“Give the order to Gao Shang Jun, Yan Cheng Huan, and Wu Yong to mobilize three military corps. Using all of their forces, attack Limitless Nation immediately! By summer time, we must destroy Limitless Nation or at least leave it barely alive and in fear!” The icy light in Diwu Qing Rou’s eyes grew stronger and stronger.


Limitless Nation was situated south of Great Zhao. While it might be freezing here right now, it would not be a hindrance to march south; compared to the north, it was like spring in the south or perhaps even warmer than that…

But this move was clearly different from before.

Han Bu Chu and Cheng Yun He’s breathing became heavy. They could sense that, this time, Diwu Qing Rou’s orders pointed to one goal: By summer of next year, they must have an all-out war with Iron Cloud!

And this war would determine who the world belonged to!

“When summer comes, Limitless Nation must be half-ruined and scared like a turtle!” Much was implied in these words.

Prime Minister Diwu was finally making his move!

Among the complying voices, Diwu Qing Rou suddenly became solemn once again.

After a long time, he sighed heavily and said, “To fight the outside, we must first pacify the inside. King of Hell Chu, I will let you have this one…”

Then he immediately said, “Everyone, remain low-key. We will gather all of the royalists together and make a record of them! If they are indeed still okay with us then leave them be, otherwise…”

Diwu Qing Rou smiled darkly, and a sharp aura flashed from his eyes.

The aura was so intense that even a veteran butcher who had killed countless people like Jing Meng Hun felt his hair stand on end!


And currently, King of Hell Chu was with his brother.

In some inn, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing had a full beard on each of their faces and looked no different from other men from Jiang Hu. In this recent time, there were many of such people in Continent Center…

Gu Du Xing was holding his sword and slowly feeling the sword’s aura.

As for King of Hell Chu, he was lying in bed without moving; it seemed like he had fallen asleep…

Even to Gu Du Xing, Chu Yang was in a very deep sleep…

But no one knew that Chu Yang was checking over his gains from this trip to Great Zhao. With mouth salivating and eyes beaming like headlights, he organized his Nine Tribulations space.

“Big harvest! Big harvest! Hahaha…” Chu Yang looked at the pile of precious metals in his Nine Tribulations space and waved his arms in endless joy.

“Don’t touch! Don’t touch this!” Chu Yang jumped forward and grabbed a block of metal that was emitting many colors. But Nine Tribulations Sword point glided past him, circled it, and finally went right in…

Swoosh… swoosh…

In a blink of an eye, there was only a chunk of pure metal the size of a fist in Chu Yang’s hand.

“F*! Didn’t I say you can’t touch this?” Chu Yang said angrily.

The sword spirit came out and sighed, “Let it have its way a little. It has been hungry for more than ten thousand years… And let’s face it; it’s for your own good!”

Chu Yang was surprised, but he immediately jumped and grabbed a block of dark shining steel the size of a person’s head and said, “I’ll let you have the other things, but I must use this block first before I give it to Nine Tribulations Sword!”

“Nightmare Steel?” The sword spirit had no choice but to say a few words to the sword point.

The sword point flew over and made a few longing rounds around this block of Nightmare Steel. Chu Yang suddenly had the sense that the sword point had become a child who wanted a piece of candy he could not have…

He momentarily softened a bit.

However, he held on and said decisively, “This is too important! I have to use it! After I am done, there should be more than half left over; you can as you please then! I don’t even care if you eat it all then, but I need you to leave this back for me right now!”

The sword point saw Chu Yang’s determination and left.

“Oh, is Nine Tribulations pill done yet?” Chu Yang remembered that there were a lot of rare items in the royal palace; there was at least the equivalent of two warehouses, and every single thing had completely disappeared.

Of course, they were all eaten by Nine Tribulations Sword.

“If it is an ordinary Nine Tribulation pills capable of saving lives, there would be three by now. But this Nine Tribulations pill!” The sword spirit said carelessly, “While Great Zhao’s vault had a lot of medicinal items, it does not have precious things like the nine great herbal medicines!”

“That is why for a true Nine Tribulations pill could heal any wound; there is still not enough material!” The sword spirit said slowly, “It’s still missing medicinal ingredients. Any of the nine great herbs would complete Nine Tribulations pill!”

“Can this current Nine Tribulations pills cure Mo Qing Wu’s injury?” Chu Yang asked.


Nine Tribulations Sword said frankly and almost made Chu Yang faint, “So many medicinal ingredients and you could not make one Nine Tribulations pill?”

“Can one hundred thousand pounds of wild grass make one medicinal mushroom?” The sword spirit asked condescendingly.

Chu Yang was immediately silenced.

Piles and piles of precious metals were disappearing with great speed. If these were used, they would have been enough to equip five million soldiers! But right now, they were being turned to piles of dust by Nine Tribulations Sword point!

Finally, Nine Tribulations Sword stopped eating.

The sword spirit smiled and said with satisfaction, “It can almost be declared that gold and silver are no longer needed from now on!”

