TTNH Chapter 31 – Breakthrough

So, I do apologize for the sporadic posting. But as you know, translation is actually pretty hard work. While I do know the language, it is as obscure and archaic to me as Shakespeare’s stuff (more so to be honest). It does take time and research, as I am not as native as native can be. Unfortunately the process take me about 3-4 hours. I can sometimes set aside this much time… but not always. Please understand.

But as always, read and enjoy! Please comment and make corrections, thanks!

TTNH Chapter 30 – In this life, there are some mistakes you should not make

I always have a hard time thinking of a title for my posts anyway so as Lax requested! Ta-da! Well this one ends in sort of a cliffhanger (I actually couldn’t help myself and read the first paragraph from chapter 31) and I don’t like translating during the weekends, so just a quick warning to anyone who might want to save it til next chapter. Well, Sudden Cliffhanger Syndrome is normally not fatal… so read it anyway and share comments! Thanks bunches!

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chapter 28

Forgot about this last night, please go read and let know if there are errors. As some of you may have read in the comments, there is indeed a harem. I don’t know why I expected otherwise from a CN novel T_T Anyways I will continue forward. Hopefully it will be better handled than Chu Feng from MGA. But anyway, I tend to ramble on too much, so here you go.


Thanks everyone for all the encouragement (and that kind offer for help!), you guys are jjang! A little Korean for everyone =) it means the best! Anywho, here is chapter 27. I really hope to speed up the translation a bit, but as always, its hard to balance intentions and real life. For readers hoping to know about the end, to be honest, I haven’t read further. The one time I did read ahead, I was truly not motivated to translate the chapters that I already read. But to that one reader, I also really dislike harems. If he does start collecting waifus, I would probably become very demotivated.

chapter 27

sorry ={

Hi everyone, I know it wasn’t a while ago when I said I would try to put out a chapter every weekday… but I have a project due next week now T_T believe me when I say that I would rather do translations. Anyway, sorry to those anticipating the next chapter. Please wait until after the 16th! Sorry, gomen, xin loi, dui bu qi, etc.

chapter 26

I did just a quick proof reading, so please help point out any misspellings, grammar, etc. I think I will have to update the glossary list but I’m feeling lazy so maybe tomorrow. Anyways, thanks to everyone for reading and taking the time to make funny comments ^_^

chapter 26

chapter 25

I guess this would be the so called reaction chapter? Sorry about infinite comma usage and one sentence paragraphs, it is the way of Chinese novels. Also, I sometimes leave in the Chinese idioms if I find it interesting. Let me know if you guys want me to leave those out and just find an English equivalent. Um, also what do you think of my notes? I’ve read that people find notes in the text distracting, please let me know! Anyway, read on!