The treasury of the royal palace was empty!

This was not only a treasury of money!

In that place, there were many precious items that the nation of Great Zhao had gathered for over a thousand years. They included countless strange metals, elixirs of heaven and earth, heavenly weapons, and gold and silver.

In fact, among them were some priceless tomes! Within them, there were many martial arts secrets!

With so many things, even a military troop would lose half a day to take them.

And yet, they were completely gone.

Looking at the secret treasury of the royal palace, general manager Lu Ren Jia could not even cry out tears. His main mission this time was this treasury. But right now, he was looking at a great empty space, completely cleaned out. Lu Ren Jia was on the verge of collapsing.

Here, besides air, there was nothing else!

In fact, there was not even a piece of rusty metal inside.

It was completely empty! If a mouse came in, it would have scurried out crying.

Lu Ren Jia, general manager, was livid!

Last night, this place did indeed become a battlefield! Last night, the royal palace did indeed become a ruin! Last night, the young masters of Middle Three Heavens did indeed fight here!

But how many people were there? How could a handful of them have cleaned up this place? This is a joke!

Who is capable of doing this? Who in the world is capable of doing this?

“Diwu Qing Rou! You are robbing the royal ancestors’ graves!” Lu Ren Jia screamed with a duck’s voice.

Only Diwu Qing Rou can do this covertly. He used the chaos to do all of this!

Looking at the empty space in front of him, he asked himself who had done it. In this world, millions and millions of people would definitely point their fingers at one target: Diwu Qing Rou!

King of Hell Chu was definitely powerful, but this was Great Zhao.

Lu Ren Jia angrily ran back. At this point, he had to report back to His Majesty first.

That afternoon, Lu Ren Jia rode a tall horse and brought a group of well-trained guards along with a royal decree as he ferociously headed toward the Prime Minister’s manor.

This had to be accounted for!

And right now, Diwu Qing Rou was in his study with a very ugly countenance.

“It’s verified. The Chu clan of Upper Three Heavens does not have two young masters named Chu Fei and Chu Nan!” A small piece of paper was being swished in Diwu Qing Rou’s hand.

This was the information Diwu Qing Rou asked for when he first heard that young master Chu had arrived at Heaven Reaching Tower! It was also the piece of news that he had been waiting for over the past few days!

It finally came!

Diwu Qing Rou clenched his fist tighter and tighter as his gaze sharpened. Right after, Diwu Qing Rou yelled out loudly, “Jing Meng Hun!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yin Wu Tian!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Gather people. Mobilize all martial masters of Revered level and above from Golden Horse Riders Department. Surround Heaven Reaching Tower right away and bring the two young masters Chu to me!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Remember, get this done at all costs! Make whatever sacrifice necessary! You must capture them!”

“Yes, sir!”

Outside, there were loud noises and chaos followed by swooshing sounds. Then it became quiet once more.

And currently, second young master Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong had returned to Heaven Reaching Tower. In the Ji clan’s room was eldest young master Ji Zhu. Ji Mo had prepared everything and was ready to return to Middle Three Heavens with his big brother anytime.

With his mission here was completed, all he needed to do was go back to Middle Three Heavens to experience life. Ji Mo had even planned out everything. Once he got back to Middle Three Heavens, he would immediately ask to go to Cang Lan battlegrounds to gain experience.

He would use the methods that big brother Chu taught him to train himself to the highest point in the shortest of time! Would it not be just a few times of extreme breakthroughs?

Thinking of the miraculous cultivation method that big brother Chu taught them, Ji Mo’s heart was filled with confidence.

Big brother once said that we have to kill all the way to Upper Three Heavens!

“Second young master Ji, you have returned?” Ji Zhu said as he sat in the room. When Ji Mo walked in, eldest young master was still lazily sleeping on the chair. His head went from one side to another as he nodded off. It could not be helped, he got out of bed too early this morning; his circadian rhythm was in chaos.

Seeing his brother returned, Ji Zhu just waved his arm and sent the guards of the clan out. Then he ordered Rui Bu Tong to close the door. It took great efforts for him to look up at his younger brother. With a careless posture, he said these words!

“Ah, cough… cough… cough…” Ji Mo coughed. Avoiding his brother’s stare, he laughed hoarsely and said, “Big brother is really more and more brilliant everyday…”

“Really?” Ji Zhu pouted as he spoke with a hilarious looking mouth. With a smug look, he pretended to accept his brother’s empty praise with excitement and asked, “Second young master Ji Mo, did you have fun on this trip out?”

“Fun! Lots of fun… Really a lot of fun.” Ji Mo lowered his head and shifted his eyes back and forth. Then he looked up and said enthusiastically, “Big brother, I didn’t know anything before going out; I got a shock the moment I did…”

“Oh? How come?” Ji Zhu eyed his little brother with curiosity.

