In the Purple Bamboo Forest, purple bamboo continued to sway as violently as before. Purple bamboo leaves still flew all over the air like a dreamy rain. But Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang had disappeared without a trace!

In the area where everyone was prepared to fight, the ground was bloody. Fresh blood formed puddles with two people silently lying faced down. Black Blood League’s two brothers, Wu Cheng Feng and Wu Cheng Yun!

The two were stabbed once in the throat and lost their lives! Among the ten people left, two brothers Sun Jian and Sun Feng were pale. A trickle of blood could be seen at the edge of their mouths. As for two Revered Martial Artists of Golden Horse Riders Department, their faces were also pale, and their hair was disheveled. That female Revered Martial Artist’s face was flushed. She spat out a clump of fresh blood.

The two sides clashed for only a moment!

Meng Chao Ran broke out in desperation, and everyone desperately tried to stop him. Wu Yun Liang blocked them in desperation. Everyone was desperate! They separated after only a moment of contact, but there was such surprising aftermath!

The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist of Golden Horse Riders Department glared at Sun Jian. His eyes were as wide as bell; they seemed to want to swallow him whole, “Didn’t you say that… Meng Chao Ran only has a cultivation level of ninth grade Martial Great Master?”

“It’s really ninth grade Martial Great Master; last year, I…” Sun Jian panicked. He wondered to himself: A ninth grade Martial Great Master being surrounded by eight Revered Martial Artists, and he could escape? What strength? Even though he has the advantage of location, it should not be so…

“Ninth grade Martial Great Master, my ass!” The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist from Golden Horse Riders Department fiercely smack Sun Jian’s face. Pointing to the mess on the ground, he roared, “Your ninth grade Martial Great Master is that powerful, huh? Motherf*! Being surrounded by eight Revered Martial Artists and four Martial Great Masters, a ninth grade Martial Great Master could kill two people and fight with the others. Then he could leave freely? What the f* is wrong with your eyes?”

Sun Jian went spinning from that one smack. Seeing stars, he stammered, “It’s not possible… it’s not possible…”

“The truth is in front of your face; it’s still not possible?” That Revered Martial Artist fiercely kicked and Sun Jian fell outward, “Garbage!”

“Chase them! Both of them are injured; they could not have gone far!” The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist of Golden Horse Riders Department raised his hand. With a swoosh, eight people rushed into Purple Bamboo Forest to give chase!

There was something this Revered Martial Artist did not say; when the snow was obstructing their vision, he did not know whether he had palmed against Wu Yun Liang or Meng Chao Ran. But his wrist almost broke afterward. Even now, his arm was still aching!

Therefore, he was very angry about such erroneous intelligence!

He did not know that everything those two Saber Great Masters from Saintly Saber Pavilion said was true. A year ago, even half a year ago, Meng Chao Ran was only a ninth grade Martial Great Master!

However, after Chu Yang gave him that method of cultivation, Meng Chao Ran suddenly discovered that he was advancing at a dizzying speed. It was as if he would not stop advancing. Surprisingly, in the short six months, his cultivation level rose by six grades! This was something unthinkable before then.

Meng Chao Ran was now a fifth grade Revered Martial Master. Plus, his martial energy was actually much higher than Revered Martial Masters of the same level. Even Wu Yun Liang thought that he had risen to eight grade Revered Martial Master!

This mission of Golden Horse Riders Department was supervised by Jing Meng Hun. He especially sent two ninth grade Revered Martial Artists and six third grade Revered Martial Artist to complete this mission. In principle this was like squashing a mosquito with a mountain; they were supposed beat Meng Chao Ran to pieces with one move. But he definitely did not expect the situation to take such a surprising turn.

Even so, the strength of these eight Golden Horse Riders still far exceeded that of Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang.

The situation’s outlook remained grave!

Purple bamboos grew like a sea, and white snow covered the ground like a desert. Two figures continued to rush within them.

“How are you doing?” Wu Yun Liang asked softly as he flew.

“I have a few hidden injuries.” Meng Chao Ran’s face was slightly flushed, but his gaze remained as steadfast as before.

“Same here!” Wu Yun Liang grunted, “I can’t believe it’s so hard to play with these people. The situation caught them by surprise and yet both of us are still injured. If they were fully prepared, we would probably… Little martial brother, it’s best for you to find a safe place to hide. You absolutely cannot show yourself!”

The main point in these words of Wu Yun Liang was that they were final.

He knew Meng Chao Ran’s character and understood Meng Chao Ran’s feeling for Beyond the Heavens Sect. On the off chance that he become emotional and jump out, everything would be over.

“I know how to weigh the situation!” Meng Chao Ran grunted, “But what about you?”

“Beyond the Heavens Sect has reached this point; I can only prepare to go to Iron Cloud when spring comes.” Wu Yun Liang said, “This will cause those who are not resolute to leave. If they don’t leave, they would be future problems. I don’t want to keep them anyway.”

“If they leave, our Beyond the Heavens Sect will be left with the most trustworthy people who are loyal to the sect. Is this not…” Meng Chao Ran’s figure suddenly staggered, but he immediately recovered.