Chu Yang’s eyes widened at he looked at what was once a large mountain of gold and silver now reduced only to one small piece of gold and two pieces of silver. Chu Yang’s limbs trembled as he asked with a shaky voice, “Other types of metals… you don’t need as much, do you?”

“Cough… cough… not much less.” The sword spirit said with a hint of embarrassment, “Besides metals, we still need some other things… such as medicinal items, souls, flesh…”

Chu Yang fell to the ground and yelled out in pain, “Just kill me!” He suddenly started to wail, “People talk about bankrupting their family fortune… this is bankrupting a nation! No, no, this is bankrupting a continent…”

“Cough… cough… One continent… is probably not enough…” The sword spirit said frankly.

Chu Yang finally collapsed.

After Nine Tribulations Sword swallowed a great amount of resources, the sword point’s color became a pale gold in Chu Yang’s dantian. And the sword edge also became a silver and gold color… shining brightly…

Chu Yang was truly worried; if this continues, would my stomach shine like a lantern?

Chu Yang’s worries would never come to fruition. In reality, Nine Tribulations Sword was in his dantian, and it could only be seen by him…

Of course, since he stole so many things, there were many things that Nine Tribulations Sword did not need… And of course, he had to wait until after Nine Tribulations Sword was done with the sorting before these “junks” officially became property of the Nine Tribulations Sword owner, King of Hell Chu.

Among them, there were countless weapons already formed. There were also brush strokes of many famous people, numerous martial arts secrets, and also a lot of… ah, works of art.

Surprisingly, these included hundreds of erotic drawings…

Looking at the erotic images in bright colors with so many positions, King of Hell Chu’s mouth and eyes widened… This is… too much…

So, with a swoosh, King of Hell Chu immediately ran out.

Gu Du Xing was studying sword aura when he saw Big Brother jolted up like a zombie and could not help but be startled.

“Du Xing, I have a few books; have a look…”

Chu Yang reached under and pretended to search. He pulled out some books that were discolored and clearly very old.

“What books?” Gu Du Xing found it strange. I just have to cultivate my sword art; what am I reading books for? And why do you have so many books under your butt? Why didn’t I see them before?

The moment he got them, his hands trembled.

“The Study of Sword Cultivation”

“Nourishing Sword Aura with Your Mind”

“The Study of Five Sword States”

“The King of Swords”

“Swords of Killing – Swords of Friendship”

Gu Du Xing looked at each book, and his gaze became fiercer; his hands also trembled even more.

The authors of these books might not have had high cultivation levels, but each was filled with creative thoughts. Additionally, they were all the efforts of the generations that came before!

One of them actually contained the enlightenment of a sword scholar before he passed away!

The combination of countless predecessors from different times was like a wide open road for a person who was cultivating sword art like Gu Du Xing!

Perhaps after he became Sword King, the usefulness of these books would not be too great for him. But right now, what Gu Du Xing needed most were these books!

“Where did you get them?” Gu Du Xing immediately held onto these books tightly; his eyes reddened.

“You don’t have to worry about that; just read them.” Chu Yang said with a forced voice, “On this trip to Great Zhao, I have had some gains.”

“But these gains… are not small.” Gu Du Xing hyperventilated.

Chu Yang laughed internally. Not small? This is nothing… I also have things prepared for Ji Mo, Dong Wu Shang, Rui Bu Tong, and Luo Ke Di… Besides this, I also got the entire national vault of Great Zhao…

I still have many good things…

However, the only thing that annoyed Chu Yang was the fact that he still had no means to deal with Mo Qing Wu’s injury. It was finally forming and just needed medicinal ingredients!

He only needed one of the precious nine great herbal medicines and Nine Tribulations pill would be formed!

This was somewhat comforting to Chu Yang. And if he got three more regular Nine Tribulations pills, then that would be tantamount to having three more lives.

Not just him, but his brothers would have life-saving treasures!

Gu Du Xing trained more fiercely!

First of all, the Gu brothers were dead. While they were not killed by him, Gu Du Xing felt that this was no different from him making the move!

If his brother did the deed, he would take the blame!

Not to mention the fact that Chu Yang did this mainly because of him. If it were not for him, Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, no matter how horrible they were, would have nothing to do with Chu Yang. Why would Chu Yang then take such a dangerous risk to kill the two of them?

Therefore, Gu Du Xing believed that he had to take this responsibility. Even though he did not say anything, he would never avoid his responsibilities!

The Gu brothers have died so the Gu clan will call me back soon. At that time, what should I do?

In addition… Chu Yang has given me so many chances to advance quickly; if I am still slow, how can I face him?

Sister Xiao Miao… Can she be freed soon? If she knows that her both of her brothers died because of me… even if their relationship was not good… will she be able to tolerate it?

It was night time once more!

There was a sense of doom in Continent Center Citadel. Finally, that night, unprecedented chaos occurred once more!

A sword light like that of a dark moon greeted the moonlight in the sky as it beamed straight up!

Moonlight Sword!

Appeared! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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