TTNH Chapter 58 – A meeting outside of fate

Hope no one waited too long~

Chapter 58!

I made a few changes to the martial rankings, most significantly ‘Martial Artist Majesty’ became ‘Martial Emperor.’ Take a look in the glossary for more info, but this shouldn’t really affect anything you guys have read so far. Please comment if you hate the changes for some reason…

TTNH Chapter 55 – Not long at all, eighteen thousand years should be enough

Thanks for all the feedback, so next time there is a spoilerish title, I’ll post it at the end of the chapter.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a Verry Merry Christmas! Hopefully someone out there is getting snow for Christmas (here in the NE area, we are getting sad rain). But still, relax, drink some hot cocoa, and have a good read =)

Chapter 55

TTNH Chapter 54 – Breakthrough Once Again

Chapter 54!

So I am a bit late as usual (you guys should know that Vietnamese people are often late to things); I did some late Christmas shopping last night and instead of finishing the chapter, I fell asleep at the table…

Sometimes I feel like I should hide the chapter title until the end, the ones that are a bit spoilerish. Let me know what you guys think. Oh and a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all that to everyone!

TTNH Chapter 52 – You kill him and I’ll kill him

I wanted to make the second ‘him’ italicized, but there is no way to do that with titles apparently. But just know that when you read it silently.  Otherwise, read and have a very good, very early Saturday morning.

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