“Then… why don’t our Upper Three Heavens send people down for training?” The old man with broken eyebrows asked hurriedly.

“Because Nine Tribulations Sword master will begin to traverse the world from Upper Three Heavens!” The old man in black clasped his hands behind his back, “If Upper Three Heavens go down for training, there will be a disruption in the flow of fate… It will create permanent chaos in the Nine Heavens!”

“Thus, Upper Three Heavens cannot join in. Even if we are to train, we can only train in Middle Three Heavens and not go down to Lower Three Heavens! If any clan breaches this rule, it will be attacked by all other forces until it is completely destroyed! This is the unspoken and ironclad law of the Nine Heavens!”

“There is only one clan in Upper Three Heavens that can go down to Lower Three Heavens without being restricted by this law. But only once, and only one person can go…” A strange look flashed in the old man’s eyes as he said somberly.

“Then the requirements for those nine people?” The old man with broken eyebrows continued to ask

“It’s all luck!” The old man in black sighed, “No one really knows!”

After a long time, the sky returned to normal. The old man in black said slowly, “Is Fei Ling’s son found yet?”

“Still not yet…” The old man with broken eyebrows sighed, “It has been seventeen years already; I think it is becoming hopeless.”

“Bastard!” The old man in black yelled out, “Because of this one grandson being out there, the relationship between the Yang clan and the Chu clan has been strained. After more than a decade of friction, old allies are practically enemies! How could we easily let it go? At this crucial time of Nine Tribulations Sword master appearing, if we cannot get the Yang clan to become our ally again, the Chu clan would be useless alone. The consequences are unimaginable! Continue to find him without any negligence!”


“Unfortunately, the Nine Tribulations Sword master already found the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment and is starting to mature. Even if we find that child, it’s probably…” He grew angrier as he thought about it, “Chu Xiong Cheng! You managed to lose your own grandson. Why didn’t you get lost as well?”

The old man with broken eyebrows looked sad, “I…”

“I what? Get lost!” The old man in black growled and immediately became a clump of dark smoke. He disappeared without a trace. He told someone to get lost, but before that other person could do anything, he had already disappeared.

“Ah, it’s the same thing every time we talk about this…” The old man rubbed his broken eyebrows, “As if I wanted to toss my grandson away? This is too unreasonable.”

Sighing, his body flashed, and he also disappeared…

***** (Walk the Jiang Hu)

In the northern-most region of Upper Three Heavens, in the vast wasteland of snow and ice. Besides the snow and ice, there was only darkness.

But in this moment, Nine Tribulations Sword’s aura rose up. It suddenly added a milky white light to this world as if a door was quietly opening…

In the howling blizzard, an excited voice screamed out, “Come! Meet the conditions; go out!”


Chu Yang was currently with Gu Du Xing and company. He secretively called them into his room.

“Come in; I have something good.”

“What’s so good?”

Chu Yang smiled and pulled out a jade bottle. Holding four cups, he said slowly, “I am inviting you guys to a drink of water.”

“Drink water…” The four were speechless; what are we drinking water for?

Chu Yang took off the cap of the jade bottle and filled the four cups, “Please.”

An exotic aroma suddenly filled the room. Smelling this aroma, all four felt their minds becoming excited. The four cups sat on the table with liquid as clear as jade. Within the water, a faint trace of green was glistening.

Gu Du Xing’s countenance showed a puzzled expression. Looked at these four strange cups of water, he seemed to have figured out something and suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Vitality Spring Water?!”

“What?” Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo simultaneously said in alarm. No one had expected to encounter this priceless treasure here!

Vitality Spring Water was capable of strengthening a person’s foundation. It could increase the vitality of all plants or animals in this world. When it came to injuries, its healing effect was even more mystical. Plus, as long as it was an external injury, the effect was even better! With internal injuries, it was also beneficial.

Moreover, in nurturing medicinal herbs, this thing is especially miraculous! One drop of Vitality Spring Water could cause a dying medicinal herb to live again and regain its vitality; it also increased the potency of the medicinal herb by a year.

According to legends, this kind of spring water was only accessible for the medicinal clans of Upper Three Heavens. And its annual production was only a few drops. It was considered a family heirloom and was heavily guarded.

Currently, four filled cups unexpectedly appeared here.

“Yes, this is Vitality Spring Water.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “I drank it already. Hmm, this spring water is really good. Once you drink it, any injuries you sustain later will not leave any scars…”

“Scars…” The four looked at their Big Brother as if he was a monster.

Vitality Spring Water is so precious, and you want us to drink it so we won’t have any scars?

“If you keep delaying, its medicinal potency will dissipate…” Chu Yang smiled as he reminded them.

“Ah…” The actions of the four were as quick as a flash. They all chugged it right down with the exception of Gu Du Xing who suddenly stopped just as he was about to drink it. Taking out a small jade bottle, he carefully poured the spring water into it.

“What are you doing?” Chu Yang asked with a strange expression.

“Drinking it like this is such a waste.” Gu Du Xing smiled and said thoughtfully, “I am saving it for Sister Xiao Miao… Sister Xiao Miao is a girl, she usually cares about her appearance. The part about not leaving any scars would be enough to make her happy already…”

“Fool… I still have more! If I am giving it to you, you can go ahead and drink it!” Chu Yang was annoyed, amused and touched at the same time.

