These words of Mo Tian Yun were perfectly timed. Most people were unified with the same thought. If Ao Xie Yun suggested that, he was definitely going to win. Otherwise, why would he make such a suggestion?

Everyone was against it.

“I don’t think that works!” Lei Xiong Tu yelled and rolled his eyes, “I don’t think all the alliances need to send out a representative. Let the young masters of each clan go up and fight for themselves! The last one standing will get Sunlight Saber. What do you think?”

These were all eldest young masters of great clans, direct heirs! Everyone was arrogant thinking that they were extraordinary. Was there anyone who would admit that he was any less than the others?

The moment Li Xiong Tu said this, there was an immediate response from everyone.

“Good!” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Ao Xie Yun smiled helplessly and said, “Okay. But we have to do this fast, and no one can take this saber. No one can guarantee that this saber will still be around after tonight… Why don’t we just fight right now, right here!”

“Brother Ao is right.” Tu Qian Hao agreed right away. Li Xiong Tu walked out and said in front of the soldiers who were surrounding the perimeter, “You people, quickly clear up this place. Ask your emperor and empress to leave. We need to make use of this place!”

Everyone’s eyes widened when they heard this.

Make use of this place? Motherf*, this is the royal palace of a nation…

But the young masters had decided on it. So what if it was the royal palace? If they say they would use it, then they would use it!

In all of history, was there ever anyone gutsy enough to use the royal palace? Haha, these big brothers had started a new legend.

The commanding general immediately turned red; he was on the verge of exploding from anger. In all of history, it was the authority that made use of the commoners; since when was the royal palace used by others?

Furious, he was about to order an attack without any regards!

“General Xiao, do as this young master says!” A soft voice rang out. Diwu Qing Rou was slowly approaching on a horse, “Escort His Majesty and his people out.”

Then he cupped his fist toward Ao Xie Yun and said with a smile, “This time, our Great Zhao will concede once! You can temporarily use the royal palace. But next time, you young masters will owe me an answer!”

Li Xiong Tu snorted coldly. His beard stood on ends as he spoke casually, “If we don’t answer to you, then what?”

Diwu Qing Rou’s eyes narrowed, and he replied, “Then… even the great clans of Middle Three Heavens… will have to give me an answer!”

His calm voice unexpectedly carried a kind of powerful fury.

Seeing that Li Xiong Tu wanted to lawlessly fight with Diwu Qing Rou, Ao Xie Yun hastily made peace, “The Prime Minister is too serious. We could not help but borrow the royal palace this time. After this issue is solved, we will answer to the Prime Minister no matter what.”

Then he glared at Li Xiong Tu and scolded in a low voice, “Idiot! Once we make a big deal out of this, the saber will belong to Great Zhao!”

“Uh… oh… oh…” Li Xiong Tu nodded like a pecking chicken. The moment he thought of this, he immediately cupped his fist and said fluidly, “The Prime Minister is truly farsighted, heroic, majestic, ah ah… handsome, talented, unequalled… ah…” Ao Xie Yun could only cover his ears and walk back.

This punk just cursed at the person; now, he was praising without any embarrassment. There was not one bit of sincerity in it…

Diwu Qing Rou was so accomplished but he was still infuriated by this punk. His face did not stop twitching. He waved his sleeve and said, “So be it.”

Turning back, he yelled, “General Xiao, you are still not following the orders given. What are you waiting for?”

Then he turned and left immediately.

If he kept staying here, Diwu Qing Rou guessed that if he was not teased to death by King of Hell Chu, he would be teased to death by this punk, Li Xiong Tu…

On one side, Great Zhao was pulling out; on the other, the negotiation officially began. All of the royal palace had essentially turned into a ruin since the fire started.

Even if they were to put out the fire at this point, there would only be broken walls and shattered tiles.

The fire might as well be left alone to brighten the place for them.

General Xiao waved his arm and angrily retreated with his army.

“Now, nineteen young masters must fight!” Ao Xie Yun held a bunch of papers in his hand and said, “Everyone must pull their lot. At every other round, there will be one person exempted from the fight. At a certain point, you must stop and not kill your opponent. In addition, after one round ends, another will start fifteen minutes after.”

“In other words, there will be nine winners after the first round; the remaining nine (TLN: plus one) are qualified to compete! After the second round, there will be five winners. Three after the third round. The fourth round will decide who the saber will belong to.” Mo Tian Yun said with a cold voice.

At that moment, a shy voice sounded, “May I ask, Brother Ao and Brother Mo, in this competition… can we use poison?”

When he heard these words, Mo Tian Yun looked as if he was bitten by a poisonous snake. He looked back ferociously. If a gaze could kill, Mo Tian Yun had already ripped this person apart.

The person who just spoke was none other than Poisonous Spirit!

“Little Poison… Ou Du Xiao!” Ao Xie Yun was having a headache, “Are there any antidotes for your poisons?”

“Of course.” Ou Du Xiao winked.

“Bastard!” Mo Tian Yun yelled, “You could have given him the antidote for that Bone Dissolving Spirit Dispersing Fragrance?”

