“There is another piece of good news…” Chu Yang was like a god, “No one knew that I killed them.”

“Nonsense!” Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes.

“So you should prepare to avenge your brothers’ death.” Chu Yang said, “If things go as I expected, your Gu clan will be going head to head with the Xie clan.”

“The Xie clan?” Gu Du Xing scratched his head, “What does this have to do with the Xie clan?”

“Xie Dan Qiong killed one of your King level masters. And I made my move right after. We worked together seamlessly to kill three out of four people your Gu clan sent out for training!” Chu Yang laughed.

Gu Du Xing finally understood; he said, “So the Xie young master, Xie Dan Qiong, will have to take this dirty water basin in your stead…”

“Exactly.” Chu Yang clapped and said excitedly, “Xie Dan Qiong is a good person; people who do good deeds will go down in history; we should just do our work silently…”

“Can you do things quietly?” Gu Du Xing sighed. He looked at Chu Yang with a helpless and gratified gaze.

Chu Yang might have sounded relaxed, but how could Gu Du Xing not know what dangerous risks Chu Yang had to take?

Chu Yang’s cultivation was only Sword Great Master!

One Great Master killed two key characters in front of the watchful eyes of some forty or fifty King level masters and escaped with his whole body intact…

Gu Du Xing never even thought about what methods Chu Yang used to accomplish this. He was having cold sweats just thinking a little about this event!

What was Chu Yang’s current status? To say frankly, Chu Yang’s safety was directly linked to the outcome of the war between two nations! Not even one wrong move was allowed; not even one flaw could appear!

On a more serious note, a cold could affect Chu Yang’s thinking and create serious issues in a blink of an eye…

Given such a situation, Chu Yang dared to take a chance and killed Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue.

Why? (Walk the Jiang Hu)

For his brother! For me!

Because Chu Yang knows that my unfortunate childhood was greatly contributed by Gu Yan Yang and his brother! Because Chu Yang knows that those two never abandoned the idea of killing me! Because Chu Yang knows that with those two still around, I would never be able to rise up in the Gu clan!

Because those two are the true heirs of the clan!

If those two lived up to their expectations, Gu Du Xing would not say anything. But the issue was that those two were too weak to build a foundation. In addition, they were jealous of other people’s talents and used dark, insidious schemes to get what they wanted.

So why did Chu Yang make his move? It was all because of Gu Du Xing.

Gu Du Xing never said thank you nor did he need to. But this gratitude, he would remember well!

Although this matter was not dealt with in an open manner, this one move would eternally remove great trouble for Gu Du Xing!

If it was up to Gu Du Xing, he would probably never be able to make a move against them because of the kindness of his foster father.

They did not talk for the whole night.

It was not until the next morning that the competition ended! Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing stood outside of the royal palace and watched in their fluttering white outfits.

It was not known how fierce last night’s fighting was, but the entire royal palace was thick with smoke. It seemed to have become a ruin! Frankly, this was not an exaggeration; not even one room was left intact!

This royal palace was completely shattered.

The one with the greatest harvest was probably Chu Yang. Because after he entered the royal palace last night, he helped Ji Mo a few times. When he saw there were no longer any issues, he immediately turned toward the treasury.

Such an opportunity, how could Minister Chu let it pass by?

The guards at the treasury were long gone. Chu Yang had Nine Tribulations Sword in hand; how sharp was it? He directly made a large hole and walked right in. Chu Yang was in a rush this time and did not have a chance to absorb these things, but he did have Nine Tribulations space…

He raised his arm, “Take this for me!”

“Take this for me!”

After a few dozen times of calling out like that, the treasury was emptied…

Then he walked out.

Otherwise, how could he have shot out from the burning fire when he killed Gu Yan Yang and his brother? The young masters of the nineteen great clans and the King level masters also did not know that… The place where the fire was burning fiercest was the treasury of the royal palace…

It was nearly noon…

From within the royal palace, three dejected silhouettes walked out. It was the Luo clan’s Luo Ke Wu. He was walking and cursing; his two eyes were purple like a panda in a circus.

From afar, his shouting could be heard, “Motherf*, too low! Too low! That bastard Xie Dan Qiong; I can’t believe he played me! If not for…”

Behind him, another young master with disheveled hair was grinding his teeth, “Motherf*, how am I so unlucky. I just went up, and I met with little poison. His grandmother, what could I do…”

After that, Tu Qian Hao walked out with a ferocious look. He did not even bother with a grunt and arrogantly left.

“What a fart; putting up air! You think you’re something?” Luo Ke Wu spat and instigated. He was already annoyed and was looking for an opponent to dump his anger on.

Tu Qian Hao ferociously turned around. He glared Luo Ke Wu as if he wanted to eat him alive. Luo Ke Wu also did not back up. He puffed up his chest and said, “Tu Qian Hao! You are not happy?”

Tu Qian Hao angrily spat and said, “If it is not out of respect for your older sister, I…” He turned and walked away…

Luo Ke Wu angrily chase after him and yelled out, “You and my older sister are not married yet! Motherf*, you already see yourself as my brother-in-law! Motherf*, you dare to talk like you are above me…?”

