Gu Du Xing walked in front, Chu Yang walked behind. Gu Du Xing made precise movements that seemed almost unconscious. Each time he checked a carriage, he placed his hand on it and mindlessly dragged his hand along.

During this process, Cheng Yun He remained close to the two walking on the white snow as he went around the carriage and leisurely examined everything.

Each time they passed a carriage, Gu Du Xing shook his head and exchanged a glance with Chu Yang.

Not found. (

They searched all the way to the last carriage and still did not find anything.

Chu Yang paused feeling somewhat surprised.

There were absolutely no signs of life in these carriages. And given the injuries of that King level leader, it was without question that he could not act on his own. But he was currently not is this caravan; how was this possible?

Could it be that his injuries are so serious that he could not be moved, and he has to remain in Iron Cloud Citadel?

Cheng Yun He smiled; he caught up to them and said, “What is it that you want? You can just take it; there is no need to be polite.”

Chu Yang looked at him for a long time before saying slowly, “You should know what I want to get. Good people don’t talk with ambiguous words, why do you need to pretend in front of me?”

Cheng Yun He smiled with some grief and said, “Of course I know, but I also cannot do anything about that.”

“Oh? He is here?” Chu Yang asked sternly.

“He is here…” Cheng Yun He let out a long sigh and said, “Unfortunately, you cannot kill him!”

“Please explain!” Chu Yang’s eyes brightened with a faint feeling that this was too much of a coincidence.

“The King level leader has left this world!” Cheng Yun He’s eyes glistened with irrepressible tears. He said with a hoarse voice, “We are bringing his remains back…”

“He’s dead?” Chu Yang muttered. The King level leader that Kong Shang Xin had risked his own life to rescue just died like this?

“Where is his body?” Gu Du Xing’s eyes narrowed.

“Body…” Cheng Yun He said angrily, “Do you want to disrespect the dead?”

“Is he dead just because you said he is dead?” Gu Du Xing glared and said icily, “I don’t believe it.”

All the martial masters around them placed their hands on their sword hilts looking very angry. Only Cheng Yun He knew about Yin Wu Fa drinking Meng Hun Solution; no one else knew this. The others learned that King level leader Yin had died and were truly grief-stricken. Now that they heard this group wanted to profane the dead, they could not help but feel angry.

Chu Yang’s eyes flashed, and he said, “Seeing is believing. You should know that we cannot trust your words! Between us, we don’t have that kind of relationship. If you don’t hand over the person, all of your people will die away from home in this ice and snow along with you!”

“Fine!” Cheng Yun He’s eyes flashed as he made a bold decision, “Follow me!”

He strode to the second carriage and said, “King level leader Yin… is here.”

Pulling out the wall of the carriage, he revealed a large wooden board about two meters long. After that piece of wood was lifted out, a cold chill immediately blew at their faces.

The inside was filled with ice, and under the layer of ice was a frail body in black. Lying quietly without any movements, his eyes were completely closed.

There was not a trace of life on this person’s body. This was apparently a corpse! The ice layer was apparently to preserve the corpse.

The face of the person in black seemed to be completely covered in a layer of white frost. If it was a living person, there should be a little bit of body heat…

That person was too familiar to Chu Yang; he was indeed the person that had interrogated Chu Yang from before!

He is really dead?

Chu Yang felt that there was something odd about this matter. How could a King level master die so easily?

As if answering the question in Chu Yang’s mind, Cheng Yun He said sadly, “He was already severely injured and did not have enough time to heal before being surrounded. He recovered less than twenty percent of his strength! By the time he broke out and arrived at our place, he was completely burnt out. After he died, the others cleansed his body and discovered…”

Cheng Yun He’s tone became extremely serious, “On his body, there are one hundred thirty-seven wounds, big and small!”

One hundred thirty-seven wounds!

Chu Yang was startled. After the battle, Chu Yang had called in everyone who had seen and fought with Yin Wu Fa. After tallying everything, it was determined that he should have around one hundred wounds.

At this moment, that figure was confirmed!

The two looked at each other for a while and saw the thoughts behind each other’s eyes: He is really dead!

Death was the end; this rule was eternal. Anyone who disrespected the dead would be ridiculed by the rest of the world!

Yin Wu Fa had died, and his trip had become meaningless. Chu Yang was momentarily at a loss for words. While he still could not believe a King level master would die so easily, the truth was right in front of his face.

Gu Du Xing suddenly took a step forward and placed his hand on Yin Wu Fa’s body.

People shouted from all directions, “What are you doing?”

Gu Du Xing sneered and turned to look at the emotional subordinates. He said coldly, “Shut up!”

Then he grabbed the sword hilt with his right hand and quietly activated his martial energy with a very minute and odd movement. A powerful invisible energy flew out and went into Yin Wu Fa’s two feet.

This was the Gu clan’s specialty – Invisible Sword Chi! Gu Du Xing did this because he was afraid that Yin Wu Fa was faking his own death.

