Thank you for everyone’s support.

Please tell me how you would like your donation to be acknowledged. Otherwise, I will use your initials. Note that PayPal is no longer giving location info for donors. (Makes sense.) But it is still kind of cool to see where all of our donors are from. If it is okay with you, please indicate this when you make the donation.

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A.P. from New South Wales, Australia – January 18, 2017
C.W. from London, UK – January 15, 2017
K.R. from Oregon, USA- January 1, 2017
J.B. from Oberbiel, Germany – November 27, 2016
C.W. from London, UK – October 24, 2016
J.C. from Essex, UK – October 23, 2016
A.K. from Kherson, Ukraine – September 26, 2016
C.F. from Angers, France – September 10, 2016
M.B. from Poland – September 3, 2016
R.A. from California, USA – August 19, 2016
A. from Sharjah, UAE – August 15, 2016
J.B. from Oberbiel, Germany – August 8, 2016
D.O. from Kaiserslautern, Germany – July 29, 2016
Anonymous from Ohio, USA – July 24, 2016
K.R. from Oregon, USA – July 23, 2016
I.P. from Germany – July 13, 2016
M.F. from Ontario, Canada – July 2, 2016
K.P. from California, USA – May 25, 2016
J.P.B. from Massachusetts, USA – May 22, 2016
S.R. from California, USA – May 13, 2016
J.G. from Missouri, USA – April 29, 2016
P.N. from Queensland, Australia – April 2, 2016
S.P. from Middlesex, UK – March 31, 2016
Garvin from New Jersey, USA – March 4, 2016
Anonymous from Georgia, USA – February 21, 2016 *first*

5 thoughts on “Donate

    1. I’m thinking about switching to Google Ads. I heard they will give more than the peanuts I am getting from WordAds. Hopefully, it will not be more annoying than the current ads. I think they pay additional for clicks. I’m not too sure. These ads people are very secretive about their rates.
      Thank you for your support.


  1. Hey there, do you have any plan to corporate with i think there this novel will got many attention, if you have problem about team, there you gonna get many helper i guess, and donation… just saying, this novel is good, there is serious humor in this novel that other novel lacking


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