Tie Bu Tian obviously had great concerns for this trip to Great Zhao of Chu Yang’s. Even when Chu Yang gave him Vitality Spring Water, he carelessly drank all of it in one gulp. He wanted to say something several times, but did not. He paced back and forth in the great hall with a frown.

“Can we leave within seven days?” Chu Yang asked when Tang Xin Sheng’s family could leave the citadel.

Tie Bu Tian said, “Diwu Qing Rou did not send anyone to bring them back; why should we send people to bring them home? There is also the fact that the world is covered in snow and ice… Let’s discuss about this when spring comes…”

Chu Yang frowned as he felt Tie Bu Tian was acting a little emotional. It seemed like he was not hesitant about returning Tang Xin Sheng’s family; instead, he did not want Chu Yang to leave!

“Uh, not a problem. I won’t be going with them anyway.” Chu Yang said.

“Then when are you leaving?”

“When the time is right, I will leave.” Chu Yang smiled.

Given Chu Yang’s answer, Tie Bu Tian sighed.

Seeing there was nothing else, Chu Yang said farewell. When he got the door, Tie Bu Tian suddenly called out, “Minister Chu! Chu Yang!”

Chu Yang turned around and looked at Tie Bu Tian in puzzlement, “Your Majesty, what is it?”

Tie Bu Tian moved his lips as if he wanted to say something. But he remained silent in the end. Turning elsewhere, he said casually, “If Minister Chu wants to go to Great Zhao, then… before leaving, come and tell me first.”

Chu Yang replied, “I know.” Turning to leaving he thought to himself. Does that need to be said? Wouldn’t I have to tell you when I leave?

Three more days passed, and Dong Wu Shang finally returned with great excitement. It was not known how he got this load, but he had unexpectedly pulled back half a wagon of black steel!

Just because Chu Yang had said to him, “It is better to have extra; otherwise, it might not be completed…”

As a result, looking this half-full wagon, the five brothers were speechless. Given the weight of black steel, this half a wagon was probably more than ten thousand pounds!

Eight horses were pulling the wagon leaving two very deep imprints of the wagon wheels in the ground… Iron Cloud Citadel’s roads were very good; these very heavy things could not create such deep imprints. But there was a great snow fall a few days ago, making the roads become covered with a soft layer of snow…

“Cough, cough, because I had to prepare the black steel, I am a little late.” Dong Wu Shang wiped the sweat off his face and shrugged.

“My idol!” Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong shamelessly called out with wide eyes, “So much black steel, where did you get it from? The gates to Lower Three Heavens… How did you get it through?”

“I… placed them on my head…” There was an unexpected trace of red of Dong Wu Shang’s dark face as he stammered, “I placed each block on top of my head… walked in… walked out, and then walked in again…”

Ji Mo’s butt dropped right to the ground. He remained speechless for a long while, and then he suddenly burst into crazy laughter, “I really admire you… Dong Wu Shang, I, Ji Mo, is in complete admiration for the very first time… Haha, on your head? You walked in and out? In and out? Oh my… You are killing me with laughter…”

Luo Ke Di smacked his butt and made a popping sound. He laughed uncontrollably, “You are worthy of being fourth brother! This cow… is way above my head!”

This was Luo Ke Di’s signature move. Whenever he was excited, he would smack his butt loudly and even call “baa, baa” rhythmically.

Gu Du Xing also could not hold in his laughter. A laugh escaped from him, and he coughed endlessly.

“Big brother… Is this… enough?” Dong Wu Shang rubbed his hands together as he looked at Chu Yang eagerly, “If it’s not enough, I will go back and get more…”

“Enough! More than enough!” Chu Yang let out a dry cough, “I am just surprised… All of this… you brought them here by yourself?”

“Cough, cough. They sent me to the gates of Iron Cloud Citadel and left.” Dong Wu Shang coughed dryly, “I know big brother does not want our clans to know about this place. While I cannot hide from people of the clan, but… as long as I act like I don’t want them to know, they will keep one eye closed…”

“Oh, not bad!” Chu Yang gave a rare praise.

“On my trip back this time, I had a match with my father!” Dong Wu Shang said happily, “I surprised him. Haha… I managed a sneak attack and almost succeeded…”

“Your father didn’t break your legs?” Gu Du Xing curled his lips. Dong Wu Shang’s father was famous for being strict!

“No! No! How could he do that?” Dong Wu Shang shook his head repeatedly, “My father did not have enough encouragement for me… Big brother, when will you begin?”

“What are you so anxious?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes, “Are you worried I might be running away? Plus, what do you want it to look like? How heavy? More than ten thousand pounds of steel… If I use the whole thing, will you be able to lift it?”

“The heavier the better!” Dong Wu Shang gritted his teeth, “Big brother, if you could, make me a five hundred pound saber! I think that would be good!”

“Five hundred pounds!” The five people exclaimed simultaneously. An ordinary sword was about six or seven pounds. A special one was twenty or thirty pounds at best. As for the sword that Chu Yang gave Ji Mo, it was a little heavier at fifty pounds.