“I really don’t have that…” Ou Du Xiao said shyly, “And if I could… Umm, he has to get a treatment every ten days…”

“Your grandma!” Li Xiong Tu and Tu Qian Hao cursed simultaneously. Once they get hit with this poison, would they have to become Ou Du Xiao’s slave to avoid turning into black liquid?

“If you neutralize the poison, you can join.” Ao Xie Yun decided and said, “Everyone draw lots. The last one will be mine.”

And like that, nineteen clans started drawing lots for the competition under Ao Xie Yun’s leadership.

Perhaps even Ao Xie Yun did not expect that, with the exception of some unwarranted clans, this lot drawing would determine the future ranking of the great clans of Middle Three Heavens…

They would be the same as the result of the competition!

When the fight for Sunlight Saber was in full swing in the palace, Chu Yang already returned to Heaven Reaching Tower, washed and changed his clothes. With a steaming cup of tea in front of him and a book in his hand, he sat relaxed beyond words.

A little bit later, Gu Du Xing finally also returned.

“How is it on your side?” Chu Yang asked.

“Your side is already done? So quickly?” Gu Du Xing asked in surprise.

“They are still fighting for the precious saber. But my side is essentially done.” Chu Yang said casually, “The royal palace is done. I saw it with my own eyes. A few concubines and ministers probably got cremated there… Umm, after tonight, the number of dead people in the royal palace should reach thirty thousand. A little small…”

“Cough cough…” Gu Du Xing choked, “A little small? You are still not satisfied?”

“Yes, I am a little unsatisfied. It’s because the Middle Three Heavens clans did not clash with the military.” Chu Yang felt disappointed and said, “If they fought with each other, that would be most beautiful.”

“If they really fought… then who would need King of Hell Chu?” Gu Du Xing sneered.

“It’s uneventful on my side. Dong Wu Shang is still making preparations.” Gu Du Xing said, “Dong Wu Shang wants to use Moonlight Sword to blow up Golden Horse Rides Department’s headquarter.”

“That is one way to go.” Chu Yang rubbed his chin and laughed, “Remember, we must use this opportunity to free all of the people Diwu Qing Rou captured. If we cannot free all of them, we should at least free most of them! Otherwise, this scheme of ours would still be a failure.”

“Rest assured.” Gu Du Xing grinned and said excitedly, “I will tell you a piece of good news. When I was talking with Dong Wu Shang, I suddenly had an epiphany in the way of the blades. I will probably become a third grade Revered Sword Artist soon!”

“That is good news.” Chu Yang exclaimed, “I also have a piece of good news for you.”

“What is it?” Gu Du Xing asked. He still had not recovered from his excitement.

“Cough cough, Gu Yan Yang is dead.” Chu Yang let out two dry coughs and said, “I killed him!”

Gu Du Xing was immediately stunned.

“Gu Yan Yang is dead? You killed him?” After a long while, Gu Du Xing looked at Chu Yang with a confused gaze. There was a trace of frustration and sadness within it. There was also a trace of satisfaction.

“I killed him!” Chu Yang nodded affirmatively, “What are you thinking?”

“I am thinking… about how my foster father would be able to deal with this.” Gu Du Xing sat down completely absent-minded, “There is nothing regrettable about Gu Yan Yang getting killed. With the things that he did, I already wanted to kill him a long time ago, but I could not. Now… ahh! I am very conflicted… If Sister Xiao Miao learns of this, she will be very sad…”

“Umm, there is one more thing.” Chu Yang said softly.

“What is it?” Gu Du Xing let out a pained laughed.

“Gu Yan Yue is also dead…” Chu Yang looked up at him, “I killed him!”

“I… you… this…” Gu Du Xing stood straight up and hyperventilated, “You… you really… dared!”

Gu Du Xing was like a horse on aphrodisiac; he ran around the room while muttering, “What should I do now? What should I do now? What should I do now?…”

Chu Yang said sympathetically, “What should you do now??”

Gu Du Xing collapsed on his seat. His thoughts suddenly became fuzzy. They died? The two people who always looked down on me since I was a child. The two people who framed me many times when I grew up and constantly pushed me toward death… have died?

They died just like that?

“With the two of them dead, I can only be happy! But I am worried… about how my foster father will cope with this! Those two were both his sons! They might have been unaccomplished, but they were his flesh and blood…” Gu Du Xing sat with his hands holding his head and an expression of pain on his face.

“Killing the two of them is a gift from me to you!” Chu Yang said casually.

“A gift…” Gu Du Xing said in shock.

“It is also a gift from me to your foster father and the Gu clan…” Chu Yang smiled and said, “You should be the leader of the clan. Compare to those two, you are far better. At least, the Gu clan’s future prospects will be guaranteed. Gu Miao Ling will also be freed earlier.”

Gu Du Xing was dumbfounded, “What you are saying… I already know, but the issue is…”

“What issue is there?” Chu Yang spread out his palm, “They are already dead… can their heads grow back?”

Gu Du Xing was completely speechless. With a person like this, what else could he say?

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