Meng Chao Ran frowned. He suddenly looked up with gaze as sharp as a sword, “So it is… people of Golden Horse Riders Department.”

“Senior Meng really has saintly sight.” One of the persons in white smiled coldly, “Too bad smart people cannot live long.”

“Haha, if you want me to pay with my life, you should show a little bit of sincerity.” Meng Chao Ran smiled faintly and said, “Just talking will not do.” Then he immediately clasped his hands behind his back and casually took half a step forward, “Wu Cheng Feng, Wu Cheng Yu, you two are the only ones we know here. Do you plan to introduce us?”

The two people that he called by name were the two thin people in black of Black Blood League. Their appearance was a little bit alike; they were a pair of brothers.

“Brother Meng, we do not want to be your enemy, and we especially do not want to kill you. But your disciple has caused too much trouble.” Wu Cheng Feng stroke his beard and said with a pretention of helplessness.

“Brother Meng, you don’t need to bide your time and wait for reinforcement anymore. Nine peaks and one garden of Beyond the Heavens Sect is all under attack right now!” Wu Cheng Yun sinisterly smiled, “But Brother Meng’s place gets the special treatment.”

The two brothers smiled and looked at Wu Yun Liang and Meng Chao Ran. They wanted to find a trace of anger or panic on their opponents’ faces. That would have been a joy for them.

However, Wu Yun Liang’s face remained in different like before; even his gaze did not change. Wu Yun Liang remained cool. In his eyes there seem to be a smile like a spring breeze. He did not seem to mind at all.

“Could it be that you are not worried at all?” Wu Cheng Feng said in surprise.

“What is the use of being worried?” Wu Yun Liang smiled coolly, “Who doesn’t have to die? Dying early or late is still dying! You will die if you worry; you will die if you don’t worry. With your intelligence, do you understand what this sect master is saying?”

“You want to die!” The two Wu brothers yelled angrily.

“You are definitely worthy of being a key figure in Beyond the Heavens Sect. A little self-introduction; I am Sun Jian. This is my younger brother, Sun Feng, fifth grade Saber Great Master of Saintly Saber Pavilion.” That person in red pressed his hand on the handle of his saber and said loftily.

“You two Sun brothers are truly masters.” Wu Yun Liang stretched the word Sun with a slightly strange tone. (TLN: Just a guess here, but the word Sun sounds a little bit like the word Revered. So he is probably trying to rub the fact that they are not Revered level masters in their faces.)

The faces of Sun Jian and Sun Feng immediately turned into the same color of their outfits.

“As for these four Golden Horse Riders, no introduction is necessary.” Meng Chao Ran said casually, “You four are all Revered Martial Artist. You truly have given us credit.”

“Wrong.” A voice laughed softly, “Dealing with King of Hell Chu’s master, how can four Revered Martial Artists be enough? There should at least eight!” With this voice, another four people in white casually stepped forward: three males and one female.

Eight Revered Martial Artists; four Great level masters!

Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang’s eyes narrowed.

If it was just the eight initial people, these two were certain that they could escape. But among the four people that appeared later, two had powerful auras and were actually peak level Revered Martial Artists!

Between the two, Wu Yun Liang had the highest cultivation level. But he was only an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist. Compared to his opponents, he was still one grade less. How were they going to fight this battle?

“Little martial brother, how many years has it been since we teamed up against enemies?” Then he let out a loud lofty laugh.

“Why do you ask? Perhaps eldest martial brother feels inspired today?” Meng Chao Ran smiled.

“How about us two brothers team up and fight today?” Wu Yun Liang stroked his beard and smiled, “Otherwise, it would be a waste of all this good wine!”

“Alright!” Meng Chao Ran chuckled, “Eldest brother is truly an alcohol monster, how about we drink a cup after each time we kill one?”

The two martial brothers laughed freely and cheerfully.

Facing against enemies as powerful as towering mountains, it seemed as if the two were not at all bothered.

“Charge! Kill Meng Chao Ran!” The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist raised his arm; a sharp and cold light flashed in his eyes.

At this point, the faint sounds of fighting and killing was heard from the nine peaks of Beyond the Heavens Sect. In the direction of the main peak, there was even black smoke rising up high…

Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang stood shoulder to shoulder with a calm countenance and not the least bit of emotion.

Wu Yun Liang glanced at Meng Chao Ran as if he was asking: Where is your disciple?

Meng Chao Ran frowned momentarily: Still not out of closed-door training.

Wu Yun Liang’s brows twitched: When we fight, take your disciple and run first!

Meng Chao Ran’s countenance remained unchanged: Okay!

They have been martial brothers for a few decades; they did not speak to understand each other.

Wu Yun Liang’s thoughts were clear: The enemies’ target is you. Diwu Qing Rou still needs me to complete some sort of plan so I will be okay. As long as you are able to escape, I will be unharmed.

At this very moment, there was a boom. The strange sound emitted from a room, and a powerful aura was suddenly released.

Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang frowned. This was the aura of a breakthrough!

Tan Tan had broken though at this dangerous moment! Sixth grade Martial Artist!

