In the royal palace, fire lit the sky like it was day time. Clouds of smoke rose up. To say it bluntly, it could be seen from hundreds of miles away!

In Continent Center Citadel, the scene was like that of a falling nation!

The eldest young master of the Ji clan, Ji Zhu, was dragged out of bed by a King level master. With his eyes barely opened, he hazily ran to the royal palace. With King level masters to open the way, his path was naturally smooth. He was in the process of unwillingly joining in the competition. In any case, he would have something to talk about. At this very moment, he suddenly heard: “Ahwooh… dog aunt!”

“Motherf*!” Ji Zhu was stunned for a moment before he cursed angrily. He spat and turned to leave.

“Eldest young master! Eldest young master!” Three King level masters were completely clueless as they hastily chased after him. Each one was extremely annoyed. This eldest young master was not the least bit aggressive.

They could not believe that he just took one look and left. Was he not able to see that all the other clans were fighting each other?

“The Ji clan will leave this competition.” Ji Zhu viciously glared and roared, “Anyone who doesn’t listen can crawl back by himself.”

Then he started back; along the way he cursed under his breath, “Motherf*! Motherf*! Motherf*…”

Right when he left the royal palace, he ran into Luo Ke Wu who asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to sleep. Is that okay with you?” Ji Zhu glared angrily.

Luo Ke Wu said in annoyance, “Going back to sleep? You are still going to sleep at this moment?”

“Move! Good dogs don’t get in the way!” Young master Ji Zhu’s state of mind was truly very bad. He thought of himself as being played…

“Who are you scolding?” Luo Ke Wu glared. He was about to give chase when the King level masters of his clan held him back, and he only had the chance to put in, “Ji Zhu! Just you remember mother*! I will remember this!”

“This idiot!” Eldest young master Ji Zhu spat contemptuously and left.

Behind him, eldest young master Luo Ke Wu’s group hastily rushed into the burning scene…

Boom. No one knew who did it, but the main hall of the royal palace collapsed…

Ji Mo’s strength was no longer with him.

In reality, he had been exhausted long before. Being able to hang on as he was chased by dozens of King level masters was not easy.

Unfortunately, the person he was waiting for had not come yet! So he had to hang on!

In the thick of the fire and smoke, Ji Mo searched around as he ran. He was immediately overjoyed.

Hahaha, he’s here!

Not too far in front of him, he saw a heroic looking Mo Tian Yun running this way with his clan. On the other side was Ao Xie Yun, also rushing over with the King level masters of the Ao clan.

There were also some King level masters flying over like meteors. Enemies were in all directions. It was indeed a heaven-sent opportunity!

“Spare me! Spare me! I don’t need this saber anymore…” Ji Mo suddenly cried out pitifully and jumped out.

Upon arriving, Mo Tian Yun, Ao Xie Yun, Dong Wu Lei, and Xie Dan Qiong’s groups immediately looked in this direction with desires burning in their eyes.

“You can have it!” Before anyone could respond, Ji Mo tossed the saber from his hand, and turned to run away.

But who was paying attention to him at this time? Everyone’s mind and gaze were taken by the alluring saber already.

Under the light of the burning flames, Sunlight Saber shined blindingly. It was as if its light was burning in the heart of everyone as they rushed after it.

It was unclear whether it was intentional that Sunlight Saber flew straight in Mo Tian Yun’s direction!


“My saber!”

“Motherf*! Get the saber for me!” These words came out of Li Xiong Tu’s mouth as the eldest young master screamed and gave chase at the same time. His voice was so passionate that it was practically changed.

“Kill…” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Mo Tian Yun was ecstatic. Ao Xie Yun was shocked. Xie Dan Qiong was surprised. Dong Wu Lei gripped tightly onto his saber. Luo Ke Wu howled as he rushed up…

A King level master of Mo clan flew up to grab the saber as it flew in his direction.

Mo Tian Yun had already carefully prepared. The moment he had the possession of the saber, he would immediately leave this place and stop training. He would return directly to Middle Three Heavens instead!

Mo Tian Yun never imagined that he would be able to obtain the saber at this very moment. As long as Sunlight Saber was in his hand, he essentially held half the secret of become a Martial Saint.

As for the other half, he could scheme, exchange, form alliances… In short, there were many means.


“Stop him!”

Sounds of people ripping through the air rang out. Countless hidden weapons flew in the direction of the Mo clan. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swish, swish, swish… Hidden weapons appeared over the heads of the Mo clan people a torrential downpour!

It was raining hidden weapons!

The three King level masters jumped out. A fierce cyclone of energy formed around their bodies within moments! In this critical time, the reaction of the three King level masters was extremely fast and extremely accurate.

