This is to be updated as we go along obviously. I have a feeling each one will need its own page soon enough.

If not on current chapter, SPOILERS AHEAD!


(In alphabetical order to give the illusion of organization. Hope you like the names’ meanings I am adding. They were explained in the chapters, but these things are important in literature. Some names have similar sounds and are written the same; the original Chinese name might be different.)

Bao Kuang Lei: Master of Stepping on the Clouds Peak, ranked ninth

Cheng Yun He: One of Diwu Qing Rou’s advisors characterized as being wise and prudent

Chen Yu Tong: Current leader of Heavenly Secret Brigade under Bu Tian Pavilion.

Cheng Zi Ang: Bu Tian Pavilion’s previous lord. Currently serves under Chu Yang as leader of Fierce Blood Hall (assassins).

Chu Yang: aka King of Hell Chu, Dark Night Challenger. Our reincarnated protagonist from Purple Bamboo Garden. Chu means clear; Yang means sun

Dong Wu Shang: aka Black Saber. Second young master of the Dong clan (Black Saber clan) of Middle Three Heavens.

Du Shi Qing: famed doctor who helped cured many people. Shi means world; Qing means love.

Gao Sheng: One of Diwu Qing Rou’s advisors. A young master from Middle Three Heavens; comes with posse of other young masters

Gao Wei Cheng: Du Shi Qing’s head bodyguard with mysterious power and origin.

Gu Du Xing: aka Lone Traveler; also called “Soaring Dragon Sword King” in the past life. The heir of Middle Three Heaven’s Gu family and an outstanding talent among the younger generation.

Han Bu Chu: One of Diwu Qing Rou’s advisors characterized as fanatical and cunning boss supporter.

Ji Mo: Second young master of the Ji clan from Middle Three Heavens. Mo Qing Wu’s cousin.

Jing Meng Hun: ninth grade King level leader from Golden Horse Riders Department and creator of Meng Hun Liquid

Kong Jing Feng: Master of Dream Clouds Peak, ranked seventh

Kong Shang Xin: eighth grade Saber King leader from Golden Horse Riders Department; former notorious thief from Middle Three Heavens

Li Jian Yin: son of Li Jinsong

Li Jinsong: Master of Locking Clouds peak, ranked second

Luo Ke Di: aka Coyote. Second young master of the Luo clan from Middle Three Heavens

Meng Chao Ran: Master of Purple Bamboo Garden, ranked tenth in the Top Ten Disciples of his generation

Mo Cheng Yu: A King level expert from the Mo family. He is Mo Qing Wu’s guardian.

Mo Qing Wu: Chu Yang’s lover from his previous life. Qing Wu means gently dance.

Mo Tian Ji: Mo Qing Wu’s brother and an enemy of Chu Yang, “master of calculation and manipulation”

Rui Bu Tong: a loner from Middle Three Heavens who followed Gu Du Xing because of a favor he owed

Shi Qian Shan: Chu Yang’s Elder Martial Brother who plotted against Chu Yang and Tan Tan

Tan Tan: Chu Yang’s naive Junior Martial Brother

Tie Bu Tian: The very young and impressive Crown Prince of Iron Cloud Nation

Tie Shi Cheng: King of Iron Cloud Nation, father of Tie Bu Tian

Wu Kuang Yun:  The Great Commander of Iron Cloud Nation in charge of the Southwest Iron Cloud territory bordering Great Zhao. Ranked number ten among the top ten famed generals of the Lower Three Heavens continent.

Wu Yun Liang: Master of Gathering Clouds Peak, Sect Master of the Beyond the Heavens Sect.

Wu Qian Qian: a beauty, the daughter of Wu Yun Liang. Currently Chu Yang’s secretary at Bu Tian Pavilion. aka Soul Demoness

Xue Ye Meng and Qin Mu Shang: Top two disciples of Beyond the Heavens Sect

Ye Chu Chen: Meng Chao Ran’s “departed” wife, his epic love. Lovingly referred to as “Chu Chu”

Yin Wu Fa: sixth grade King level leader from Golden Horse Riders Department

Yin Wu Tian: Yin Wu Fa’s younger biological brother; leader from Golden Horse Riders Department

You Yun: Some guy who got drunk and peed in front of the house two King level leaders of Golden Horse Riders Department were hiding in.

Lower Three Heavens Nations:

Great Zhao: Beyond the Heavens sect is in its territory, largest and most powerful of the three

Iron Cloud


Golden Horse Riders Department: Created by Diwu Qing Rou.

  • Three advisors: Han Bu Chu, Cheng Yun He, and Gao Sheng
  • Specialties in the department:
    • Command Horse Riders – upper level decision making and planning
    • Black Horse Riders – killers
    • Silver Horse Riders – financials
    • Iron Horse Riders – information gathering
    • Mysterious Horse Riders – overseeing operations within Golden Horse Riders Department
  • Four King level leaders, each controlling one group. Ordered by ranking:
    • Jing Meng Hun
    • Kong Shang Xin
    • Yin Wu Fa
    • Yin Wu Tian

Ten Subsets of the Beyond the Heavens Sect: (Order still incomplete.)

1. Gathering Clouds Peak

2. Locking Clouds Peak

7. Dream Clouds Peak

9. Stepping On The Clouds Peak

10. Purple Bamboo Garden

Forthcoming Clouds Peak

Misty Clouds Peak

Distant Clouds Peak

Separating Clouds Peak

Hatred Clouds Peak

Various Techniques:

Five Point Flower Backhand Sword Technique: beginner sword technique where person is stabbed in five places, back, shoulders, thighs.

Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique: Perfect avoidance technique in defense mode. Flawed when attacking. (Moonwalk-ish) Created by the founder of Beyond the Heavens Sect. Until Chu Yang, no one was able to use it perfectly.

Golden Mirage: King level master shatters own soul to get strength; no matter how severely injured he is, his strength would be double his peak strength.

Heavenly Sea Inversion Technique: deadly sword attack involving the person jumping up and dropping down with full force. Weakness: bottom is exposed while in midair.

Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm: cultivated  using the extreme cold air of Seven Shades Congregation Grounds in Gathering Clouds Peak. Create icy frost.

Ranks/Levels of Martial Strength: 9 grades per rank. Within each grade a person can go step by step from beginning of grade (low-level) to mid-level to top-level to peak and breakthrough to beginning of next grade.

  1. Martial Pupil
  2. Martial Warrior
  3. Martial Artist
  4. Martial Master
  5. Martial Great Master
  6. Revered Martial Artist
  7. Martial King
  8. Martial Emperor
  9. Martial Monarch
  10. Martial Saint
  11. Supreme Martial Artist

(**For sword type, Emperor was considered the max level!)

(I am basically keeping all the ranks as Nightbreeze named them.)

8 thoughts on “Characters and Glossary

  1. Can u write the Chinese text of the corresponding cultivation.I am reading machine translated text so it would help me to have an idea about the cultivation of our hero.


  2. If you’d like I have a pretty well wrote out glossary/information page that I made for personal use. If you want to use it to add more to the glossary just let me know.


  3. What’s the name of the Princess with mysterious eyes? I have a feeling she will be part of his Harem…


    1. Three possibilities:
      1. You have not read that far yet, I won’t spoil it for you… don’t bother reading the rest of my comment.

      2. You are joking. Haha.

      3. You read too fast and missed all the blatant hints given by the author… It happens. Not sure if you want to go back and do some detective work yourself. I will give you another blatant hint; that name is indeed on the list.

      Let me know if you want the actual answer.


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