“Is it that?” While Ji Mo was asking himself this, his countenance was saying, “Definitely!” If that was not the case, then what else could have cause his martial cultivation to increase so much?

With the exception of the way of martial arts, there was no other possible explanation.

Therefore, Ji Mo felt that it was especially unfair… How was it that Chu Yang immediately understood the way of martial arts after one fight and he turned into a pig’s face instead? The difference between the two was too great.

Besides being confused and annoyed, Ji Mo was also a little unwilling to accept and was even eager to try more. Perhaps if he fought a little more, he would be able to reach enlightenment.

On the side, Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong were of the same calculating thought as their eyes fixated on Gu Du Xing: Just because Ji Mo was not able to does not mean that we can’t do it. Given Ji Mo’s pig brain, how could he be enlightened? His intelligence is far inferior to ours.

So the two independent minds simultaneously wanted to give it a try…

Gu Du Xing coldly looked at the three people clearly understanding their intentions. Hmm, if you guys dare to fight with this second brother, I will definitely beat you twice as worse as Ji Mo…

Sure enough, he did not have to wait long. Luo Ke Di cockily jumped out. He yelled in an arrogant and domineering tone, “Awooh… Second senior, I want to fight with you!”

The moment Gu Du Xing heard the words second senior, his eyeballs almost turned red.

If you guys are looking for abuse, and I don’t give it to you, then it would be a waste of your effort in calling out the two words second senior…

About four hours later, Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong were made honest.

Currently, the two of them were lying together with Ji Mo. They glanced at each other and were not able to distinguish who was who. All three were alike… swollen… like three triplets!

***** (Walk the Jiang Hu)

A tavern in Iron Cloud Citadel!

The person in blue was tilting a wine jug and was slowly drinking. The moment the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment appeared, he suddenly stood straight up and disappeared. The next moment, he appeared on top of the tallest structure in Iron Cloud Citadel.

Standing amidst the milky white sky, he looked at the strange phenomenon and muttered to himself, “Nine Tribulations Sword master! Nine Tribulations Sword Master is finally starting to mature… for the Nine Heavens continents… will this be a blessing or a curse?”

He stood in a trance for a while, then said softly, “It seems the other old guys will also have to be bothered. From now on, Upper Three Heavens will have great turbulence… How long will it take for the Nine Tribulations Master to mature? If he is slow, then Upper Three Heavens will be at war for a long time.”

Shaking his head, he laughed and said, “Nine Tribulations Sword master appears in Lower Three Heavens, but those most affected are in Upper Three Heavens. What a bother.”


The moment Nine Tribulations Sword flashed, Diwu Qing Rou was strolling in the garden with Gao Sheng next to him. They were talking about something or another when heaven and earth fell into an intense white glow. Diwu Qing Rou’s countenance momentarily shifted, “Is it the Nine Tribulations Sword master?”

Gao Sheng showed a look of shock, “Yes, according to the clan’s records, such a phenomenon indicates that Nine Tribulations Sword master has found the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment. The sword edge!”

“Mm…” Diwu Qing Rou took two leisurely steps and paused, “The second fragment, sword edge… if I am not mistaken, it is the killing force!”

Gao Sheng’s face looked somewhat surprised, “The Prime Minister is correct.” He could not imagine that when it came to Nine Tribulations Sword, Diwu Qing Rou had such understanding.

“Nine Tribulations Sword appears, heaven and earth gets overturned.” Diwu Qing Rou thought for a moment. Then he continued to walk and said, “This Nine Tribulations Sword master, could he be part of some state? Or…?”

Gao Sheng thought a little and said, “This is really not written down. But, according to ancient records, Nine Tribulations Sword has always been a legend of Jiang Hu. Throughout the Nine Heavens, it exists almost as a myth. Plus, legends of Nine Tribulations Sword mostly exists in Upper Three Heavens. Even in Middle Three Heavens, it is scattered. He could not be part of any state.”

Gao Sheng left something unsaid: States? What are these states? How can they retain Nine Tribulations Sword?

“Hmm.” Diwu Qing Rou smiled and nodded. He thought for a moment before letting out a sigh. It was as if that was a sigh of relief. His face unexpectedly relaxed, “I also thought that way. If Nine Tribulations Sword does not belong any state, then I will not go against Nine Tribulations Sword. This way, I can rest easy…”

Gao Sheng wondered to himself: The Prime Minister can rest easy? From your tone, it is clear that a burden has been lifted from your shoulders… Why?

However, Gao Sheng also did not want to ask about this matter. If Diwu Qing Rou did not want to say, asking would have been useless.

At the same time, in the great clans of Middle Three Heavens and the major forces of Upper Three Heavens, many people were directing their gazes into the distance with a worried look on their faces.


Upper Three Heavens, the Chu clan.

An old man in a black robe stood with his arms folded at the top of Ask the Heavens Tower of the Chu clan. He did not speak for a long time and looked like a statue. It was not until another old man in black appeared next to him that he said softly, “Nine Tribulations Sword… is it still not determined?”

“Still not! If it has been determined, then all of Nine Heavens would be in a rampage.”

