TTNH Chapter 293 – The sword’s chaos begins

Chapter 293

Still chugging along…


TTNH 290-292, also a message

Chapter 290

Chapter 291

Chapter 292

Sorry for the long silence. I just got a chance to catch my breath yesterday. I was swamped with preparing for the Lunar New Year celebration. Then I got sick because of said Lunar New Year celebration. Thanks to modern medicine, I was able to go to work, but it kind of killed me afterward. Yes, translating is so easy a zombie could do it. 🙂

The main point: If you guys find a candidate you like for this project, I will hand it over. Before then, I will still try to churn out as much as I can. Those of you who read my comments know that this is my hobby not my business so I don’t believe I have any claim over it. As always, thank you for all the support.