The power of the sword edge continued to surge out! It was reckless and lacked any respect for life. It seemed as if it would directly push Chu Yang to the pinnacle if no one stopped it.

“That’s enough!” The sword spirit finally restrained it. Whether it was the sword spirit or Chu Yang who was worried about unstable states, facing the powerful, bullying sword edge, they could only let it get some steam out and not stop it too forcefully…

The domineering sword edge was always the lawless one among the nine fragments of Nine Tribulations Sword!

The sword edge remained indifferent and continued to push hard! Finally, when the sword spirit almost went berserk, the sword spirit stopped. Chu Yang’s state stopped at the peak of second grade Sword Great Master!

Facing such a situation, the sword spirit could only sigh.

Besides taking care of the aftermath, he essentially had no way of stopping it! The sword edge was always the attacking tool and a daring general. Resisting its force would have had an adverse effect!

Chu Yang finally awoke from the mysterious sword state. He let out a long exhale. The four verses of the sword edge was for uniting sword body with sword technique!

He was certain of this.

Use momentum to lead sword energy. Use sword energy to actuate sword move. Use sword move to fuel momentum again. They work together like that until the moment the sword edge drinks blood!

A sword move is violent and tyrannical! It is… arrogant in the heavens and on earth!

This is the meaning of this sword!

Chu Yang frowned as he was lost in thought. In the sword technique that the sword spirit demonstrated, there was not only madness, bloodiness, killing, but also endless desolation… It was the eternity of loneliness gathered by invincibility.

This kind of state, Chu Yang felt that he could not achieve it in a short amount of time.

Breathing slowly, he opened his eyes and pushed the dirt and rocks back to their place. But as he lifted the blocks up, Chu Yang let out an “oh.” He was so surprised he almost dropped it on his feet.

This… when did my strength become so great? Lifting this thousand pound block feels as if it is nothing at all.

He inadvertently looked at his dantian and became shocked!

If his dantian from before was a tiny puddle, it was now doubtlessly a big pond! Waves of water moved boundlessly!

He tried to move his energy back through the eighth grade Martial Master barrier; it was now an open road without any hindrance. Chu Yang’s eyes involuntarily widened. He continued to direct his energy past the ninth grade Martial Master and made a round without any obstacles…

Shaken, he advanced to first grade Martial Great Master…

At last… (Walk the Jiang Hu)

“F*!” He was finally blocked when he tried to pass third grade Martial Great Master. Chu Yang finally jumped.

When he jumped, he forgot that he was holding a big boulder. He unexpectedly jumped more than ten feet high while holding it; then he gently landed…

Looking as if he was in a dream, he placed the blocks back into their original locations. With the last block, he twisted his body and unintentionally formed a flirtatious pose as he hit it with his butt. That heavy block flew into the air and dropped into the last empty spot… seamlessly!

“Oh god… In the blink of an eye, wow… I am a Martial Great Master already? Plus, I am a second grade Martial Great Master?” Chu Yang scratched his head. He bit his arm hard. A sharp pain gave Minister Chu a rude awakening, “It’s real!”

I broke through!

Even more, I jumped!

Chu Yang walked out as if he was on air. As he walked, he looked around and could not help but be startled.

He saw Gu Du Xing looking at the sky with a serious countenance. Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong also had extremely serious appearances. It was as if there was something that made them very pensive…

As for Ji Mo…

Ji Mo was lying on the ground. His clothes were tattered and his face was battered as laid on the ground like a pig. He also tried to open his swollen eyes and looked up at the sky with shock…

Chu Yang was stunned!

What is this? He followed they gazes and could not help but looked at the sky. But he could only see blue sky and white clouds with whistling cold wind…

There was nothing unusual.

“What’s going on with you guys?” Chu Yang curiously asked. To have the four looking with such faces, it was definitely a major event! Chu Yang was certain of this. But he currently did not see that major event anywhere; this was truly annoying…

“A major event happened!” Gu Du Xing’s gaze remained fixed at the sky as if he was stubbornly searching for something in the eternal heavens.

“Event?” He watched as Luo Ke Di and company nodded repeatedly. Ji Mo, who was lying on the ground, was also nodding like a pecking chicken. Chu Yang remained confused.

“Nine Tribulations Sword master… has found the second Nine Tribulation Sword fragment!” Gu Du Xing said somberly, “In other words, the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment has returned.”

“Nine Tribulations Sword master… Nine Tribulations Sword? Ah!” Chu Yang was startled. He almost bit his tongue as he stood there dumbfounded. Right away, he felt blood rushing to his brain.

“Yes!” The four nodded simultaneously. All four gazes turned to Chu Yang at once. With the exception of Ji Mo, whose eyes were puffy from being beaten by Gu Du Xing and were not able to open, the other three’s eyes widened as big as those of oxen…

“How did you… know?” Chu Yang stuttered.