Under normal circumstances, this would have been a happy event. But, currently, eight Revered Martial Artists and four Great level masters were like tigers ready to pounce. A measly Martial Artist breaking through was not worth mentioning. In fact, this was asking to be killed.

“Huh? There is one more person? He is breaking through right now?” A Revered Martial Artist in white smiled, “His fortitude is really good!”

A door creaked, and Tan Tan walked out. He ran over in a daze, “Master, master, I broke through again!”

He suddenly paused and stared. Stunned, he said, “Oh? You have guests?”

Wu Yun Liang’s eyes twitched: This punk. You just stuck your face out at the wrong time! You broke through, but you just did it with your master’s life! Motherf*, our lives are on the line, and you are talking about guests… Stupidity must have its limit…

However, Meng Chao Ran was clear on his own disciple’s strength and thought: Good disciple, you have appeared at the right time!

Sure enough, the four people turned to look. The moment they saw him, everyone’s eyes widened!

Oh god, there is such a person in this world that is this ugly! They could see that this person was not very old; his face was still childish. He was wearing a short cloak embroidered with red flowers and green leaves, and a faded pair of purple shorts on his legs. With such cold weather, he actually showed off his two very hairy legs.

On his head, he was wearing a scholarly cap. As for his appearance, it could be aptly described as such: One big ear and one small ear; one ear went in front to greet the wind, and one ear went behind flapping around. One big eye and one small eye; one was shaped like a bell, and the other was a triangle. One thick eyebrow and one thin eyebrow; one was pointed to the heavens, and the other one pointed to the ground. His nose was like a sky pillar completely separating his two eyes. His face was like a platter with a cute little cherry mouth!

As for his voice, it lingered around for days. It sounded like a hungry ravenous wolf was having his way with a male duck. And this male duck was pitifully screaming out for its life as the hungry wolf was howling at its climax…

The twelve people shuddered! There was actually such a special thing in this world!

Seeing so many people looking at him with wide eyes, he still did not recognize the danger. He swung his arm and pulled out a mirror from his chest. He looked and looked. Then he said with satisfaction, “No wonder you all admire me like this; I am so very handsome…”

With a gulp, fourteen people swallowed. The only female Revered Martial Artist almost puked. She pointed at Tan Tan with a trembling hand as if she was pointing at a monster, “You… you… you…”

“Very handsome, right?” Tan Tan reached his up and teased his hair. He even winked and said, “Beauty, it is a pity that you are a little old. Otherwise, I really could… haha… you know.”

This female Revered Martial Artist almost collapse. She stomped and yelled, “Vile beast!”

However, at this time, Meng Chao Ran who was standing still suddenly moved. His white outfit flashed like lightning, and he was away from the crowd! Fleeting Cloud Movement was used!

Snow gathers in the cloud,

shocking to the heavens,

as if forward, as if backwards,

as if there, as if gone!

In the blink of an eye, the twelve people were stunned. They have given Meng Chao Ran a great opportunity! The moment Meng Chao Ran moved, Wu Yun Liang’s body also spun. Snow flew all over the air. He had sent all of the snow around him upward. In a flash, the area of three to four hundred feet was not visible.

The twelve martial masters yelled in anger and chased after Meng Chao Ran! They were feeling extremely regretful as to why they had to be so stunned.

They truly could not be blamed for this. Tan Tan’s appearance was too unexpected! The twelve swore to themselves: Even if we encounter demons at night, we would not be so stunned like that. But looking at this punk and not fainting… We are already quite good.

Everyone realized: Not just extremely beautiful people can be weapons; ugly appearances can be so as well! Moreover, it is enough to topple nations and citadels!

Meng Chao Ran’s figure suddenly flashed like a meteor and disappeared. Grabbing Tan Tan with one hand, he never paused even for a second. He turned to see the twelve people chasing after him into the Purple Bamboo Forest!

At the same time, an icy chill flashed and a sword appeared in his hand. It was still Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement!

This action had surpassed everyone’s expectation!

Everyone had thought that Meng Chao Ran wanted to escape with his disciple so they put all of their efforts into giving chase. Who could have anticipate that he would turn back?

The sword light flashed like a rainbow in the mist. Two pitiful screams rang out in the air. Blood flowers brightly colored the mist. Two cloud booms were heard, and Meng Chao Ran let out a painful scream. He rushed into Purple Bamboo Forest with Tan Tan!

With rustling noises, the purple bamboos fell down in great number!

“Go!” Wu Yun Liang called out. In the snowy space, the sound of people palming against each other was heard. More than five people let out a grunt at the same time. Then the snow in Purple Bamboo Forest shot out like ice.

It was mixed with bamboo leaves like some dream!

The whistling sounds continued. It was the sound of purple bamboo being cut and shot out like spears.

“Impudent!” A ninth grade Revered Martial Artist roared angrily like thunder in the sky. A powerful force suddenly burst out. Snow filled the air as if there was a whirlwind; they were sucked away with a swoosh.

The surroundings was cleared!

When everyone looked, their eyes practically ripped apart. (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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