It was not that Chu Yang did not want to kill Mo Tian Yun. Mo Tian Yun had two King level protectors on his side. And this entire sword move depended on his spirit. If it was blocked, his effort would have been in vain. Given Chu Yang’s current martial strength, he was not powerful enough to kill Mo Tian Yun in front of King level masters!

Furthermore, if he missed, he would be in danger! There were dozens of King level masters here, and Chu Yang only had enough strength for one move! If he were to be kept back… then he would be finished!

Chu Yang naturally made the choice that he was one hundred percent certain about! When the King level masters protecting the two Gu brothers moved from them, they were the most appropriate target in the situation at hand.

He was not certain that he could kill Mo Tian Yun so he decide to give Gu Du Xing a big present first!

He killed Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue.

A sword move like thunder!

One successful sword move!

He immediately retreated after his success!

For a long time after he left, this place was still in silence. The fires that burned on all sides was now the only noisy thing…

The two brothers, Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, could not say a word. Guzzling sounds came from their throats as they looked on in disbelief. Then their heads slowly fell back and dropped to the ground. Their terror-filled eyes looked straight up at the sky.


They were still in disbelief the moment they died. They could not believe that this place, a place that was definitely not dangerous to them, was the place that a killer appeared out of the blue and took their lives!

Are they not fighting to get Sunlight Saber? Should the top targets not be Mo Tian Yun and Ao Xie Yun instead? Why is… this so? Why is this so?

The two bodies fell down, and eternal darkness would drown all of their questions!

That King level master of the Gu clan stood stupefied. Suddenly, he was feeling such suffering as the stuff of nightmares! The Gu clan sent out four people: Two young masters and two King level masters!

But in a blink of an eye, one King level master was killed by Xie Dan Qiong. And right after that King level master lost his life, the two young masters were also killed.

He was the lone survivor!

Mo Tian Yun and Ao Xie Yun looked at each other and saw fear in each other’s eyes.

This one sword move was terrifying; it gave them the chills. They also thought if they did not have their bodyguards by their sides and had to deal with that one sword move like the Gu brothers, what would become of them?

Just imagining so was enough send chills down their spines.

The King level master of the Gu clan angrily stomped his foot. All of a suddenly, he bent down and stacked the three bodies on top of each other. Then he lifted them on top of his shoulder. After that, he glanced at Xie Dan Qiong with a fiery gaze. Without saying a word, he walked out!

And left!

He carried his brother’s body and the bodies of the young masters back home! He had to quickly inform the clan! Upon returning, there was only death for him, but he had to go back!

At some intangible point, the culprit of this whole incident became Xie Dan Qiong. Xie Dan Qiong killed one King level master and lured the remaining King level master away! If one was to say that this assassination did not have anything to do with Xie Dan Qiong, even Ao Xie Yun and Mo Tian Yun would not believe it!

This was clearly premeditated!

When I lure the martial expert away, you make the move!

Moreover, Gu Yan Yang had been crazily pursuing Xie Dan Qiong’s fiancée these days. How could the proud Xie Dan Qiong not be furious?

He had every reason to kill Gu Yan Yang.

While this whole incident seemed unrelated, the more unrelated things looked, the more related they were.

Xie Dan Qiong watched this King level master leave with a pensive countenance. He knew that he would have to shoulder this wrongful blame. Even though he wanted to kill Gu Yan Yang and he had killed one of the Gu clan’s King level master because of this anger… he really would not kill Gu Yan Yang.

However, he did not say anything. Instead, he immediately turned to look at Mo Tian Yun and said in a solemn voice, “Mo Tian Yun, Brother Mo, I need Sunlight Saber!”

His cold and low voice was unexpectedly filled with killing intent! His unspoken threat was clear: If you don’t give it to me, I will kill you! I dared to kill Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, I will not mind killing you, Mo Tian Yun!

If you will not hear me, let Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue be your lesson!

Xie Dan Qiong knew that he was wrongfully accused, but he currently did not any way to defend himself. Surprisingly, not only he did not explain, he used this misunderstanding to further himself!

Aren’t you people assuming that the assassin is one of my people? Fine, I am not admitting, but I am not denying either! I want the saber!

Mo Tian Yun’s face paled.

Perhaps Xie Dan Qiong dares to let that assassin attack me? I must keep on guard. He immediately glanced, and the two King level masters of the Mo clan immediately moved to block his back.

“Xie Dan Qiong, you are crazy! During the training, you are not allowed to kill descendants of the clans. Have you forgotten this rule?” Mo Tian Yun’s pupils contracted.

“Brother Mo, we are all sensible people.” Xie Dan Qiong said coldly, “Are you going to hand it over or not?”

“Insolent!” The two King level masters of the Mo clan roared, “Young master Xie, given our young master’s position, your Xie clan dares to make a move against him?”

“Brother Ao!” Xie Dan Qiong raised his brows and said without paying any attention to those two King level masters, “Brother Ao, as long as you agree to not get involved, I will share the secret inside the saber with you.”

“Brother Xie, as long as you agree to not get involved, I will share the secret inside the saber with you.” Ao Xie Yun smiled, “What do you think?”

