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Bright moon, few stars; the moon shined brightly in this endless night! Its light seemed surreal like a dream.

After the fierce fighting the day before, everyone was tired physically and mentally! At this moment, all things were quiet.

Many Jiang Hu people, after the Middle Three Heavens clans got involved, realized that it was hopeless and left voluntarily. As for the descendants of Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber, they also disappeared without a trace…

But in that quiet atmosphere, a thunderous cry suddenly rang out, “Give Moonlight Sword to me!”

Right after, there a stunning sword light flashed straight up to the sky. A person flew over roofs at lightning speed as he hastily tried to escape. The person behind him also flashed with a bright sword light as he gave chase!

Within moments, they both disappeared over the horizon.

Compared to the appearance of Sunlight Saber, Moonlight Sword’s appearance was quieter, but it still surprised people.

But no matter how surprising it was, martial experts were still martial experts!

In Heaven Reaching Tower, there was a loud yell. Right after, a number of shadows flew up with massive forces. They made one round in the air and then quickly gave chase.

All of Heaven Reaching Tower immediately boiled over. Countless figures flew directly out of windows and gave chase in a flash.

Sunlight Saber had already fallen into Ao Xie Yun’s hands so Moonlight Sword was that much more important now.

Mo Tian Yun and all the other young masters were burning with anxiousness.

If Ao Xie Yun got both saber and sword… Once he discovered that secret, the Ao clan would surpass all of theirs! This was a matter of life and death.

As for Ao Xie Yun, he was naturally even more anxious!

With Sunlight Saber already in his possession, he was anxiously waiting for Moonlight Sword. Now that Moonlight Sword appeared, how could he not give it his all?

The first martial expert to discover it and give chase was a person of the Ao clan!

The sword’s brilliance headed toward the west. Along the way, there were people who jumped in, but that person holding Moonlight Saber never stopped. He rushed past them leaving blooming blood flowers in his path.

This person, compared to the owner of Sunlight Saber, was much more ruthless!

Those who got in his way… died!

He used practical actions to prove this point! In fact, he did not need to say anything to make people understand what he wanted to say!

The chasing army grew closer when his sword light pulled back and he landed.

He immediately disappeared without a trace.

The King level masters searched the surrounding area. Some of them stayed in the air and searched in all directions, but they did not discover anything.

Perhaps he has escaped?

The moment they thought so, the sword light appeared right ahead of them. It was about a thousand feet away!

Everyone became excited once more and gave chase.

They saw it clearly this time; it could not be fake.

There was a small mountain ahead of them. Under the mountain was a dilapidated looking military barrack. The soldiers stationed here were clearly of old age…

The flags were also old looking.

If someone had went by, they would think that this was just an ordinary military barrack. Very few people knew that this was the headquarters of Golden Horse Riders Department.

The military camp was only a ruse. This entire little mountain had been hollowed out! In fact, it was even a few times bigger underground.

The invincible Golden Horse Riders Department was here!

Dong Wu Shang ran hastily with the sword while Luo Ke Di chased nonstop. It was as if they were two mortal enemies who happened to run to this place. Bam bam bam. The fought each other ferociously in front of the soldiers.

“Hey brother, let me off, and I will pay you back later!” Dong Wu Shang yelled out desperately.

“Stop talking gibberish; I want your sword!” Luo Ke Di was wearing black with a face full of frost.

“You’re not going to let me go?”


“You’ve forced my hand!”

“So what?”

“Wah… wah… wah… you’re making me mad…”

“Ahwooh, ahwooh… hand over the sword!”

Their dialogue was lame and meaningless, but the two yelled out their b.s. until they were hoarse.

Luo Ke Di thought in admiration as he fought. Motherf*, you really can’t judge people by their appearance. Old man Dong normally seems like a bumpkin; I never expected him to act so well!

From a distance, there were movements.

The first group of people joined in the fight without saying a word. With fingers like talons, they tried to grab Moonlight Saber.

Dong Wu Shang became angry!

He slashed with his sword!

That person grunted, and the color of blood flashed. His fingers had been cut off. But Dong Wu Shang’s chest also felt as if it was hit with a hammer. Blood trickled from his nose and mouth as he staggered backward.

If it was not for the sharp sword blade, the sword would have fallen into someone else’s hand.

From a distance more figures approached like meteors. In the air, brilliant crowns gradually gathered.

Finally, almost everyone had arrived.

They all formed a circle surrounding Dong Wu Shang.

Mo Tian Yun stood in front with glistening eyes. He could see that there was going to be fierce fighting, but it the end, he was determined to get this sword!

Ao Xie Yun stood with his arms folded looking cool and calm.

If there was going to be another fighting competition… Then it would be meaningless. With Ao Xie Yun’s strength, he was still the top one; it would be no different from just handing it over to him. But what were they to do this time?

“All of you want to get Moonlight Sword?” Dong Wu Shang stood there with his sword as looked contemptuously around.

Xie Dan Qiong sighed and said, “This warrior, given the situation in front of you, you can see that you are definitely not okay. Why don’t you just hand it over nicely, and you can keep your life.”

“Hand it over? Hand it over to who?” Dong Wu Shang sneered.

Xie Dan Qiong was immediately at a loss of words.

