Luo Ke Di was suffering greatly when he decided to pull out his whip. He did not expect that the moment he did this, such comments would be incited.

Second young master Luo could barely get a firm grip on his whip at this moment…

“Pow…” (

That Revered Martial Artist punched Luo Ke Di’s chest. Luo Ke Di let out a loud scream and took a step back. After that, a few more pows rang out as his butt received nonstop kicks. He immediately fell to the ground and rolled like a snowball.

“Ahwooh… Damn you punks!” Second young master Luo was livid; he cursed as he rolled on the ground, “Hurry over here and help me!”

“Stop!” Ji Mo flew over and blocked that Revered Martial Artist. He said angrily, “You went too far!”

Too far?

That Revered Martial Artist was confounded. He had intended to directly destroy this punk, but there were five other martial masters on Luo Ke Di’s side watching him like hungry tigers. And knowing that their identities were ambiguous, he was already being merciful when dealing with Luo Ke Di. Never did he expect another punk to jump out and say that he had gone too far.

“I have nothing against you beating him up! Even if you kill him, it is his fault for not learning well. No one would say anything.” Ji Mo angrily pointed and shouted, “But why did you kick his butt?”

“Butt?” That Revered Martial Artist glanced at Luo Ke Di’s butt in a dazed. He asked in confusion, “So what?”

“So what? You are asking so what?” An angry and grief-stricken Ji Mo yelled, “When we don’t have money for food, we all have to depend on him selling his butt! You, you, you kicked his butt. This is no different to destroying our means to live. You have really gone too far!”

“Ji Mo, I am going to kill you!” Luo Ke Di yelled angrily as he desperately rushed toward Ji Mo…

“Hahaha.” Dong Wu Shang laughed and fell off his horse. He was bawling with laughter.

Chu Yang laughed uncontrollably and accidently inhaled some snowflakes.

That Revered Martial Artist’s face went into a spasm as his mouth twitched. A strange expression appeared, and he nodded profoundly, “I see…”

“Therefore, I have to fight with you!” Ji Mo solemnly pulled out his sword, “Many people in Iron Cloud Citadel love Luo Ke Di’s butt… I can’t believe you dared to insult it… Plus, you didn’t even pay…”

Luo Ke Di was raving mad as he rushed over and grabbed Ji Mo. With a fierce countenance, he grinded his teeth and said, “Ji Mo, you son of a b*… I will rip you apart…”

“Facing a formidable opponent, and you want to fight me? You, you… you are hopeless!” Ji Mo righteously looked at him and shouted, “Step aside!”

Then Ji Mo immediately kicked Luo Ke Di’s butt. After insulting the butt that he was trying so hard to protect, he rushed forth with his sword.

The moment Luo Ke Di flew out from being kicked, Ji Mo was neck to neck with that Revered Martial Artist. As he fought, he heatedly asked, “Why did you kick his butt?”

After some more fighting, he asked again, “Why do you want to destroy his butt?”

Ji Mo’s movements were much more fluid than that of Luo Ke Di. That Revered Martial Artist was extremely annoyed. He frantically moved his arms and legs as he listened to his opponent’s questioning. He finally could not help it and yelled out, “I didn’t know his butt was so valuable…”

The moment those words were heard, Luo Ke Di, who had just managed to get up, fell right back down. He beat his hands on the ground and screamed, “Ji Mo, I will kill you! I will not share the same sky with you…”

Rui Bu Tong and Dong Wu Shang were dying with laughter…

A little further away, Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang laughed to the point their bodies trembled…

Cheng Yun He listened these punks and could not help smile slightly. He could not bring himself to laugh… When will these crazy punks end their farce?

From the look of these people, they don’t seem to have any malicious intentions…

Just then, the sound of hooves was heard. Two white horses approached. One youth sitting on the horse in front calmly asked, “Who is the leader of this caravan?”

“Young man, what is it that you want?” Cheng Yun He looked suspiciously at Chu Yang assessing him while hastily showing a cheerful expression.

“Ah, in this harsh weather, travelling must be tough. Don’t you agree?” Chu Yang smiled amicably.

“Yes, yes. But it necessary to make a living. Survival is hard, and living well is much harder.” Cheng Yun He sighed and said pitifully.

“Yes… hard.” Chu Yang nodded with empathy, “Especially when all of these things are so heavy! It is a long distance from here to Great Zhao; this hardship must be unspeakable.”

“You are right.” Cheng Yun He sighed and said, “It is extremely difficult to find a little money to feed your family…”

“Since that is the case, I will volunteer to do you a big favor.” Chu Yang smiled, “Sir, you brought so many riches and treasures; it is too heavy. I don’t want the hardship either, but I am compassionate and helpful. I will help you with this difficulty…” He mused, “Please hand over all of your gold and silver… Just go with your merchandise; I am sure you will be much more comfortable.”