“Big brother, you can’t understand my feelings right now. In this trip out, I learned to appreciate the beauty of the world, the majesty of the mountains, the vastness of the seas, and countless scenes that looked like they were created by gods… Ahhhh! I really did not want to leave…” Ji Mo showed an extremely exaggerated expression and a rich emotional tone with eyes full of longing.

“Oh? Did you howl?” Ji Zhu cast a strange expression.

“Yes. Yes.” Ji Mo nodded like a pecking chicken. “You must howl to express your feelings! I even wrote a poem because of it…”

“You can write poetry?” Ji Zhu’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Of course!” Ji Mo’s head swayed back and forth as he said proudly, “Listen well… Yesterday, I went down to Lower Three Heavens; today, I arrived in front of a great mountain. The rocks on the mountain are truly hard; the stream water on the mountain is truly sweet; the flowers on the mountain are very fragrant; the girls on the mountain are as beautiful as angels. Yesterday, I left the great mountain; today, I arrived in front of a great sea. The waves rolled high; the fish in the sea are great. There were lobsters and turtle in the sea; there were also girls in the sea…”

“Stop! Stop…!” Ji Zhu cried with a painful and contorted expression, “Second young master Ji, this poem of your will be passed down through the ages. It would be best if you recite it to Father after getting back to Middle Three Heavens…”

“Oh…” Ji Mo laughed and said sweetly, “Big brother, this trip to Lower Three Heavens was really fun…”

“Really?” Ji Zhu pouted like a pig. Then he suddenly lower his voice and said, “Then did King of Hell Chu also howled?”

“Howled! Howled! Ack ack…?” Ji answered freely when he suddenly jumped up. Even his hair stood on ends as he looked at his brother in terror with eyes wide open.

Rui Bu Tong also almost cried out loud as he was standing on the side.

“Second young master Ji!” Ji Zhu slammed the table, and yelled out with uncontrollable rage, “You are too gutsy!”

Ji Mo squatted on the ground; cold sweats poured out.

“Grandmother… Big brother…” Ji Mo’s voice trembled.

“Grandmother, your grandmother!” Ji Zhu roared like thunder, “Do you know that you can kill the entire clan? Do you know that once your actions are exposed, you will bring calamity to the clan? Do you know how stupid you are? Do you know… Your grandmother! Your grandmother!…”

Ji Mo dropped his head without answering. He was accepting the lesson, but he was internally fighting back: Grandmother is your grandmother! Mother is your mother! Your grandmother! Your grandmother…

“You even called out ‘dog aunt’?” The critical moment had arrived. He kicked Ji Mo so that he rolled out to the ground. His spit flew in all directions as he said, “A dog is your aunt?”

Ji Mo cried out pitifully as he was kicked. He cursed back internally: You’re the dog aunt!

His mouth, however, cried out, “Big brother, I was wrong… I know I was wrong. I won’t dare to do it again…”

At this point, he realized that this punk also went to fight for the saber and had heard his cry of satisfaction…

That’s how you know my identity. Motherf*, I am really unlucky!

Ji Zhu jumped forward and grabbed Ji Mo. Kicks and punches rained down. Ji Mo’s body flew into the air and did a few somersault before falling down. Then he kicked his little brother in the butt as if he was a ball. Afterward, he jumped up and palmed him down to the ground. Bam! Bam! Bam!

Finally, Ji Zhu stopped.

“Tell me! What is to be done now?” Ji Zhu was done letting out his anger. He turned and went back to his seat. He leaned his body on the seat and spoke lazily.

“Ahwooh… ahwooh… ah ah… ouch… ouch…” Ji Mo continued to cry out painfully, but was feeling extremely happy. Even your blows are without substance; they’re more like scratches…

Hearing Ji Zhu say this, he could not help but ask, “What is there to do?”

“Don’t pretend to be pitiful! And don’t act so naïve in front of your father!” Ji Zhu slammed the table, “I know I didn’t hurt you!”

“You dare to say ‘your father’ to me?” Ji Mo cried out. He suddenly became livid and jumped up, “Damn you, Ji Zhu! You dare to call yourself father with your father?” (TLN: “Your father” is a direct translation, it is used by someone who puts himself high above others.)

Rui Bu Tong closed his eyes; his face twisted. What kind of brothers are these…

Right away, Ji Zhu’s cooled temper rose once more. He jumped up as well. Right after, Rui Bu Tong saw two brothers with the same father and mother saying your father with every other words as they fought on the floor…

Bam bam bam!

Pop pop pop!

Boom boom boom!

Rui Bu Tong’s eyes blinked with disbelief. His eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets… This is too much! They are really a pair of exceptional brothers! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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    1. Normal brothers then yes, we talked crap to each other, fight each other, but all in brotherly ways. But you kinda forget, these are cultivators clans, for limited resources high chance that brothers turn on each other like mortal enemies, the Mo clans are best example.

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