Two more…

Okay. Before we get to the good stuff. A few sentimental words. Like King of Hell Chu, I did not see that coming. I know most of my readers are patient, but I am truly shocked and awed by all of your responses. Since the last post, I am now looking at a strong possibility being hired for a great career opportunity. It will require some serious after-hour learning on my part as it is a brand new area for me. (I love being busy so don’t feel sorry for me.) It will probably take me months to get everything, but I should have set hours to do more translating after that. In the meantime, we’re definitely still looking at my standard turtle pace if you are cool with that. Thank you for all the awesome comments.

Back to the story: I haven’t had a chance to update the character list, but you can assume that most of the characters you meet are elder siblings of our heroes. The shared surnames pretty much tells you who’s who. Here are chapter 266 and chapter 267.

TTNH: Chapters 264 & 265

Chapter 264. Follow the breadcrumb trail for 265. 🙂

Two important notes:

  1. My thanks to J.C. from Essex, UK and C.W. from London, UK for your donations.
  2. As you may have noticed, I have been slow with releasing the chapters each week. This is my pet project, and I cannot bear to let it go. But I have to face the fact that I am killing it by going so slow. I am going to give myself the month of November to see if I can go back to normal hours. If I can’t translate at least seven chapters a week by that deadline, I will leave this project to more capable hands to translate. Thank you to everyone for being so patient.