Chapter 290

Chapter 291

Chapter 292

Sorry for the long silence. I just got a chance to catch my breath yesterday. I was swamped with preparing for the Lunar New Year celebration. Then I got sick because of said Lunar New Year celebration. Thanks to modern medicine, I was able to go to work, but it kind of killed me afterward. Yes, translating is so easy a zombie could do it. 🙂

The main point: If you guys find a candidate you like for this project, I will hand it over. Before then, I will still try to churn out as much as I can. Those of you who read my comments know that this is my hobby not my business so I don’t believe I have any claim over it. As always, thank you for all the support.


20 thoughts on “TTNH 290-292, also a message

  1. Glad you had a good weekend, and the powers of modern medicine prevailed.

    I really gotta say your attitude in the ‘main point’ is really quiet impressive and different from a lot of others I have seen who do this kind of work, honestly it makes me hope that instead of handing it over to another that you could work with them, while I realize that might not be possible for numerous reasons I wanted to share my opinion with it, you certainly deserve the praise.

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  2. take care of yourself well and stay healthy! thanks for your hard work.
    what a shame that you have difficulties to translate TTNH, I like your translation quality. well, there must be someone that is interested to take over this novel translation, just I hope he can keep the quality like your translation.


  3. Thanks for your hard work and effort.
    Everything feels so much harder when you’re not feeling great.
    Regardless of the speed, I’m glad you’re translating for us.


  4. Let me do some calculations. This novel consists of 2680 chapters. We have 54 weeks in a year. If you translate this novel 1 chapters/week, then we need 49 years to finish it. If you can do 2 chapters/week, then we get 24 years. Are you sure to do this?


  5. I really love this novel…and love reading it here even more so. How should I put it…even though the translations are slow, I feel as if I can kick up my feet, grab a cup of coffee and relax while reading this. In other words, I really enjoy your translation. So thanks for everything up until now.


  6. Thank you for your translations. I have enjoyed reading them greatly.

    I spent several years learning Japanese but I haven’t found it useful in my career despite working for a Japanese company. Learning Mandarin is not an option for me right now. Since I don’t want to waste my own time, I can’t advise anyone else to waste theirs. Do what is beneficial to you long term.


  7. I wish to thank you for all your hardwork, reality can sometimes hinder us from doing what we want to do due to some constraints, like available time to do all things we wanna do. I hope you can work with others, I mean collaboration is the best.😀


  8. Thank you for all your hard work translating this novel for us to enjoy!

    If you’re looking for other translators to take over you might want to get in contact with alyshu and her projects on ww. They have a team of translators and have taken in other translators, which didn’t have enough time to fully support a novel translation by themselves (FlowerBridgeToo, ex-MGA translator), so maybe they are interested in taking you in and taking over this project.

    But anyways thanks again for all your hard work and thank you for looking into ways to continue this awsome story!


  9. Hello, I am a high school student who is interested in this novel, and am willing to translate it. If you would like to pass the torch to me please feel free to contact me.


  10. TranslationNations and Qidan both offered… and NovelSaga picked it up? LMAO.. Anyway, thanks for the work you’ve done. I’m of the same opinion of HikikoMoriGirl in that I really enjoy reading here… Sorta reminds me of Bagelson in that you do this at A++ quality on your own terms… and I respect the hell out of you for it lol.

    That being said, I do understand what Calculator said in that we’ll all probably be over novels by the time this is done at this rate. Would love for you to at least be involved in the future things just so the terminology would stay the same. NovelSaga are changing things and IMHO it loses a lot w/o your direction…..


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