Chapter 289

Many thanks to the following people for their donations:
A.P. from New South Wales, Australia
C.W. from London, UK
K.R. from Oregon, USA


7 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 289 – The big move: Capture King of Hell Chu

  1. From 11th till today(in 20 days) just 2 chapters, honestly you are just killing the story with such slow pace. If you need donations then I can contribute but this is too slow


  2. I have to agree with TTNH, I think you should open a patron page, many translatores are doing this recently and its working well, put some objectives like if reach 600$ I do x chappers a weeak, if i get 900 i will do more x chappers a weeak an so on (this was just an example), with a so good novel i think your patron page would get a lot of suport 😉


  3. Is the translation stoped? please let people know so they could continue with the story if you have irl stuff to do , at this pace its just going nowhere and you are keeping hostage the novel . Give us some update please!


  4. Everyone, give the TL a break and be patient. RL issues happen… It is more important that the story gets translated well rather than haphazardly


    1. actually, I have forgotten about who is Ji Mo, who is Dong Wu Shang, what are their weapons of choice etc, how the met Chu Yang for the first time.. 😦


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