“Hahaha, Brother Ao sure knows how to joke.” Xie Dan Qiong’s expression was icy as he laughed loudly.

“As you as you all stand by and and let me get the saber, I promise each one of you will get the secret inside the saber.” Tu Qian Hao walked up and smiled.

“Get lost, all of you! This saber belongs to me, Li Xiong Tu!” With loud yell, Li Xiong Tu’s bearded face rushed in. He grabbed the animal skin bag from Mo Tian Yun’s hand.

Mo Tian Yun angrily roared, and activated energy in his hand. A brilliant chain of many colors shot out from inside his sleeve. It ripped through the air with the power of an army and went straight toward Li Xiong Tu.

The two King level masters of the Mo clan simultaneously moved. The two King level masters of the Li clans also roared like thunder and rushed in. Xie Dan Qiong of the Xie clan raised his arm and jumped in.

Ao Xie Yun sighed and then yelled, “Get it!” The three martial experts of the Ao clan also shot up from the back.

Tu Qian Hao laughed loudly and said, “Exciting! Too exciting!” With a wave of his arm, the Tu clan also joined the fight. The remaining clans also joined in one by one. They fought while barely knowing who their opponents were.

The young Poisonous Spirit stood far outside the fight. He watched the crowd with eyes like that of a snake.

The sounds of horse hooves shook the ground. Great Zhao’s army had arrived. There was immediately sounds of fighting outside. The Jiang Hu people outside and the army clashed.

A yell like thunder rang out, “Everyone inside stop! Otherwise, you will be killed!”

The two King level masters who stood behind Poison Spirit laughed and walked outside. They said arrogantly, “Nineteen clans of Middle Three Heavens are going about their business, anyone who gets in the way will be killed without mercy!”

The commanding general was caught by surprise. He looked at dozens of the shining crowns in the air and could not speak for a long time.

At this moment, there appeared yet another crown in the sky of Continent Center Citadel. This person yelled loudly, “Prime Minister Diwu orders the army to retreat immediately. Everything here will be the Prime Minister’s responsibility! Prime Minister Diwu will bear the consequences!”

This was the fourth King level leader of Golden Horse Riders Department, Yin Wu Tian!

Given such a guarantee, the people inside fought even more chaotically.

Mo Tian Yun grew more and more manic. He could see that he could not hold on to the precious saber. All of a sudden, he threw the saber in the air and yelled, “Take it if you are skilled enough!”

Ao Xie Yun immediately frowned.

This Sunlight Saber spun in the air as it flew up! This time, Mo Tian Yun used all of his effort to toss the saber and unexpectedly tossed it more than a hundred feet in the air.

Everyone simultaneously halted.

Sunlight Saber was starting to fall back down.

More than forty figures jumped up. In the air, they flew and fought each other at the same time. It was extremely chaotic! They could see that the saber was almost down, but they were still without a winner…

One King level master roared and palmed the air. Sunlight Saber immediately flew up high.

Because of that, the saber fell down and flew up again. Then it fell down, and flew up…

Under it, more than fifty King level masters continued to fight and compete.

A painful scream rang out. A King level master flew out like a ball. Li Xiong Tu angrily yelled, “Motherf*! Who made that underhanded move?”

However, the sound of people cursing and insulting each other did not stop. His words were quickly drowned in everything else.

With the saber out of his hands, Mo Tian Yun immediately backed out to the side and panted. He signaled the two King level masters of the Mo clan, and they also temporarily backed out from the fight. Standing on the side, Mo Tian Yun’s eyes flashed as he watched the battle.

At that same time, Dong Wu Lei and Xie Dan Qiong also brought their people out.

Who did not know Mo Tian Yun’s intention? This guy clearly wanted to wait for a cheap bargain. But everyone else also wanted a bargain…

Ao Xie Yun frowned and yelled, “Everyone stop! Listen to what I have to say first! Fighting like this is not the way! I have a solution to avoid unnecessary fighting!”

All the young masters heard this and simultaneously gave order to stop the fighting. Everyone created a large circle with Sunlight Saber dropping in the middle. With a clang, the saber tip stabbed the ground. Then there was a swoosh, and the saber pierced through a few thick layers of rock. In fact, even the handle was nowhere to be seen. On the ground, there was only a hole.

The young masters took a deep breath: A truly sharp saber!

Their eyes burned with desire: Without even mentioning about the secret inside the saber, the blade is already a rare item!

“There are right now nineteen clans here.” Ao Xie Yun took a step up and said, I calculated carefully, and found that there are a total of seven alliances here! Each clan here have their own allies! I suggest that each alliance nominate one person for a competition. Whoever wins will get Sunlight Saber! What does everyone think?”

“Bull! Ao Xie Yun have surely prepared a martial expert already. You only say such a thing because you are certain of your victory. Is that what fairness is? Is there such a thing as fairness in this world?” Mo Tian Yun yelled loudly, “This is clearly a scheme of yours!”

Mo Tian Yun was angry and anxious. A King level master died for nothing. Plus, he got Sunlight Saber and had to throw it out. He wanted to wait for an opportunistic moment and make his move, but Ao Xie Yun saw through his plan…

Could it be that a King level master just died needlessly like that? (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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