Cheng Yun He was confounded.

This youth seemed so scholarly; Cheng Yun He did not expect him to be even more ruthless, and want to take it all…

Give all of the gold and silver to you… just carry away the merchandise? What the f* are they for? They will probably be rotten before we reach Great Zhao…

Cheng Yun He let out a loud laugh and said, “Sir, this… is a little too much.”

“Too much?” Chu Yang smiled faintly and said, “We are just looking for a meal. Plus, we are just playing around. Just looking for a little fun. But if you make us unhappy, we could tell King of Hell Chu about you so he could come and greet you. I believe that he would greet you even more warmly than we do!”

Chu Yang said casually, “And the price that King of Hell Chu is willing to pay is probably much higher than what you are willing to pay! Do you think I am right?”

Cheng Yun He was startled. His eyes brightened as he asked suspiciously, “Sir, I don’t appreciate what you are saying.”

“Really?” Chu Yang countenance slowly grew cold, “Second brother, immediately return and notify Bu Tian Pavilion. Tell them that we have discovered the whereabouts of Golden Horse Riders Department…”

“Okay!” Gu Du Xing immediately turned and kicked the horse’s sides, “Yah!”

A Revered Martial Artist shot over and shouted, “Stay!”

Gu Du Xing smiled coldly and jumped from the horse’s back all of a sudden. His sword touched the other person’s sword, then his body immediately flew out like an eagle. In the blink of an eye, he had flew away seven hundred feet. His movement was agile and extremely fast!

That Revered Martial Artist felt as if the air had been knocked out of his chest, and his face paled.

Cheng Yun He’s people were all shocked.

Looking at his movements, they knew that even if they all moved on him at once, they would not be able to keep this person from leaving!

“Wait a minute!” Cheng Yun He smiled bitterly inside. No wonder my opponents are not the least bit scared. They already knew our identity before coming to threaten us!

I have to say, this is a great weakness! They surely already guessed that we would have no other choice! The six of them are all martial masters so we cannot be certain that we could fight all of them.

If a confrontation occurs, none of us would be able to return to Great Zhao! As long as they have this, they can name whatever price they want!

Plus, Diwu Qing Rou hasn’t gotten the news; I have the important responsibility of bringing news back to Great Zhao!

“What do you want?” Cheng Yun He asked frankly without bothering to cover things up any further.

Chu Yang smiled arrogantly and said, “I only want to be friends with all of you.”

As he approached that middle-aged man, he could feel Nine Tribulations Sword tip in his dantian becoming increasingly agitated.

This man was surely carrying some precious item or rare metal. Otherwise, Nine Tribulations Sword would not have such a reaction.

“I also really want to be friends with all of you!” Cheng Yun He grunted coldly and said, “Tell me your intentions.”

“In this caravan, there is something that I am searching for.” Chu Yang said coldly, “More like… a person!”

“A person?” Cheng Yun He internally let out a sigh of relief.

Their opponents knew their identity, but did not want to kill them all. They only wanted to find a wanted person; that person must be Yin Wu Fa.

But at this moment, even if they could find Yin Wu Fa, it was not anything to worry about!

“If you want to look for yourself, feel free to do so!” Cheng Yun He smiled, “Whatever you want, I will hand it over with both hands; I will not cause one bit of trouble!”

Chu Yang felt vexed as he looked at Cheng Yun He with a lingering odd feeling.

The King level leader that escaped must be in this caravan. But why is this person not the least bit panicked? Why is this? Chu Yang believed that he had already made everything clear.

Cheng Yun He raised his arm and commanded, “Everyone move aside!” Then he turned and spoke to Chu Yang, “Please!”

At this point, Ji Mo and the other martial master had stopped fighting and came over.

On that person’s body, there were clear traces of blood, and the corner of his eyes were also black. On the other hand, there was just a little bit of dirt mixed with snow on Ji Mo’s body; it was obviously that Ji Mo had the upper hand.

Cheng Yun He and the Revered Martial Masters of Golden Horse Riders Department looked at Chu Yang’s group and could not help but frown. With the exception of Chu Yang standing next to Cheng Yun He, everyone else stood in a distance away. While they could not protect each other with such a formation, it guaranteed that no matter who got attacked, the rest of them could easily escape without being blocked!

If Cheng Yun He’s people made a move on them, only one needed to escape to bring absolute misfortune on Cheng Yun He’s group!

Cheng Yun He frowned endlessly. These opponents might have been young, but they were working in synchronicity with each other. They were so cautious that he could not find any way to attack them.

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing walked ahead and carefully searched each carriage…

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