Forgot about this last night, please go read and let know if there are errors. As some of you may have read in the comments, there is indeed a harem. I don’t know why I expected otherwise from a CN novel T_T Anyways I will continue forward. Hopefully it will be better handled than Chu Feng from MGA. But anyway, I tend to ramble on too much, so here you go.


5 thoughts on “chapter 28

  1. There really is going to be a harem? Judging by how he keeps going on about one woman in particular I figured he would be a one woman guy like Linley from CD.


  2. I prefer harem just because the authors never do a good job on main female characters, take Delia for example, so with harem I get more than one main female character and they can be all over the plot xD


    1. She wasn’t bad… just a side character…. even in harems, the women usually become side characters, unless if the romance is a big part of the story.


        1. I don’t think that is really even necessary though… these stories usually are supposed to focus on the MC. The reason the females don’t get as much focus is because the author doesn’t want to make it more focused…

          But they could easily give the females more focus… I mean, look at Douluo Dalu.. while there are some moments without Xiao Wu, she’s the 2nd most influential character in the series.

          In Coiling Dragon, the author prefers to give more focus to Bebe rather than giving it to a woman. More brotherly love shown than romantic (cause the romance is secondary).

          If a female needs significant influence in a series, then usually, the Xianxia needs to have romance as a focus….

          And in the end, it is up to the authors ability, not if the story is harem or not for how well the female is noticed.

          If the Coiling Dragon author decided to make Linley followed by a female instead of Bebe, then the female interaction would have been much better in the series.

          The author just didn’t care to add more. That’s all.

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