“Siege crossbow! Bastards!” The old man roared and the next moment there appeared a flame on his hand. He fiercely punched and sent the flame forward!

Control of fire!


Immediately after contact with the fire, from that gigantic dark arrow that looked like a black dragon, there were sparks flying everywhere!

However, that arrow did not stop at all and continued to head straight forward!

After that first punch, manager Gao continued to roar and produced eighteen consecutive punches. With every punch there was that same strange fire power fiercely hitting the siege crossbow’s arrow!

Like a hammering black smith, he did not cease his attack on that giant arrow. But the reverse could also be said; that arrow was doing the hammering on manager Gao’s fist!

There was an incredible radiance spread out in all four directions in the sky. In the dark night, there seemed as if thousands of fireworks were blooming brightly!

Little wood pieces fell all around him. With each punch, manager Gao roared loudly. With eighteen punches, his eighteen roars filled the whole surrounding. When the arrow was shot out from the siege crossbow it was three meters long. It was now only one meter.

Manager Gao was shocked; he had continuously retreated a few steps back and found himself against the carriage! The siege crossbow’s arrow that was right in front of him finally lost its momentum, and dropped heavily on the ground.

The air was filled with the smell of burnt things and smoke.

Manager Gao’s chest was rising and falling rapidly as he looked fiercely at the forest. A second later, he spit out some fresh blood. As the blood came out, his face also turned red. After a few moments, his normal color returned and his breathing normalized.

He never would have thought that the enemies would set up a siege crossbow in a place like this. Because he was caught by surprise, no matter what his cultivation level was, he still took on some internal injuries when he dealt with the siege crossbow’s arrow!

The siege crossbow was a military weapon used to break down citadels’ gates. The arrows were more than three meters long! They were made from Black Iron tree trunks with sharp and pointy metal tips. These arrows were normally soaked in oil vats and only taken out right before use.

To shoot each arrow, there had to be at least one hundred strong men working in a concerted effort to pull the giant bow. Only then they would have the ability to release this powerful arrow that can determine the outcomes of wars!

Siege crossbows were incredibly powerful; once they were used, citadels would undoubtedly be broken.

After a moment of silence, a voice rang out from the forest. It was filled with praise, “You really live up to the title Fire Saber Great Master; you’re truly amazing. One siege crossbow arrow can bring down a citadel gate, but you single-handedly brought it down. Much respect! Much respect!”

With that voice, eight people simultaneously appeared from different locations. They all wore black masks, only their cold, sharp eyes were visible. Step by step, they walked toward manager Gao.

Manager Gao’s eyes narrowed as he asked in a low voice, “Who are you people?”

One of them grunted coldly and said, “Rumors has it that Fire Saber Great Master, Gao Wei Cheng, had retired from Jiang Hu. I did not think it was a lie. A Saber Great Master working as someone’s body guard, accepting the easy life of a lapdog. I really envy you! Gao Wei Cheng, where is your saber?”

Manager Gao was startled. His body suddenly perked forward. His slightly hunched posture suddenly became straight and tall. His eyes brightened as he spoke coldly, “If you already knew I am Gao Wei Cheng, then, surely, you are not a no name either. Let me see who you are!”

He yelled out the sentence “Let me see who you are!” His roar was loud enough to shake the whole forest.

The other person did not budge even a little. He stood there and said nonchalantly, “Gao Wei Cheng, if you take Du Shi Qing and turn around, we will not pursue you any further! Otherwise, today will be the day you, Fire Saber Great Master, dies!”

Manager Gao tilted his head up and laughed, “Such bravado, let’s see how you people plan to hold this old man!”

One of the black-outfitted person mocked, “Fire Saber Great Master? Is that so great?”

Then he suddenly yelled, “Everyone forward! Six people to Gao Wei Cheng, the other two kill Du Shi Qing!”

The eight complied and simultaneously unsheathed their weapons and advanced.

Manager Gao saw early on that these people did not necessarily have high cultivation level, but they were all about equal, probably Martial Master level. Even though their cultivation was a long stride below him, their current simultaneous advancement made them a powerful force!

“You are Iron Cloud Nation’s military?” Seeing the enemies’ incredible momentum, one that martial artists of higher level could not replicate, Manager Gao was shocked.

The enemies did not bother to reply. Six sabers simultaneous slashed in the blink of an eye.

Manager Gao yelled, “Protect the carriage!” At the same time, his wrist quickly turned out. A great saber with a dark red color appeared. It drew a screen in the air as thick as rain; only, this rain screen was filled flames bursting everywhere.

“Deng… Deng… Deng…”

The sounds of weapons clashing rang without end. In a flash, there were seven people in fierce combat without any reservations. The other two did not bother to pay any attention to that battle. At this same time, they rushed to the carriage with swords in hands.

If there were no constraints, Manager Gao would have taken his time and killed each of these guys one by one. However, it is impossible to kill them all at once.

Furthermore, after his dealing with the siege crossbow’s arrow, he had suffered from internal injuries, rendering him even more powerless!

At this moment, six enemies surrounded him. The eight guards did not have the ability to deal with the other two. Manager Gao could not help but feel anxious!


Since the moment the siege crossbow made that shot, Chu Yang disappeared, without a trace, into the forest!

He was like a wolf returning to the grassland, his home territory.

After that first weapon struck, he immediately turned and shot himself back. He spit out a clump of fresh blood to help alleviate the shock to his internal system. Immediately after, his two legs stomped hard on the ground, creating a cloud of dust. Using the low-lying cloud of dust to cover his body, he stayed low to ground and moved like a snake. With a few movements, he was now hidden behind a large tree. Finally, his body moved in a mysterious manner. From the ground he climbed up to the tree top. Using leaves as cover, he continued to jump through more than a dozen trees and disappeared into the forest.

The movements were smooth like a breeze weaving through the forest. Chu Yang’s body was so agile that the leaves did not even move.

Even if the best of assassins were to see Chu Yang’s actions at this time, their eyes would probably drop out of their sockets!

This was the best route that Chu Yang had chosen early on. In fact, he had planned it long before the attack. No matter where the resting place was, it was his habit to plan beforehand a route to retreat and a route to attack. Where he was standing now was between these two paths.

Attacking meant the possibility for merits; retreating meant being able to keep his life!

Such an ambush would naturally mean there was a large force. From the rain of arrows earlier, it was enough to know that a passive defense technique would not be good. Even if the enemies were weakened, they could kill him.

The only way to solve the situation was to start an offensive.

Du Shi Qing cannot die!

Currently, Du Shi Qing had Manager Gao’s protection. At least for the time being, he should be okay. Chu Yang was not worried about him even for a little. That was why after that one key sword movement, he immediately took his next action.

Bring the killing into the forest!

Whoever was in that forest, they were the true source of this ambush!

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 50 – Bring the Killing into the Forest

  1. dont get it he knows that DOC is sent by that Minister but why does he try to befriend him? obviously those guys from iron cloud are sent by the son because he knows his father must die so he can protect iron cloud…
    shouldnt chu yang help that son and gain his favour???

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    1. Right. The question here is whether that ambush happened in his previous life or not. If yes, then his course of action is justifiable. Otherwise, i really don’t know what should be done.


  2. he needs the doc to be presented to iron country without the doc his entry point is nonexistent ,so its not he needs him at least until he is known to the prince ,or he doesnt have any entry point as short as this ,earlier he said it would take otherwise two years and by then iron country is extinct ,so doc=shirt entry to politics with iron country


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