That’s right. If their opponent was to hand over the sword, who among this crowd was going to get it?

Who didn’t want it?

It could also be said, in this kind of situation, who would dare to want it?

The scenario of Mo Tian Yun being able to take Moonlight Sword tonight flashed in people’s minds. Everyone could not help but feel a little hesitant.

The first person to get Moonlight Saber, no matter who, would definitely not be able to keep it! Moreover, they would become a target for everyone and just end up wasting their strength!

And it was also because of such a problem that everyone became guarded all of a sudden!

“Well? It is too difficult to decide?” Dong Wu Shang sneered, “Why don’t I give you a suggestion? Let me know what you think.”

“What suggestion?”

“Why don’t you people fight each other first? Fight and kill whoever you can. I will hand Moonlight Sword over to the last person standing. What do you think?”

“Gibberish!” Everyone was angry.

Do you think we are idiots?

“Then what are you going to do? Are you just going to stand here and look?” Dong Wu Shang swung the sword up and asked.

Looking at the masked person in black standing in the middle of the battleground, Dong Wu Lei suddenly had a very familiar feeling. It was a kind of mysterious feeling as if the person was someone very familiar and very close to him. He could not help but ask, “Who are you?”

Dong Wu Shang grunted and said, “If you are coming to get the sword, why do you need to ask who I am?”

“Regardless, we must grab him first and talk later!” Li Xiong Tu roared out and went in first.

Dong Wu Shang looked up and laughed, “Come!”

Surprisingly he did not avoid it and fiercely advanced forward instead!

He made one reckless move!

Li Xiong Tu was famous for being the strongest in Middle Three Heavens. But in this contact, he felt as if he slammed into a large mountain. His opponent looked like someone who was just over a hundred pounds, but his contact was about a few thousand pounds!

He was as fortified as a cold block of steel!

Li Xiong Tu yelled out and spat up fresh blood. He flew out backward. There were two cracking sounds as two rib bones in front of his chest broke. Before he even landed on the ground, he already cursed angrily, “Motherf*! Who are you? How are you so heavy like that?”

Li Xiong Tu had even fought with wild buffaloes, but he never suffered such heavy injuries as he did with this collision! He was unable to accept this! Even if he was defeated by someone, he would not be in such a shock as he was right now.

Dong Wu Shang was pushed back by five or six consecutive steps. He grunted coldly but did not answer.

Li Xiong Tu only looked at Dong Wu Shang’s figure and never thought that the unimpressive saber on his back was actually five hundred seventy pounds!

On top of that, his own weight made it a total close to eight hundred pounds! Li Xiong Tu was caught by surprise and was not prepared to deal with such a mass. His opponent’s cultivation far surpassed his own. How could he not have suffered such a great loss?

At this moment, everyone became more cautious.

“Stop!” Dong Wu Shang looked at dozens of bright crowns in the air and suddenly shook his head in defeat. He said sadly, “I thought that if I get this Moonlight Saber, I would be able to cultivate and become a champion in Jiang Hu! I never thought that this precious treasure was never meant to be mine!”

He sighed and said dejectedly, “Oh sword, oh sword. Could it be that you and I are not meant to be?”

His painful words momentarily touched everyone’s hearts.

Right afterward, the second young master of the Dong clan looked up at the heavens and yelled out, “But if I cannot get it, you people can’t get it either!”

He suddenly let out a long scream and jumped up a surprising height of several hundred feet. Under the bright moon, Moonlight Saber flashed brightly as if it wanted to become one with the moon in the sky.

No one understood why he suddenly jumped up in such crazy manner. They thought that no matter how high he jumped, jumping so straight like that, he would have nowhere to borrow momentum from. In the end, would he not just fall straight down?

They could only see this person hanging in the air. Then he swung out his arm and let out a scream. A powerful red energy shot out from his hand!

It shined like a comet shooting through the sky! It flew a distance of a few thousand feet straight into the heart of the mountain.

With a swoosh, it disappeared without a trace.

A throw?

It was indeed a throw!

Plus, he threw it from up high with all of his might!

Everyone already knew how sharp Sunlight Saber was. Just falling down from the air was enough for it to go into the ground entirely. Of course Moonlight Sword would also have to be as sharp as Sunlight Saber!

With such a toss, it probably went a few hundred feet into the ground!

Furthermore, in such darkness, it was not very clear where it fell…

Everyone was furious!

Dong Wu Shang screamed loudly and landed on the ground. He rushed toward the direction of his older brother and yelled out, “Anyone who tries to stop me will be dead, not injured!” (TLN: Last two words are his name Wu Shang – no injuries.)

The moment Dong Wu Lei heard the words “dead, not injured,” his cold face suddenly displayed an odd emotion. He said angrily, “Fight my butt! You just watch as I beat you up, you bastard!” They palmed each other and rumbled on the ground. With many loud pops, their fight scene was extremely exciting.

Since young master Dong made his move, who would join in the fight? Plus, the thing that everyone was most concerned with currently was Moonlight Sword. With an uproar, they all rushed forward to the place where Moonlight Sword had fallen down.

The soldiers wanted to stop them, but they were beaten senseless within a blink of an eye.

The leading King level master created a large hole in the mountain with one palm. He suddenly yelled out in surprise, “Motherf*! There is actually a big maze under here!” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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