Blades flashed as they sent the hidden weapons to the side. One person risked his own life and jumped into the hidden weapons with only his energy field protecting him as he went straight for Sunlight Saber!

Just then, an unimaginable thing happened!

The flying saber suddenly stopped!

It hung in midair!

Then it immediately flew back!

“Motherf*! The saber is tied to a thread!” Mo Tian Yun spat out a curse which was rarely heard from him. His handsome face became nasty as he yelled, “Bastard! Son of a b*!”

This kind of failure when success was so close at hand made eldest young master Mo want to spit out blood!

Right then, something flashed. The Sunlight Saber that was flying back suddenly made a pop noise and dropped down from the air.

Ao Xie Yun was holding a few coins in his hand. Just then, he had used one coin to cut off the thread on the saber.

Currently, the saber was dropping slowly, and its position was, surprisingly, right in between the Ao clan and the Mo clan!

The martial experts of the Ao clan and the Mo clan rushed in like wolves and tigers!

Just then, there was a sudden pop. At the place where Sunlight Saber was dropping, something exploded. A black mist carrying a light fragrance softly flooded out. Within moments, it covered an area of thirty square feet.

The moment the black mist rose up, Sunlight Saber fell to the ground with a clank.

Right in the middle of the black mist.

A mocking voice said, “You should all be careful. This is Bone Dissolving Spirit Dispersing Fragrance. Once it touches you, your bones will turn into black liquid. Don’t blame me for not informing you.”

All the martial experts simultaneously paused! That King level master from the Mo clan was the quickest. One of his hands was already in the black mist. He hastily pulled back, but his hand had become black. At the tip of his fingers, black liquid dropped down nonstop.

The pain was unbearable; he could not help but scream out.

“Petty creature!” Mo Tian Yun and Ao Xie Yun roared angrily as they turned and glared at him.

A young man in black with a shy smile appeared. He stood outside the circle with two subordinates in black standing behind him.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I already said it; why did you put your hand in there?” This young man in black looked like he was extremely regretful, “This, this… that arm is about to become black liquid. What to do? This is a King level master after all.”

This looked gentle and weak at first glance. Plus, he even seemed shy and meek. But his when he made his move, it was unexpectedly cruel! And he was without mercy!

“Take out the antidote!” Mo Tian Yun angrily screamed. The right arm of the Mo King level master was swollen and the black liquid was flowing faster and faster from the tips of his fingers.

With the strength of a King level master, he surprisingly did not have any way to fight this kind of poison!

And right now, the saber was surrounded by this poison!

“Oh, I also want to take out the antidote. But I want that saber.” The young man in black looked sadly at Mo Tian Yun, “I am very weak. Brother Mo, could you give me a hand?”

Mo Tian Yun was furious.

There was an extremely conflicting look in his eyes.

If Sunlight Saber was in their hand, it would be the time for the Mo clan to rise. But the King level master injured was also an important person in his Mo clan!

If he did not save him, would people not be disheartened?

“Brother Mo… Could it be that this lame saber is more important than the life of a precious King level master from your clan?” The young man in black asked innocently.

Mo Tian Yun’s face twitched; his countenance changed dozens of times within a short moment.

Currently, Chu Yang was secretly watching that youth in black. Seeing his dark demeanor and natural attitude of this person, Chu Yang came to the conclusion: This person is one of the future twelve top people in Middle Three Heavens, Poison Spirit!

He looked at Sunlight Saber on the ground. At this point, the black mist was thinning. In terms of distance, the Mo clan was still the closest to it! It was almost as if they only had to reach out to have the saber in their hand!

Mo Tian Yun’s expression changed nonstop. He suddenly glared and yelled, “Uncle Cheng Gui! Your nephew will have to apologize to you today! For the future of the clan, I order you to take Sunlight Saber out!”

That King level master was King level leader of the Mo clan, Mo Cheng Gui!

In term of ranking, he was Mo Tian Yun’s uncle!

Ao Xie Yun immediately become guarded. Mo Tian Yun was so heartless that he did not show any love at this moment. For the clan and for benefits, he did not care if it was his uncle. He tossed the man aside without even blinking!

Mo Cheng Gui’s eyes were filled with sadness. He knew that their opponent used poison only for the purpose of forcing the Mo clan to help. And if Mo Tian Yun already denied the request of their opponent, then his fate was already decided.

He gritted his teeth and screamed. Then he immediately jumped into the black mist. Right after, Sunlight Saber flew out from within the mist. With his whole body in the black mist, he cried out pitifully, “Eldest young master, the people in the family will depend on your care!”

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