Gu Du Xing searched his entire brain but was not able to find the right word to describe Chu Yang! This guy has totally transcended beyond the “human” category!

The advancement in martial arts level became more and more difficult as your level got higher. Each level was divided into nine grades, and each grade was divided into top, middle, and low. Had it not always been the case that people broke through step after step, slowly accumulating?

While Martial Warrior level was still low and using elixirs to advance by multiple orders at a time was not strange, but not using any elixirs and advancing in one shot during cultivation like that was unheard of. The living legend, Limitless Extreme Saber Liu Yong Xiang of Upper Three Heavens, broke through the ranks of Martial Warrior in four days during his youth. This record had not been broken by anyone.

However, today, Gu Du Xing saw with his own eyes, a freak who broke through from low to top grade in two hours! He actually witnessed this wonder!

Gu Du Xing swallowed, feeling extremely inferior.

Aaaah… god! He’s still not done. Gu Du Xing’s eyes widened because he felt Chu Yang’s energy fluctuated once again.

Mid-level grade five Martial Warrior!

The term thunderstruck could not describe the shock and fear that Gu Du Xing was feeling right now. He was numb!

Top-level grade five Martial Warrior!

Peak of grade five Martial Warrior!

Grade six!

Mid-level grade six!

Aaaaaah… god! Thank goodness he’s finally stopped! If not, I would probably vomit blood. He stopped at the peak of grade six! Gu Du Xing banged his head on the ground as he said a silent prayer… Living with such an anomaly really hurt one’s self-esteem!

I… I am also a… a… talent, ah… Compared to that guy, I… I… I… might as well bang my head against the wall and die.

He went up two grades in less than four hours… Gu Du Xing felt as if he was dreaming, an incredible, absurd, bizarre dream!

Finally, Chu Yang emerged from that miraculous state.

At the moment he came to, the voice of Nine Tribulations Sword rose in Chu Yang’s head, “You have finally come to understand the power of heaven and earth!” The voice was filled with happiness.

“The power of heaven and earth?” Chu Yang asked skeptically, “Is this the power of heaven and earth?”

“Hmm… This is still far lacking compared to the power of heaven and earth. What you have just experienced was one of one hundred thousand types of forces of heaven and earth, Gentle Force of water. This is a lucky chance. Your previous life was filled with hardship; your head was so preoccupied with revenge, you were not able to see anything else. I cannot believe you were able to experience one type so early in this life.”


“Water is divided into tangible and intangible forces. Tangible energy force includes Roaring Sea Force, Flash Flood Destructive Force, Heaven’s Water Force, and Heaven’s Violence Force. What you just experienced was the Gentle Force of the tangible forces.”

“What is the use of this force?”

“Conquering with gentleness.” That voice said, “As to how to use it, that depends on you. There is nothing Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique cannot use.”

“Ah. Then in that case, mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes, forest, dirt, wind, lightning, rain, snow, and clouds all carry different forces?” Chu Yang mused.

“You can’t even imagine. If you could experience them then that is your good fortune. If you could not, then anything I say would be meaningless. This is a matter of chance and understanding.” That tiny voice slowly disappeared.

“Hmm… Isn’t the purpose of your existence to show me the way to these chances?” Chu Yang asked.

Not a sound answered him; it seemed that voice had fallen asleep once again.

Chu Yang knew that Nine Tribulations Sword was not a cure-all. If he wanted to reach the peak of cultivation, he must depend on himself. Whether it was Nine Tribulations Sword or Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique, even with the sword spirit, they could not replace the actual person.

Only when he reached a certain specific point by his own efforts would Nine Tribulations Sword tell him the appropriate details. If he did not work hard, then holding the most powerful weapon in the world would be equivalent to holding a rotten piece of wood!

Chu Yang mused. That little reminder earlier was enough open his eyes to the vast infinite nature of martial arts!

Before, Chu Yang had cultivated following a small and narrow path. But, currently, he could see the wide open space and blue sky, a universe without end.

With an elated sigh, Chu Yang stood up. His joints cracked… It was not until he looked up at the morning sky, that he was somewhat surprised. Clearly, he only sat for less than four hours; how could this phenomenon happened? It was definitely not from fatigue, but for the joints to crack like that, you normally had to sit for the whole night!

Normally, when he would sit and cultivate for the whole night, this phenomenon would happen in combination with the feeling of fatigue. Today, he felt refreshed, as if freed from some shackles and his whole body was so light it could fly. It was like instead of cultivating, he had a great night of sleep.

He tried activating his energy a little bit when energy suddenly surged up from his dantian and flowed around his meridians. Chu Yang felt something was not right and immediately tried to push the energy flow for another round. His mouth gaped; normally, the energy could not reach two consecutive points at once, but this time, it was unexpectedly unimpeded.

Breakthrough? (

Chu Yang could not contain his excitement. He could not believe that only after four hours of cultivation, he was able to breakthrough two grades. This was too fantastic!

Chu Yang felt completely relaxed when a person appeared in front of him. Staring at Gu Du Xing, he only saw a haggard face and two bloodshot eyes staring back at him. His countenance was scary, but the cold dead look he normally carried around was not there.

“Huh, what’s wrong with you?” Chu Yang asked in surprise.

“What… What is what?” Gu Du Xing gritted his teeth and let out a low growl, “What do you have to say?”

Chu Yang scratched his head and asked in annoyance, “Is there something important?”

Gu Du Xing went berserk. He jumped up and roared loudly, “How did you do that?”

“How did I do what?” Chu Yang asked in confusion.

“You… you… Are you still human?” Gu Du Xing hurriedly circled Chu Yang. Then he bent down his head, with his nose almost touching Chu Yang’s nose, “You… you… are you going to tell me? How did you… you… ah… how did you advance two grades in four hours? Aaaaaaaaah…!”

Gu Du Xing almost cried. Mother*, this guy is pretending to be innocent!

“Ah, you are talking about this?” Chu Yang innocently scratched his head, “To tell you the truth, I am not sure about this myself. I only discovered that I had advanced two grades when I came to. I am still secretly happy about it.”

You are not sure about this? Secretly happy? Gu Du Xing could only see blue and red stars holding hands and dancing in front of his eyes; his whole world was spinning. He let out two moans and looked at Chu Yang in disbelief. Finally, he slammed his foot down and took a deep breath to suppress his rising blood pressure. In the end, he suddenly felt that this kind of thing might not be clear to the party involved either.

When it comes Martial Warrior rookies like Chu Yang, it was even more possible that he did not know. This was just his good fortune! Everything was borne out of a state of unconsciousness. If Chu Yang was aware of what was going on… that would have been an impossible thing.

“I really don’t know!” Chu Yang said innocently, “I was just cultivating when I just suddenly broke through…”

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    holding the most powerful weapon in the world would be equivalent to holding a rotten piece of wood!


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