Chu Yang stood quietly next to the lake feeling a familiar strength increasing inside his body. He seemed to be waiting for something…

Morning came. The massive lakeside construction made the entire area noisy. Since last night, after Tie Bu Tian reprimanded the two officials, the six great families dared not come and ask about those properties anymore. However, they were not shy about getting justice. After all, their guards and servants had either died or suffered from injuries. All their housekeepers were also detained.

This caused a great uproar amongst the aristocrats of Iron Cloud Citadel.

People came to ask for justice. People came to look at the excitement. There were even some officials who came to help mediate. It was chaos!

But this chaos barely lasted five minutes when there was suddenly a voice like thunder rumbling from all four directions. A group of guards came out from all directions. The leader shouted, “His majesty has decreed that Emerald Flow Lake will be a place to recruit new soldiers. Anyone who dares to get in the way will be charged with treason, and will end up losing all properties and having all nine generations of his family killed!”

The group of guards did a few laps around the lake, and shouted out the royal decree ten times. After that, they dismounted from their horses and groups of two stood guard in each direction. The rest of the guards returned to the palace.

Throughout the whole ordeal, the troublemakers dared not even look up at the guards. The terror brought on by this decree was obvious.

The people from the great families looked at each morosely and left.

In the gazebo, Chu Yang closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep; he did not make a sound. It was not until the guards left that he opened his two eyes and smiled with satisfaction.

Tie Bu Tian’s way of doing things was definitely agreeable.

This had shown how important Chu Yang was to him.

“In this case, I will immediately help you with your internal affairs!” Chu Yang smiled slightly and stood up.

Chu Yang did not arrive at Bu Tian Pavilion until noon. At this time, Cheng Zi Ang’s people were busy finding anything suspicious from the information they got yesterday.

Since morning until now, they have already sent out three groups to do their jobs. When they saw Chu Yang arrive, everyone in the pavilion looked at him with admiration. (

“Tell the three groups that already went out that they are to record everything along the way, no matter how small. In the process of doing their job, they must not let others know that they are making notes of these details!” Chu Yang ordered, “In addition, anyone who went through Bu Tian Recruitment House must have his identity verified.”

Chu Yang’s eyes scanned the room, “All those masters hired by Bu Tian Recruitment House, after passing the verification process, must sign their names. Understood?”

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were shaken, “You… you… want to say… that there are spies inside Recruitment House?”

“I don’t mean that! It is better to be cautious! That way, if something does happen we can investigate and find clues we might not have noticed before.” Chu yang smiled, “On another note, there are some helpful supports in the Cultivation House; anyone not on a mission, must go and cultivate.”

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong rolled their eyes. Is he using military rules to manage Bu Tian Pavilion? Will this work?

“In addition, the prince has decreed that anyone over Martial Warrior level accepting Recruitment House’s invitation will receive one hundred taels of silver upon approval. Anyone who make a great contribution will be awarded gold and silver accordingly. Moreover, they could also be given official positions, as high as royal officials in the court or generals on the battlefield, or even made honorary royal family members!”

“What??? Royal officials in the court? Generals on the battlefield? Honorary royal family members?!” Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong’s eyes widened, “Minister!!!… This… This is too…”

Chu Yang said casually, “Without great rewards, without money and material wealth, who would risk their lives for you? Do you really think everyone came to Bu Tian Pavilion because of their people and their country? Patriots need food, too; they also want to get married and have a family; they also desire wealth and luxury!”

He smiled and looked at the two, “Even you two are like that!”

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong looked at each other; each saw a flash in the other’s eyes.

“The prince really said those things?” Cheng Zi Ang still felt suspicious. He thought that his Revered Saber Artist cultivation, while not a top level master in Lower Three Heavens, was enough to make a contribution and rule a region without much difficulty.

If Tie Bu Tian really promised so, then I must work hard and try even harder!

“I can testify to this!” Chu Yang said sincerely.

On the two people’s faces appeared an uncontrollable happiness.

“Enough! Send all documents on every Iron Cloud official to me. Let’s start with Iron Cloud Citadel. Only the fifth rank officials and higher; I don’t need the lower ranking ones!” With that, Chu Yang immediately turned and walked out.

There was one thing he did not say: Diwu Qing Rou would not waste his time with the lower ranks anyway!

As for what Chu Yang said about the rewards, one hundred taels was not much, but becoming royal officials in the court, generals on the battlefield, or honorary royal family members… These were much more attractive to people. In this time period, leaders and officials were greatly valued. For those in Jiang Hu who would normally resort to robbery and thieving, this was especially inviting!

Chu Yang could gander a guess as to what kind of sensation this would create after the notices go out.

News of Chu Yang’s request for documents on the officials quickly got to Tie Bu Tian’s ears. This prince immediately went to see Chu Yang with such haste, it was as if there was a fire burning behind his butt.

“Senior Chu, you want to cleanse… the royal court?” Tie Bu Tian hastily asked before he could even sit down properly.

“Ah! Is that not okay?” Chu Yang asked back.

Tie Bu Tian smiled. He always felt that his relationship with Chu Yang was a little weird. He practiced Emperor Saintly Technique, and while he was very busy recently, he never stopped. Therefore he carried a regal aura of a ruler that all those who faced him would find intimidating.

However, each time he faced Chu Yang, he was treated like an ordinary person. Tie Bu Tian could not imagine how fortified Chu Yang’s mind must be. According to the information he had, Chu Yang was only a youth of seventeen!

“Iron Cloud’s royal court has been through three cleansings already! To do this again now, would be too soon…” Tie Bu Tian said with a trace of bitterness, “Since Iron Cloud fell into this weak position, many officials even left their Iron Cloud posts. Especially at the borders, many of them moved over to Great Zhao and attempted to enter that political arena…”

Tie Bu Tian had every intention to straighten out the royal court, but he did not expect Chu Yang to make his move so quickly.

“Do you believe that those kinds of people are useful to Iron Cloud?” Chu smiled cynically, “Like a phoenix, after burning to ashes it will live again. Only from great suffering can this country be truly powerful. If there is only smooth failing, then the only path will be that of destruction!”

“You think I don’t know that?” Tie Bu Tian said miserably, “Currently, we do not have many people left, let alone replacing them!”

“Better to have a trustworthy few!” Chu Yang said coldly.

Tie Bu Tian lowered his head and thought for a while. Then he lifted his head and said, “Let’s do this! I will give you a list of a few hundred old families. In the cleansing process, if you have to deal with these people, at least give them a way out!”

Tie Bu Tian laughed at himself, “These families are deeply rooted in Iron Cloud. If they rise up, I am afraid Iron Cloud would be shaken. That year, Second Uncle tried his best to avoid them even through two cleansings. You should pay close attention!”

Chu Yang considered for a little and said, “Alright! But if I really can’t avoid it, I will use a more gentle method.”

Tie Bu Tian pretended not to understand Chu Yang’s meaning, “That would be good! Whether it is to rule a nation or to do anything else, a little gentleness is always good!”

The two people looked at each other and smiled. They finally have an understanding. Tie Bu Tian understood Chu Yang’s meaning of the word “gentle” very well, but he did not say it. An unspoken understanding was wise, whereas openly saying it out loud would be foolish! (TLN: Your guess is as good as mine, but I suddenly remembered that Ma Tuo Zi was really gentle.)

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