At this point, Luo Ke Wu suddenly exploded, “Stop right there! Today, I have to ask you. Do you want to marry my older sister or my aunt? Stop… stop…”

Tu Qian Hao did not bother to pay attention and walked further and further.

The edge of Chu Yang’s mouth twitched. These two brothers-in-law… are truly…

“I finally understand why Luo Ke Di’s personality is like that…” Chu Yang rubbed his chin and said with a deep gaze.

“I also understand.” Gu Du Xing looked at Luo Ke Wu and nodded. He let out a long sigh and said, “If the upper beam is not straight, the lower one will be slant.”

“Perhaps the true cause is not here…” Chu Yang’s gaze seemed to be deep in thought.

“That makes a lot of sense.” Gu Du Xing frowned and nodded sincerely, “Perhaps it is his father!”

The next person to come out was none other than Ou Du Xiao. This future Poison Spirit was currently extremely pitiful. His left eye was black, and his right eye was red. His clothes were torn showing a pair of snow-white thighs. As he walked, his round butt was playing peek-a-boo with a faint trace of beauty.

As he hobbled, he lamented, “I am really unlucky to run into a mutant that is not afraid of poison… Ao Xie Yun…”

With a plop, Li Xiong Tu rolled out with a swollen face. Two King level masters of the Li clan followed close behind; they grabbed him and asked, “Young master, are you okay?”

“Motherf*! I told you so many times; call me Hero Li!” Li Xiong Tu glared at them. Then he turned back and yelled, “Mo Tian Yun! I will not forget this! Let’s go…”

Two more people left the game. After that Jade Flower from the exceptional twelve, Xie Dan Qiong also walked out in annoyance. His face was still white and handsome as before, but the clothes on his body were more pitiful than those of a beggar. He did not say a word and hastily left.

All those who came out had one thing in common. They could clearly see the two young masters Chu, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing, in clothes as white as snow, but no one went over to greet them.

Each one of them was prideful. They were all of the same mentality: You people are from Upper Three Heavens; we are from Middle Three Heavens. We are of two different worlds. We walk different paths.

Plus things were so embarrassing like this; they did not want to walk over. They were already losing face in Middle Three Heavens; they did not want to lose face in Upper Three Heavens as well…

Waiting for a long time, they did not see anyone else coming out. Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing were losing their patience. Then they saw three people walked out from within.

Mo Tian Yun and two King level masters of the Mo clan walked out with grave faces. They were looking gloomy as if they had failed.

“Let’s go!” Mo Tian Yun grunted. He was about to leave this place when he saw Chu Yang.

Mo Tian Yun took one glance at the surrounding and unexpectedly headed over with an enthusiastic expression, “Two young masters Chu, this…”

“It’s nothing. We just wanted to see whether that saber is real or fake.”

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Young master Mo, you…?” He saw an eye-catching imprint of five fingers on Mo Tian Yun’s face.

“Cough cough. I am not as talented as others; Ao Xie Yun… Ah…” Mo Tian Yun sighed with a look of disappointment. Then he immediately blinked and said, “That saber… is in Ao Xie Yun’s hands.”

Of course Mo Tan Yun knew that the reason why the two young masters Chu of Upper Three Heavens came here. The moment he saw them, he immediately stabbed Ao Xie Yun in the back.

If I can’t have it, Ao Xie Yun will not have it easily either.

Chu Yang nodded with understanding. Then he said comfortingly, “Brother Mo, you don’t need to be so angry. Even though you can’t get this saber… isn’t there still a sword?”

How could Chu Yang not know of Mo Tian Yun’s sinister intentions?

Standing on the side, Gu Du Xing was feeling somewhat contemptuous. So many people left earlier, but no one said anything. The moment Mo Tian Yun came out, he was already an informant…

Mo Tian Yun’s eyes brightened the moment he heard what Chu Yang said. He laughed loudly and said, “Young master Chu, I will take my leave first.”

“Please feel free, Brother Mo.” Chu Yang said intimately and bid him goodbye.

Finally, from within the smoke and fire, Ao Xie Yun and the three King level masters of the Ao clan came out talking and laughing. Slanting over his should was a slender animal skin wrap. It was indeed the Sunlight Saber that got all of Jiang Hu fighting.

It seemed that the saber had fallen into the hands of the Ao clan!

Glancing at Chu Yang, Ao Xie Yun’s countenance seemed to change slightly. He immediately went over and greeted, “Brother Chu?”

Chu Yang smiled and said politely, “Brother Ao, can I look at the saber a little?”

The moment he spoke, the three King level masters of the Ao clan were immediately on guard. They cautiously watched Chu Yang as the atmosphere thickened.

“Why not.” Ao Xie Yun readily took the saber from his shoulder and handed it over.

If the other person was asking openly, he would not snatch it! If he asked for a little look, then he would look a little! Ao Xie Yun understood this.

Chu Yang took the saber and swung it back and forth. Then he looked a little and praised, “Truly a good saber…”

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    1. Doing that now would ruin his plans for bloodbath in a fight for moon sword. Because if sun sabre is fake then sword would be same.


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        2. I agree. I am sure that Sunlight Saber is soulless. But the one for Mo Qing Wu is definitely not soulless because it clearly stated that the sword spirit only absorbed the essence of the other items while he actually saved the special metals that he made Mo Qing Wu’s saber with.
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