Earlier, he pulled out his sword and killed two Martial Great Masters. He also palmed against that Revered Martial Artist once. His internal organs were all in shock; this injury was truly not a minor one.

“No problem. I have my own way.” Wu Yun Liang frowned, “You’re still being heroic!” He grabbed Tan Tan from Meng Chao Ran’s arm and rushed away.

Behind them, the faint sound of people chasing them grew closer and closer.

“What is this?” Wu Yun Liang felt something round in Tan Tan’s chest.

“A fish bowl.” Meng Chao Ran answer in a low voice, “Tan Tan is taking care of a fish.”

“Fish…” Wu Yun Liang practically yelled! They were running for their lives, and he still brought a fish bowl with him? Did he want to die?

Then he reach out his hand as he planned to throw the bowl away.

“It’s a Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish!” Meng Chao Ran rolled his eyes, “You dare to throw it away?”

Wu Yun Liang hastily pulled back his hand like a person who just got shocked by electricity. Even though there face was being hit by bone-chilling wind, his eyes still widened, “Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish?! I can’t believe you have this treasure.”

“If not, how do you think this master and disciple could advance so fast in our cultivation?” Meng Chao Ran sneered.

“No wonder, no wonder!” Wu Yun Liang sighed endlessly, “So you have such treasure… Right, right, at such a time and he still…” He suddenly let out an “oh” and said, “Could it be that this little punk is trying to scare people? Why would he bring a Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish outside?”

“Do you think my disciples are foolish like yours?” Meng Chao Ran sighed helplessly.

The sect master felt as if he had just been kicked and started to sweat.

The sound of wind whistling fiercely from behind them was heard. It was incredible that the friction between clothes and the air could create such terrible sounds! People had apparently caught up to them.

“I will block them! Go quickly!” Wu Yun Liang yelled out. He suddenly activated his martial energy and tossed Tan Tan outward. Tan Tan flew straight forward like a cloud in strong wind.

Wu Yun Liang hastily said, “No matter what, you cannot be a hindrance to Chu Yang! You must know how important this is…” Before he even finished speaking, he had already stopped and stood on the ground. Turning his foot, snow flew all over the air. His figure shot toward the enemies like a hurricane.

Meng Chao Ran did not look back. His figure continued to fly ahead without stopping. As Tan Tan was just about to fall to the ground, Meng Chao Ran firmly grabbed him and continued to speed the other side of the mountain.

At that moment, he did not have time to say anything to Wu Yun Liang. But what was important, they both already knew in their hearts!

Beyond the Heavens Sect’s property may not be needed! The lives of the two of them may not be needed! But Chu Yang could not be allowed lose heart because of Meng Chao Ran!

The consequence of such a thing would be Chu Yang’s total defeat in this battle against Diwu Qing Rou.

Diwu Qing Rou sending people to kill Meng Chao Ran was not only to vent his anger. If a person could be blinded by hatred, his judgement would no longer be precise.

Such a thing would be fatal for King of Hell Chu.

If Chu Yang failed, Beyond the Heavens Sect would lose their chance for a revival. And six hundred million people of Iron Cloud would essentially be lost under Great Zhao’s steel heels.

Therefore, even though Meng Chao Ran was not afraid to die, he could only run and hide.

All of the nine peaks and one garden in Beyond the Heavens Sect had rising stacks of smoke. Meng Chao Ran could not go in the any places in that direction.

This time, Golden Horse Riders Department put their main force into surrounding and killing Meng Chao Ran; Black Blood League and Saintly Saber Pavilion put all of their forces into surrounding all of the other Beyond the Heavens Sect locations.

The thundering roar of Wu Yun Liang fighting grew distant. The sound of clothes flying through the wind seemed to faintly come from all directions…

The distance to the cliff seemed like an insurmountable length.

“Master, let me go. You should run and hide quickly.” Tan Tan did not dare to struggle. He could only beg incessantly, “Let me go! Let me go! Master, I am begging you.”

Meng Chao Ran palmed Tan Tan’s nape, and Tan Tan immediately became unconscious. A decisive look appeared on Meng Chao Ran’s face as he said to himself: If I even leave behind my own disciple, how can I still be Meng Chao Ran?

Thinking so, an arrogance immediately rose up from his chest; his speed unexpectedly increased.

But the enemies behind him had discovered him.

“He’s over there! Quickly chase him!”

“We must kill Meng Chao Ran! That will be a great accomplishment!”

“Chop Meng Chao Ran’s head off and give it to King of Hell Chu. Then he could see the result of those who go against Golden Horse Riders Department!”

“Haha… How King of Hell Chu would react at that time? I think it would definitely be very enjoyable.”

Meng Chao Ran grunted coldly. With those distracting comments, he simply ignored them and bolted like mad! He was already using all of his power, but he knew that they would probably catch him before he reached the cliff!

Among those who were chasing him, none of them were weaker than him! One against one would not have been worrisome. One against two would still be doable. But against so many, he did not have the slightest luck in escaping death!

Could it be that today… I will have to die here?

Meng Chao Ran let out a long roar and stopped bothering to keep himself concealed. Like an arrow that had just left the bow. Because he pushed the limit of his martial energy, blood slowly trickled out of the edge of his mouth. Drop by drop, they fell on Tan Tan’s face… (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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