It was a kind of technique that was covert and would not be discovered by others.

As long as the person was alive, whether conscious or unconscious, they could not endure the pain of their two legs being damaged! But Yin Wu Fa continued to lie there peacefully without any reactions.

Then Gu Du Xing arrogantly held on to his sword as he walked in front of their opponents. After a long while, he finally showed his disappointment and said, “Let’s go.”

Chu Yang let out a dissatisfied sigh and said, “The person is dead; it’s over. We won’t trouble you.” Then he immediately stepped toward Cheng Yun He and looked at him deeply, “We had wanted to use herbal medicine to make friends and create a foundation for our future in Great Zhao. We just never expected it to turn out this way.”

“You people want to go to Great Zhao?” Cheng Yun He’s eyes brightened. While he saw Chu Yang’s “herbal medicine to make friends” as total bullsh*t, he was especially interested to the other half of what Chu Yang said.

“Not necessarily! Maybe yes, maybe no!” Chu Yang smile and said carelessly, “We are challengers, where wouldn’t we go?”

Cheng Yun He’s eyes flashed, and he said sincerely, “This is expected. If you are ever in Great Zhao, you must come and find me so I could be your host!” Then he immediately pulled out a jade calling card and gave it to Chu Yang. He said, “This is my address in Great Zhao. Please take it. If you have time, come and have a drink with me.”

“While I am not certain I will go, I accept your kind intentions.” Chu Yang laughed and received it happily. The moment he accepted that jade calling card, Nine Tribulations Sword tip suddenly shot out. It rushed from his dantian with incomparable speed, and, from the fingertip contact between the two, it went into Cheng Yun He’s body.

Cheng Yun He only felt a sudden chill in his arm as it went slightly numb. But he did not cultivate martial arts so he naturally did not know what just happened. He thought that his opponent was testing him, and laughed, “I am really just a frail scholar. Please don’t mock me.”

But Chu Yang did not pull his arm back. He held his opponent’s hand and said warmly, “Men can make contributions without necessarily using force; you should not mind it so.”

Cheng Yun He thought wryly: When did I mind it? You are the one holding on tightly and not letting me go…

When he sensed that Nine Tribulations Sword tip had yet to return, Chu Yang had no other way but to continue holding on to his opponent’s hand and buy more time, “Ah, I never asked for your name.”

“My surname is Cheng, hahaha…” Having a man hold on to his hand like this was extremely weird. Cheng Yun He could feel his hair standing on ends as he asked, “And you are?”

“My surname is Gu. And this is my second brother.” Chu Yang held on to his hand and was surprised by how supple his skin felt. He felt nauseated by this, but he could not let it go. He had to shake it a few times and said, “Haha, wow… we really hit it off…”

Cheng Yun He’s countenance became even more paled. He forcefully tried pulled his hand back, but he discovered that his opponent was holding on too tightly. As he could not pull out his hand, he grew more frightened and said with a smile, “Ah, Brother Gu, first… can you let go of my hand?”

Chu Yang said in surprise, “Your hand? Is your hand okay? Let me see.” Then he unexpectedly held up the Cheng Yun He’s hand and looked at it carefully, “There is nothing. Your skin is so white and soft…”

Cheng Yun He’s countenance completely darkened…

At this moment, Chu Yang’s hand trembled as he felt Nine Tribulations Sword tip finally returning bringing with it a feeling a satiated pleasure as it headed into Chu Yang’s dantian.

Feeling relieved, Chu Yang hastily released Cheng Yun He’s hand and said, “This… Hahaha… We bothered you too much already. Goodbye.”

Cheng Yun He unconsciously pulled his hand back. He almost shoved it into his clothes but realized it would be rude so he had to force himself to cup his hand and did a goodbye salute, “It was nothing; it was nothing.”

Chu Yang sighed and turned to look at Yin Wu Fa’s body. Finally, he gave Gu Du Xing a nod and turned to leave.

While Chu Yang had already lived a lifetime, he still did not know there was such a thing called Meng Hun Solution in this world. So even though he was able to chase down his opponent, he could not do anything upon discovering that his opponent was dead.

Although Cheng Yun He had planned on this and had dealt with it very well, even successfully fooling Chu Yang, he never planned on a ruthless person like Gu Du Xing being on Chu Yang’s side.

Without being detected by anyone, he essentially gave Yin Wu Fa an invisible sword slash.

And while all of Yin Wu Fa’s life force was currently hidden by Meng Hun Solution, facing such a sword slash, it was over…

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    1. he wasn’t dead. But then Gu Du xing killed him on accident with his clans secret sword qi technique that is used to awaken ppl faking death.


    1. Both sides had good and bad luck.
      Chu Yang:
      Good: Accidentally Gu Du Wing kills the king level master playing dead.
      Whatever the sword spirit got.
      Bad: Let the best strategist in Great Zhou live unknowingly.

      Cheng Yun He:
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    CYH’s countenance completely “reddened”…
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