Of course, these were swords, not sabers. But black sabers from Dong Wu Shang’s clan was normally eighty or ninety pounds. In fact, even Dong Wu Shang’s father, leader of the Dong clan, only used a two hundred pound saber!

And this guy was blabbing out five hundred pounds. Could it be that he wanted to squish people with his saber?

“Training with the saber is also a form of cultivation!” Dong Wu Shang raised his brows. A bone-chilling aura suddenly surged up, “When this five hundred pound saber becomes as light as a feather in my hand that is when my saber arts cultivation is successful! Since ancient times, the saber has always been without a champion; no one has ever reached the peak! The highest accomplishment has only been Saber Emperor! Some people say that this is the fate of the saber! But I, Dong Wu Shang, want to challenge the saber’s fate! Fight the world and see who would be on top!”

“Okay!” Chu Yang said loudly, “If that is the case, then I will fulfill your wish!”

“Thank you, big brother!” Dong Wu Shang put one leg forward. With his left arm in front of his chest, and his right behind his back, he face Chu Yang and bowed respectfully, “I will depend on big brother!”

This was the respectful way the saber artists treated others!

Chu Yang’s body suddenly moved. He stood straight like a sword leaving its sheath. With a loud sound, he held his fist, “No need for the formality.”

Ji Mo and Gu Du Xing were surprised.

Until now, they did not know what Chu Yang’s forte was. Now they learned that his focus was sword!

Chu Yang also did not want to tell them. He knew the personalities of these brothers. Once they determined his focus, their stubborn drive for excellence would end up causing them to force him to train with the sword all the time…

However, today, Dong Wu Shang used the ultimate salute of saber arts; how could he not return the same courtesy? Plus, he had to use the way of the sword to do so.

If it was an ordinary person, Chu Yang would not have paid any attention. But Dong Wu Shang was his brother!

Respecting your brothers was respecting yourself!

“Thank you, big brother.” Dong Wu Shang pulled out a piece of goat skin from his chest and said, “This is the design I want!”

Everyone gathered to look. Seeing the saber drawn on it, they all nodded quietly.

Dong Wu Shang’s saber did not look too different from ordinary sabers. But it was about sharpness and power. Plus, it was focused on smoothness so all unnecessary decorations were left out!

The entire thing was a saber!

In fact, even the guard was just a slight outward curve.

One only needed to look at the drawing to imagine that if such a saber was forged, how domineering it would be!

“Good!” Chu Yang carefully folded up the goat skin and put it away, “Bring all of the black steel into my room.”

Dong Wu Shang said happily, “Big brother, you are a really good person!” Surprisingly, he did not ask for help from others and carried the black steel in block by block.

His reason was: I want to use my own effort do everything I can! That way, the saber will truly be mine!

This reason was a very stubborn and arrogant reason, but everyone understood how Dong Wu Shang felt.

This saber would be his friend for the rest of his life!

In the evening, Chu Yang used Nine Tribulations Sword to absorb all of this black steel. After absorption by Nine Tribulations Sword, all the black steel became one large chunk.

Estimating the amount of material, Chu Yang nodded silently. It was lucky that Dong Wu Shang brought so much; otherwise, there might not have been enough!

Currently, everything here weighted less than a thousand pounds. Chu Yang raised his hand and put all of this black steel into Nine Tribulations space.

Right after that, the sword spirit controlled the sword point as it spun around this chunk of black steel. A saber, based on Dong Wu Shang’s requirements, quickly formed!

A mighty yet smooth and elegant saber! Wherever it was, it would surely have a majestic aura.

Looking at the newly created saber, Chu Yang nodded with satisfaction. Compared to Dong Wu Shang’s requirements, this saber was about an inch longer, half an inch narrower, and weighted approximately five hundred seventy pounds!

At a glance, it was no different from an ordinary saber; no one would ever expect that the weight of this saber would be so terrifying!

Chu Yang admired it for a while before finally putting the saber into Nine Tribulations space.

It could not be out any longer. In any case, he would have to wait a few days. As for the name of the saber… This was Dong Wu Shang’s business. But one thing was certain; with this saber, Dong Wu Shang’s cultivation would be even more frightening than it was in the previous life!

The next morning, Dong Wu Shang hastily ran over and banged on Chu Yang’s door, “Big brother…”

The moment he stepped in, he shriek, “Huh? Where is the black steel?”

“I already took it away… How can I forge anything in here? You won’t even let me sleep?” Chu Yang said sleepily.

“You’re really powerful!” Dong Wu Shang looked in amazement as he scratched his head. Last night, he drank Vitality Spring Water and went to sleep immediately. He had been very tired these past few days. But even if he was more tired than this… With ten thousand pounds of black steel missing, how could he not hear any noises…?

This could only be seen as… magical!

“Dong Wu Shang… I want to ask you something.” Chu Yang’s countenance suddenly became serious, “On this trip back, did you hear about anything happening at the Mo clan?” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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