Chapter 293

Still chugging along…

4 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 293 – The sword’s chaos begins

  1. whaat? someone already picked this up? and it sucks? daaamn!

    ..but i really have to applaud you.. eventhough you said you dont have time anymore to translate.. and yet you still do on your what little free time you have…

    this is really much appreciated..

    this is really a great gift for valentines day.. give love~ LOL

    thanks again.. and hoping to read a few more chapters that was translated by you T__T


    1. so i went to novelsaga and read their translated TTNH ch293

      their translation if OK but… they changed some of the names/terms there

      but… they also changed King of Hell Chu!!!! to Chu Yangwang or something
      ..they might as well changed it to Chu Yumyumyum

      I dont know whether to cry or to CRY (no typo there)

      fcuk! i dont care anymore even if you have to finish translating this in 1000years

      I will tell my grandchilden and their grandchildrens children to ONLY read it here!

      ..there will be no Chu Yumyum.. only KING OF HELL CHU!!!

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      1. Wang = King
        Yang = Yama of Hell(in Chinese)

        King of Hell = YangWang
        Chu = Chu
        Therefore, King of Hell Chu = Chu YangWang

        But yeah, the way of saying that kills the fun that King of Hell Chu provides .. Most people not being aware of what it actually is(and many other such words) will take it at face value, like thinking it might be a new nickname or something …

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