“Now that Tian Ji is grown, I have to be ruthless. Killing him is very difficult. However, like I said before, I am capable of killing him ten thousand times over. I don’t think you would deny that.” Mo Tian Yun said solemnly, “I have such ability!”

“I have very conflicting feelings. I am sure you all can understand by now. I, Mo Tian Yun, might not be a good person or a gentleman, but I would never be as lowly as Brother Ao said.”

“I am currently suppressing my younger brother and sister. I am not shameful to admit this.” Mo Tian Yun’s sharp gaze glanced over everyone. Suddenly, he asked in a grave tone, “But all of you eldest young masters here, who has never suppressed his rival? Well?”

Looking at his eyes, their faces slightly heated up.

In regards to Mo Tian Ji and Mo Qing Wu being ambushed by the Hei Mo clan in Lower Three Heavens, there were many speculations that it had to do with Mo Tian Yun. It was because of this that everyone’s impression of Mo Tian Yun became very bad.

How could someone who ensnared his own brother and sister be trusted?

However, at this moment, everyone suddenly felt that they were also similar to Mo Tian Yun. For their clans, for their ambitions, and for their survival, they also suppressed other people in their own clans! And those people were also their blood relations, their brothers and sisters!

Is it not funny that we are ridiculing Mo Tian Yun for doing the same thing that we do?

“Mo Tian Yun, you are very eloquent.” Ao Xie Yun smiled, “Your words are very reasonable, and I also agree with you. For the survival of the clan, it is nothing for one to betray his moral every now and then. I can accept that.”

“Your words have successfully brightened your image in everyone’s mind. While it is tainted, you have the guts to admit it and to take responsibility. Very good.” A trace of sarcasm appeared in Ao Xie Yun’s dark gaze, “If I were not here, these words would probably win you many allies…”

“Too bad I am here today.” Ao Xie Yun smiled coolly and said, “All of your words are true; some are even from your heart… But…”

“The people I suppressed are different from those you suppressed.” Ao Xie Yun quietly said, “Before my brothers are grown, before they have the ability to fight against me, I would never suppress them!”

“It’s different with you. Your younger sister is only nine years old. Plus, she is a girl. Your younger brother competes with you for power, but Mo Tian Ji is unlike you. While he competes for power with you, when it involves the interests of the clan, he would give way. You, on the other hand, are willing to cause damage to the clan in the interest of power.”

“You were capable of killing him before he was fully grown, but don’t forget that he was not against you then.” Ao Xie Yun said slowly, “But you were guarded against him in every way. It was because of this that he developed the desire for power. It was because he essentially could not get anything or even have the chance to get anything.”

“Great clans are all the same; it is the way of the world. You don’t need to justify yourself since it was not for your own advantage.”

“Even if we suppress others, we would not force them to death.” Ao Xie Yun said, “Your fight, however, is a deadly one. Moreover, this fight was forced by you. This is the greatest difference between you and us.”

Mo Tian Yun’s face shifted between white and blue. Every word Ao Xie Yun said touched his weaknesses, but he could only grit his teeth helplessly and said, “Everyone here has his own understanding of his clan. Who does not have struggles? Who does not have understanding? Who does not have to do things that he doesn’t want to? Who does not have ambition? Arguing about these things right now is meaningless.”

“Yes, it is meaningless. But your paranoia makes other people uncomfortable.” Ao Xie Yun sneered, “Like today, you should not have suggested that we deal with those two young people, but you did.”

“So what?” Mo Tian Yun grunted.

“This does not suit your discreet character.” Ao Xie Yun’s dark eyes flashed, “In a situation like this one, you would normally wait for an opportunity before acting. You would never make a move first, and you would especially not be a leader…”

“You only want to take advantage when other people are losing. And you even want to take the credit for being a good person.” Ao Xie Yun said bluntly, “Dogs can’t change their shit-biting character; you should not have jumped up front. But earlier, you went first. While your words were reasonable, they also proved that you had hostile intentions toward those two people.”

“People like them have always been the kind you would try to win over and curry favors from. You definitely would not initiate anything against them or offend them. Therefore, those two must have hostile intentions toward you, and you must have sensed that.”

Ao Xie Yun slowly looked up. His dark gaze aimed straight at Mo Tian Yun as he let out an ironic laugh, “Mo Tian Yun, you would never ignore danger even if it is just a feeling… Thus, your intention was to have us unknowingly be your backing.”

“You are making a preemptive move!” Ao Xie Yun said, “This is part of your paranoid character! But why are you so paranoid today? Mo Tian Yun, what are you being paranoid about?”

Mo Tian Yun’s countenance paled, and he yelled, “Ao Xie Yun, what are you trying to say?”

“I am not trying to say anything.” Ao Xie Yun said casually, “Everyone knows that those two people are from Upper Three Heavens. If everyone makes a move against them, then… would they not take revenge? If it’s revenge… how would that be dealt?”

When he said this, all of the young masters’ faces became discolored.

“Perhaps they could beat the great clans to the point they can’t get back up again? Or even directly suppress them?” Ao Xie Yun said casually, “That way, most of the great clans in Middle Three Heavens would slowly fall… Mo Tian Yun, could it be that you want to dominate Middle Three Heavens?”