“Stop acting stupid!” Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes, “Each time the Nine Tribulations Sword master finds a fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, the sky of all of the Nine Heavens would change in appearance. This is a sign…”

“Sign?” Chu Yang’s eyes rolled; he almost collapsed. He almost blurted out: Brothers, you must keep my secret. This is not a joking matter…

Lucky that I did not say anything yet…!

“You don’t know about this?” Gu Du Xing looked at him condescendingly, “It’s a pity that you are a person of the Nine Heavens continents! You don’t even know about Nine Tribulations Sword master?”

“Is he famous?” When Minister Chu asked this question, a smile appeared behind his eyes. That position of waiting to be praised was too satisfying.

“More than just famous!” Naturally, the four people called out in unison. Each one gave Chu Yang a disdainful look, “That Nine Tribulations Sword master! That Nine Tribulations Sword master… is the idol of all of the Nine Heavens continents! My god, I can’t believe you don’t know about it.”

“Idol?” Chu Yang was internally prideful, but he asked in surprise, “Is he that powerful? Is he also your idol?”

“Of course!” The four called out in unison.

The not so surprising answers of the four made Minister Chu feel as if he had drunken strong liquor. In a dizzying haze, he asked, “This person is very powerful?”

“Not just powerful!” Ji Mo said with a twisted face, “He is the king of assholes and should be chopped a thousand times over. I was kicked out of Middle Three Heavens to come here for training because of that jerk! If I see him, I will give him a beating no matter what! I am just afraid I won’t be able to beat him…”

“Ack…” The edge of Chu Yang’s eyes twitched.

“Yes! This Nine Tribulations Sword master is a punk who just wants to incite chaos! He only needs to show himself, and the world will no longer be at peace!” Luo Ke Di said angrily, “This SOB is a feces poking stick!”

Chu Yang’s face turned black.

“But Nine Tribulations Sword is an item that everyone who use swords like us dream of.” Gu Du Xing remained focused. But before Chu Yang’s mood could improve, he added, “Unfortunately, I don’t know which punk has gotten it by dumb luck. What a waste. If it had fallen into my hands…”

Rui Bu Tong nodded repeatedly, “Right, right. It is just dumb luck… so irritating. If he’s lucky, that’s fine. But he wants to let hell break loose on the world. His grandmother, who has it easy in this world? Everyone is already struggling, and this punk is going to sit on everyone’s head because of a sword… Motherf*…”

Chu Yang’s shoulders dropped; he said unconsciously, “I really want to kill and chop some people.”

“We do, too!” The four said with one voice, “In particular, we are most interested in the Nine Tribulations Sword master.”

Minister Chu’s eyes widened as if he had suddenly discovered a new continent. He said, “Whoa! Ji Mo! Hey… my pitiful third brother! What’s wrong with you? You look like you have been raped by a bear…”

Ack, changing the subject technique.

“Ah… I was not raped by a bear, but it was something not too different…” Ji Mo cried loudly and looked up, “Big brother, this is all your fault…” He then suddenly widened his eyes and opened his mouth like a cat that was about to spring. He called out with a hoarse voice, “Woah… woah… woah… hey, hey, hey, this… I am seeing a demon…”

He shouted with his hoarse voice. His two swollen eyes even opened as if it was some miracle.

“What is it?” Chu Yang asked in surprised.

At this point, the other three also discovered something strange with Chu Yang.

“Ack… ack…” Gu  Du Xing took three steps back in disbelief!

“Woah…” Luo Ke Di’s butt plopped right down to the ground; he was stunned!

“Woah…” Rui Bu Tong’s whole body staggered; he was at a loss of words!

“What is it?” Chu Yang frowned.

“You broke through again…” Ji Mo spoke up. He pinched himself and yelled out in pain. Ji Mo jumped right up. He was lying down, but he was now erect. He hyperventilated then he ground his teeth, “There is no heavenly justice! There is no heavenly justice…”

Chu Yang finally understood; he stood triumphantly with his nose in the air and said humbly, “Ah, I accidently broke through a few grades. It’s nothing. I only went from seventh grade Martial Master to second grade Martial Great Master. It’s not worth mentioning… not worth mentioning.”

He smiled from ear to ear, “Compared to you heavenly talents of great clans from Middle Three Heavens, such a speed… is embarrassing…”

“There is no heavenly justice…” Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di called out bitterly, “Such quick breakthroughs, there is really no heavenly justice. After breaking through, you deliberately poked fun at us. There is no heavenly justice…”

Chu Yang laughed loudly.

After learning that Ji Mo brought it upon himself to fight with Gu Du Xing, because Chu Yang became enlightened in the way of martial arts after fighting with Gu Du Xing, Chu Yang became even more joyful.

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  1. “Ah, I accidently broke through a few grades. It’s nothing. I only went from seventh grade Martial Master to second grade Martial Great Master. It’s not worth mentioning… not worth mentioning.” — what a SOB. hahahahahaha

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