately went into Cheng Zi Ang’s room and waited.

Having such a bad aftertaste did not feel too good. What Chu Yang wanted was total control of Bu Tian Pavilion, not having an informant by his side all the time. Having an unsettling feeling like that was not too good. However, getting rid of Cheng Zi Ang altogether was beyond Chu Yang’s ability. So Chu Yang wanted to use this threat to put the maximum amount of pressure on Cheng Zi Ang!

It’s fine that you are the prince’s person, but this is my territory! If you are a dragon, you will still have to curl up; if you are a tiger, you will still have to bow! Without my permission, don’t you dare try to create any waves!

Don’t think that because you have the prince’s trust, you can do whatever you want. As long as I am the boss of this place, it is my territory!

Chu Yang went hmm, hmm, and let out a ferocious and hideous laugh. That terrifying voice was carried outside by the night wind… In a home next to the road, a baby had been crying; it immediately stopped and became completely silent…

After arriving at Emerald Flow Lake, Chu Yang, even with superhuman composure, was rendered dumbfounded by the scene before him!

Around the lake was a fortified wall, blocking all possible views. Emerald Flow Lake was famous for its tranquility, but now, in the middle of the night the deafening commotion of construction went on.

There were numerous brawny overseers with their leather whips supervising on the side. In the middle of the lake, there was a gazebo. Gu Du Xing stood motionless there with his arms crossed in front of his chest. His gaze was as cold as a blade, watching over the entire surroundings.

He continued like that without moving, but somehow he made the atmosphere around Emerald Flow Lake feel chilly like the end of autumn.

At the floor of the gazebo was some sort of chaotic mess. Upon closer observation, it turned out more than ten people were tossed there. They were not dead bodies, but those people were about half dead. The bunch of them let out feeble moans but none dared to yell out loud.

One of them groaned a little too loudly, and Gu Du Xing, seemingly relaxing above, yelled coldly, “Noisy!”

“Bam…” Half a piece of tile fell down from the roof and hit the wound on the man’s leg. A painful wail rose. That person wanted to cry more, but dared not make any more noises. He just bore his suffering and suppressed it internally.

All those around him shuddered in fear.

Still in his dumbfounded state, Chu Yang ran closer. He smacked his own head and said, “It’s all my fault… I did not tell Gu Du Xing clearly that I only wanted the center island. Now this guy has taken over the entire lake!”

“You have arrived?” Gu Du Xing flew down from the pavilion like a cloud and landed in front of Chu Yang. With the exception of that previous drunken incident where his face was a little friendly, the sober Gu Du Xing continued to show the icy appearance of a cadaver.

“Ah, you did these things?” Chu Yang pointed to the surrounding area.

“Uh huh. I took over all of Emerald Flow Lake!” Gu Du Xing said coolly, “We have a lot of money, and we needed to be fast, so I invited all of the construction teams here.”

Chu Yang was reeling, “What happened with those people?” He pointed to the bunch of people who got their limbs broken by Gu Du Xing.

“This is a minor thing, not worth mentioning at all.” Gu Du Xing said calmly, “I heard that this area belonged to some officials; these are their people. Mostly housekeepers, and such. Anyone that came to cause trouble, I gave them a beating and sent them running. I already sent many of them away.”

Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes and said coldly, “Just a few officials, and they dared to interfere with our work. They really are gutsy!”

Chu Yang rubbed his forehead and asked cautiously, “Did you kill anyone?”

In his heart, he was quietly praying that this man did not kill too many people. If that was the case, it might be hard to clean up after them. Even with Tie Bu Tian wiping his butt… it would still be a little unreasonable. Taking over people’s properties and killing them would make them look like criminals.

He looked around a little, and saw numerous injured people. As for dead bodies… there seemed to be none.

“Don’t worry. I have self-control.” When Gu Du Xing said this, Chu Yang relaxed quite a bit. However, he almost keeled over as Gu Du Xing continued, “I just killed a dozen or so people. Not a big deal, but having dead bodies here is unlucky, so I had people drag them away.”

Chu Yang’s body trembled and his face darkened. Finally, he could only raise his thumb, “You are really ruthless!”

“A weak tolerance does not make a gentleman; without cruelty, there is no great man!” Gu Du Xing said casually, “Only those who are cruel can live in this world!”

Chu Yang was silent. He finally waved his arm and said, “I am going to sleep.”


“What is it?”

“It’s your turn to watch for a while. I have been watching all day. Now I need to practice my sword work and rest.” Gu Du Xing did not bother turning back and just walked off. Before leaving, he left these words, “There is no place to sleep here. I had all the old structures destroyed. You should just make do by finding some place to sit.”

Chu Yang, “…” (

Chu Yang had all the injured people brought to the lake’s side. Gu Du Xing was nowhere to be seen at this point.

Chu Yang stood quietly for a while before shaking his head in resignation. After that, he found a secluded place near the lake and sat down with his legs crossed. He activated Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique.

For Chu Yang, each day, around bedtime was the best time for cultivation! He definitely did not want to waste that precious time.

He followed his thought and entered the sea of his mind. Chu Yang also concentrated on getting rid of impurities. All things between heaven and earth became completely peaceful! And just like that, he slowly rid himself of all distractions as his heart became like a quiet lake surface.

The construction site was currently noisy and bustling, but it did not seem to have an effect on his cultivation.

From a distance, Gu Du Xing was in a frenzy, practicing with his sword. Suddenly he shot toward Chu Yang’s direction; his mind was in shock.

How could this be? He is only a fourth grade Martial Warrior?!

Even though Gu Du Xing was practicing his sword arts, he never stop paying attention to Chu Yang’s movements. Since the day the word “brother” was spoken, Gu Du Xing felt as if he had a place to lean on. He felt as if he had a family member, Chu Yang!

Though the two never talked about ranks, Gu Du Xing knew that Chu Yang was younger than him. And though he and Chu Yang did not know each other before, he gave him a home and helped him when he was at the end of his rope. He even promised to help him reach the pinnacle of his cultivation…

Since the day Chu Yang said that he would help him so that he would not let down Gu Miao Ling’s love, Gu Du Xing already saw Chu Yang as not only his savior but a brother! A brother who he would share life and death with!

Because my brother understood me, knew everything about me!

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