Mo Tian Yun’s countenance suddenly turned white, “You are speaking nonsense!”

However, everyone’s view of him was already beginning to change.

After hearing Ao Xie Yun speak, everyone immediately realized that this was definitely possible.

“Some people like to speculate things with a suspicious mind. But it is really sad that such a thing has become the way of this world.” Mo Tian Yun said coldly, “That is why good people in this world become mountains of white bones while despicable people rise up in power and wealth.”

He sneered and shook his head, “This is not interesting at all!”

In this battle of wits, Mo Tian Yun had failed.

He used his sense of danger to call everyone to arms with him. He hoped that he could deal with the crisis that was about to come. However, Ao Xie Yun had used this sense of danger to break through his lies and pushed him further down.

Therefore, in the end, Mo Tian Yun could only sigh and say a few words with a dejected look to save a little bit of face.

“Reason can be spoken by anyone. The same reason is true when spoken by a gentleman; it is also true when spoken by a petty person.” Mo Tian Yun said casually, “Reason is reason. There is no differentiation.”

“Well said!” An agreeing voice sounded out. Then there was a soft sound of clapping as two young men dressed in snowy white outfits stepped forward.

The whole room became quiet once more. Everyone simultaneously turned to look at these two young men.

In front of the watchful eyes of everyone, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing walked forward and went into this common room.

Their current appearances were carefully disguised by Chu Yang. They were very different from what they were like before! Even their skin color, the shape of their faces, the shape of their eyes, and the positions of their facial features were completely different.

Currently, the two of them were total strangers who had just appeared in this world for the very first time.

After entering the common room, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing had used all of their power to control themselves, but they still could not maintain their composure.

In front of Gu Du Xing were mostly people he knew!

He was acquainted with almost all of the young masters here!

But from Chu Yang’s perspective, he saw something else.

There were also many people that he knew. Chu Yang realized that, with the exception of some people, everyone else had arrived!

Only a few decades later, the people here would stir Middle Three Heavens! In fact, even Upper Three Heavens would also feel it!

He Mo (Black Devil) An Zhu (Dark Bamboo) Gu Du Ke (Lone Traveler), Du Sha (Poison Spirit) Tian Ji (Heavenly Secret) Li Xiong Tu (Strict Aggression), Mo Dao (Black Saber) Qian Hao (One Thousand Talents) Xie Gong Zi (Evil Young Master), Meng Luo (Dream Fall) Qiong Hua (Jade Flower) Tian Bu Ru (Heaven Cannot Compare)

The powerful young man sitting in the middle with that careless expression was Evil Young Master Ao Xie Yun. One of the twelve outstanding characters. And Lone Traveler Gu Du Xing was already by his side. Black Saber was making waves with Ask the Heavens Sword. The person standing in one of the corners was Tu clan’s eldest young master, Tu Qian Hao. As for the rough looking young man with the beard sitting at the table behind Ao Xie Yun, he was Li Xiong Tu!

Black Devil and Dark Bamboo were not here. Chu Yang did not know who Poison Spirit was. Mo Tian Ji was not here. Jade Flower in Meng Luo (Dream Fall) Qiong Hua (Jade Flower) Tian Bu Ru (Heaven Cannot Compare) was the shy looking youth in another corner. Later on, everyone would think that Jade Flower was a female, but Chu Yang knew that this revered Jade Flower was Xie clan’s young master, Xie Dan Qiong.

His famed hidden weapon was Dream Jade Flower.

Dream Fall and Heaven Cannot Compare seemed to not be here.

Even so, gathered here were Lone Traveler, Strict Aggression, One Thousand Talents, Evil Young Master, Jade Flower Xie Dan Qiong. There was even one hidden Poison Spirit.

Six people. (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Among them, there was one person not inferior in any way. Mo clan’s eldest young master, Mo Tian Yun.

Among these people, after Ji Zhu was killed by his cousin, Mo Tian Yun, Mo Tian Yun was then killed by the hands of Mo Tian Ji. And Luo Ke Di’s eldest brother, Luo Ke Wu, was also eventually killed by Mo Tian Ji’s scheme in the battle between the two great clans…

And the two young masters of the Gu clan, Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, was nowhere to be found; they disappeared from the fighting.

Right now, Black Devil and Dark Bamboo had started to rise, the remaining ten were also starting to show their strength!

In the previous life, the world belonged to you people, but, in this life, there is me! Chu Yang thought to himself.

“Everyone, in our first meeting, I greet you!” Chu Yang gently cupped his fist. His countenance was cheery and calm, but it was filled with a kind of noble modesty making everyone unable to be offended by it.

“This young master is?” A ray of suspicion flashed in Ao Xie Yun’s eyes, “May I ask your name please?”

“My surname is Chu.” Chu Yang’s tone was crisp, “This is my eldest brother; he doesn’t really like to talk.”

“So it’s young master Chu.” Ao Xie Yun was shaken. Surname Chu? Upper Three Heavens’ Chu clan? While the Chu Clan is not in the rank of the nine great clans of Upper Three Heavens, they are still a super clan!

These two young masters are actually people of the Chu clan?

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