Chapters 1 – 50

Chapters 51 – 100

Chapters 101 – 150

Chapters 151 – 200

Chapter 201 – Be a free person of the mountains and the rivers

Chapter 202 – Robbing on the road

Chapter 203 – Domineering second young master Luo

Chapter 204 – Abnormal strength

Chapter 205 – Deadly threat

Chapter 206 – Holding hands and being friends

Chapter 207 – A powerful force unexpectedly comes

Chapter 208 – Successive breakthroughs

Chapter 209 – Fresh hot third brother

Chapter 210 – We will be together

Chapter 211 – The brotherhood forms

Chapter 212 – I don’t mind!

Chapter 213 – A lifetime of searching in regret

Chapter 214 – Emperor level master

Chapter 215 – Battle of words

Chapter 216 – Mo Tian Yun

Chapter 217 – A clan conference, the nightmare begins

Chapter 218 – My saber…

Chapter 219 – A heavy blow

Chapter 220 – I want Brother Chu Yang

Chapter 221 – An eye for an eye

Chapter 222 – House of Exceptional Beauties

Chapter 223 – The mysterious person in blue

Chapter 224 – Three masters, one zither master

Chapter 225 – One melody to see reincarnation

Chapter 226 – Reincarnation, lost love

Chapter 227 – Three questions to stir the leader

Chapter 228 – Minister Chu? Big Brother Chu!

Chapter 229 – We are Bamboo people

Chapter 230 – You are not worthy

Chapter 231 – King of Hell Chu makes another move

Chapter 232 – A great gift

Chapter 233 – This failure was well-deserved

Chapter 234 – Was it King of Hell Chu?

Chapter 235 – A series of deadly ploys

Chapter 236 – Breakthrough

Chapter 237 – Nine Tribulations space

Chapter 238 – The second fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword, sword edge

Chapter 239 – That damn Nine Tribulations Sword master

Chapter 240 – Nine tribulations fate?

Chapter 241 – I have to go to Great Zhao!

Chapter 242 – Dong Wu Shang returns

Chapter 243 – Chu Yang’s killing intent

Chapter 244 – Sharpening blades and aiming at the center of the continent

Chapter 245 – This situation cannot be removed

Chapter 246 – Changes at Beyond the Heavens Sect

Chapter 247 – Tan Tan’s power

Chapter 248 – Life and death crisis

Chapter 249 – Gu Du Xing’s speculation

Chapter 250 – Don’t belittle forever

Chapter 251 – Hanging by a thread

Chapter 252 – Thunderous attack

Chapter 253 – This cannot be…

Chapter 254 – This is a parting

Chapter 255 – Ask the Heavens Sword Saint’s sword, Underworld Saber Saint’s saber

Chapter 256 – Wind and rain from all directions gather at Continent Center

Chapter 257 – Adding fuel

Chapter 258 – Deep foresight

Chapter 259 – Diwu Qing Rou’s headache

Chapter 260 – Chaos

Chapter 261 – The fantastic Ask the Heavens Sword

Chapter 262 – Ahwooh…

Chapter 263 – Strange swordsman

Chapter 264 – Envy and hatred

Chapter 265 – Emperors of two nations

Chapter 266 – Diwu Qing Rou’s big opportunity

Chapter 267 – I was wrong about this

Chapter 268 – Welcoming honored guests

Chapter 269 – The heirs of Middle Three Heavens

Chapter 270 – Mo Tian Yun’s counterattack

Chapter 271 – Chu clan’s young masters?

Chapter 272 – You want to try? I also want to try.

Chapter 273 – Eternal splendor, sun and moon shine together

Chapter 274 – The great clans react

Chapter 275 – Beyond the Heavens Sect is not well

Chapter 276 – The black robe is still here, you are still here

Chapter 277 – Two powers collide (1)

Chapter 278 – Two powers collide (2)

52 thoughts on “TTNH TOC

    1. Hijacking this comment. xD sorry potato..

      Ok. So i just got to this site. I heard this wn is awesome. I was about to read. Bu the gods are cruel. Chapter 1-7 isnt there anymore ;-; the other site which hosts it died– i mean… their server is already dead T-T can ya post those chaps here instead, if ya have them? Thanks Translator-sama

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  1. Hi. Have you finish reading this novel? Can i ask how many wives di he end up with? Im planning on reading ahead but i dont usually like WN that ends up with so many damn wives. I usually quit reading midway.


  2. to think i have never found this place before, damm. shit.. imma so happy that you have begun translating this work, no idea what your name is, dear translator(just found the place, where reminiscing the good ole time at Lord Rylain place and then just came up with trying to get a few pics from Transcending The Nine Heavens and googled it, to think i would find this place, “cry cry” imma so happy. Thanks a lot and i really hope you continue translating this wonderful novel..!!!


  3. Why aren’t the chapter links for chapters 8-36 working? It keeps saying that safari can’t connect to the website…


  4. I saw the chapter titles for 217-220 and realized, I don’t know if I can read any horribleness that occurs to the little girl unless I know the resolution for it first…anyone know what chapter that might occur? So I can read it first.


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