“You really still have more?” Gu Du Xing looked at Chu Yang suspiciously. Seeing him nodding in affirmation, Gu Du Xing was assured and drained all of the spring water in one gulp.

At this time, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had a rare moment of silence. They did not laugh or make jokes. Their gazes at Gu Du Xing was unexpectedly filled with respect.

Men who always thought about their lovers was rare in a world where mistresses were as numerous as clouds! Such sincerity, who would dare to make fun of it!

“I don’t have too much of this spring water. It was by luck that I have it. Besides what I have saved for Xiao Wu and Dong Wu Shang, I have a few cups left. Remember not to tell anyone outside about it.” Chu Yang carefully reminded them.

While he still had a whole spring, these things were more valuable if they were rare.

One could see more sincerity in a small amount. If it was a big amount, would it not be cheapened? Of course Chu Yang did not mind letting his brothers use this, but outsiders… it was better to keep them away…

Even though Chu Yang was being a little sneaky; his intention was for the good of the entire group.

“Hmm.” The four seriously replied. If this kind of spring water was revealed to the outside, there would definitely be great turmoil. With their strength, there was definitely no security…

After finishing this, the four brothers were a little excited; Ji Mo suggested that they go out and have some romantic encounters. The other three replied with contempt. Chu Yang went to Bu Tian Pavilion alone. Shoulder to shoulder, the four went out to some unknown destination.

Right after he gave Wu Qian Qian a cup of Vitality Spring Water, a person from the palace came with His Highness’s summon.

Chu Yang sighed, “Each time I have something good, I get an invitation from His Majesty. How is his nose so good?” Wu Qian Qian laughed. She took out a new black robe and said, “Chu Yang, why don’t you try this on and see if it fits you?”

“You made this?” Chu Yang’s eyes narrowed.

“Mm.” Wu Qian Qian’s face reddened, “I just did a rough estimate.”

Chu Yang nodded as he sighed internally. Unable to turn down a person’s goodwill, he said, “Let me try it on.” Then he immediately put the robe on. It was a perfect fit, not too big and not too small.

Wu Qian Qian chucked as she judged his appearance, “Acceptable. Go ahead and wear it.”

“Why do I feel like something is off?” Chu Yang looked suspiciously at the black robe he was wearing.

“It’s always like that with new clothes.” Wu Qian Qian’s face became flushed as she hurried him along, “His Majesty is looking for you. Go.”

Watching Chu Yang leave, Wu Qian Qian quietly lifted his old robe and gently sniffed. Her gaze seemed lost as she sighed softly.


“Diwu Qing Rou sent a letter? He requested for Tang Xin Sheng’s family back?” Chu Yang looked at Tie Bu Tian in surprise.

“Yes.” Tie Bu Tian was wearing the imperial robe with a slight look of fatigue on his face.

“Your Majesty’s intentions?” Chu Yang placed Diwu Qing Rou’s letter back down.

“Returning them is fine; not returning them is fine.” Tie Bu Tian said, “The key is your thoughts!”

“I think that we should… return them!” Chu Yang said slowly, “I want to make a trip to Great Zhao. If Diwu Qing Rou wants to invite me and sends me such a good opportunity… how could I just let it pass by? Plus, keeping Tang Xin Sheng’s widow and orphan here is useless.”

“You want to go to Great Zhao?” Tie Bu Tian stood up, “No!”

“There is nothing that can’t be done. Diwu Qing Rou could mess with us; why can’t we bother him back?” Chu Yang calmly said, “Making chaos for Great Zhao internally, this is our perfect opportunity.”

“Too dangerous!” Tie Bu Tian slowly sat back down and said, “Even here, we are already facing danger from all directions, let alone going to Diwu Qing Rou’s headquarters. That is a place filled with peril. And your identity is so sensitive…”

“Because of that, I must go.” Chu Yang said casually, “Being blindly defensive like this, there has to come a time when we take the offensive.”

Tie Bu Tian knew that Chu Yang had already decided; he could not help but feel sad and lost, “With you going to Great Zhao, what will happen to Bu Tian Pavilion?”

“Bu Tian Pavilion will remain the same. I am going to Great Zhao, but King of Hell Chu is not.” Chu Yang said softly, “Wu Qian Qian is now capable of working on her own.”

Tie Bu Tian stood up and paced back and forth slowly, “But you must promise… you must come back alive!”

Chu Yang laughed, “Rest assured, Your Majesty. In this world, the person who is capable of taking my life has not appeared yet!”

Hearing his joke, Tie Bu Tian did not laugh. He only looked at Chu Yang deeply and said, “When you are there… you must make your safety the first priority! If something can’t be done, you must retreat quickly. If there are no opportunities, we could always create them. But if you are gone… where am I going to find the second minister for Bu Tian Pavilion?”

Sensing Tie Bu Tian’s sincere concerns, Chu Yang said softly, “I will.”

I am quite helpless myself. I am not that brave, but the third Nine Tribulations Sword fragment is… in the center of the continent!

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