“Hmm, the second fragment has appeared.” The old man wearing the black robe said quietly, “The appearance of the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment symbolize the start of the Nine Tribulations Sword master’s maturity. What are your thoughts on this matter?”

The second man in black had a pair of short brows. It was as if someone had chopped off part of his brows. Hearing this, he said, “We’ll have to depend on fate. You don’t need to worry, sir.”

At a glance, he did not seem much younger than the other old man, but he called him sir.

“Fate… Ha…” The man in black sneered and said, “Nine Tribulations Sword’s appearance is to change the fate of the Nine Heavens continents! Our Chu clan is currently prosperous, but the future is worth worrying about! This time, many thousands-of-years-old monsters would surely appear. Give orders to the clan to be cautious.”

The old man with the short eyebrows looked embarrassed and said, “Yes, I will give the order.”

“Nine Tribulations Sword… Nine Tribulations Sword… The word tribulation is hard to deal with.” The old man in black’s countenance seemed to be filled with endless worries.

“Is the Nine Tribulations Sword fate’s tribulations?” The old man with the broken eyebrowwas disturbed.

“Not only is it fate’s tribulations!” The old man in black sighed, “Each time Nine Tribulations Sword appears, nine major clan or forces as powerful as the heavens would appear. In Upper Three Heavens, they would dominate for thousands of years without falling! And those nine major clans corresponds to the nine tribulations of the Nine Tribulations Sword master!”

“This… can it be?” The old man with the broken eyebrows exclaimed, “All of the Nine Heavens continents, how long have they been in existence?”

“Haha, the records of the Nine Heavens continents has it that it has been a total of seventeen thousand years since the Nine Heavens continents has living things on it! This is such a joke! It truly makes people dumbfounded; I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry!” The old man in black said gravely, “Our Chu clan is not part of the nine major forces; we only rose up for over a thousand years. But, that year, our founding ancestor traveled with Li Yun Tian for a short amount of time. And it was because of that short time period that created our founding ancestor’s legend and created Chu clan’s fifteen hundred years status!”

“Those three short months became the proudest thing in our founding ancestor’s life!”

“Li Yun Tian? Is Li Yun Tian the lord of the Li clan from more than a thousand years ago? One of the nine powerful forces in Upper Three Heavens?” The old man with the broken eyebrows was startled.

“Yes.” The old man in black said casually, “In those three months, our founding ancestor wrote down Li Yun Tian’s words. Among them…”

When he got to this point, he suddenly became silent as if lost in thought.


“Nine Tribulations Sword comes out once every ten thousand years… One outing to shock the world. Since then till now, it has come out eight times. And Li Yun Tian was born eight thousand years after the last time! I wonder if I will have the blessing of meeting the ninth Nine Tribulations Sword master.” He old man in black said gently.

“It appears every ten thousand years? It has appeared eight times?” The old man with the broken eyebrows exclaimed loudly and said with his eyes widened, “Are you saying that the Nine Heavens’ Jiang Hu has existed for at least eighty thousand years?”

“Yes! You are also not stupid.” The old man in black grunted.

“But the history of the continents…”

The old man with the broken eyebrows did not finish before the old in black interrupted him, “History of the continents? What is history? At most, history is just a few lines of writing that could be changed at any time. Anyone who could write is capable of changing history!”

He sneered, “No matter how you write it, the people are already dead. They definitely can’t climb out of their coffins to stop you.”

The old man with the broken eyebrows gasped, “So… sir, the record of our founding ancestor… could…?”

“You may not!”

The old man in black flatly refused, “There are too many secrets in there; it would be better if you people don’t look at it!”

He grunted and said, “Say… The Chu clan, right now, has no outstanding talents. The whole bunch is just ordinary. Especially the youngsters, they are even more stupid! Letting you people know these secrets would lead to a calamity instead!”

The old man with short eyebrows remained stunned for a while before lamenting, “There are some with abilities. Even some of the youngsters already reached Revered level… Compared to their peers from the other major clans, they are not bad.”

“Gibberish! I am talking about super talents. I am talking about the potential to advance!” The old man in black said angrily, “Right now, Nine Tribulations Sword master has appeared. If our Chu clan has one person selected for one of those nine fragments… That would be a great fortune! What good is it to be invincible among mice? Even if we become champions… we would just still be mice!”

“One of the nine fragments of Nine Tribulations Sword?” The old man with the broken eyebrows was startled. He did not know what else to say.

“Nine Tribulations Sword… was divided into nine fragments: sword point, sword edge, sword spine, sword collar, sword mouthpiece, sword hilt, sword grip, sword tassel, and sword spirit!” The old man in black said worriedly, “Why is it that all of the clans in Middle Three Heavens sent people out for training the moment Nine Tribulations Sword appears? This is, of course, a kind of tradition. But how was this tradition created? No one in Middle Three Heavens knows about this.”

“But this secret is recorded clearly in Upper Three Heavens. Each Nine Tribulations Sword master always has nine powerful people assisting him! They correspond to the nine fragments of Nine Tribulations Sword! Nine fragments united, one sword dances in the vast heavens! That is how a ten-thousand-year fate of the Nine Heavens’ continents starts…”

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