“The Mo clan?” Dong Wu Shang blinked a few times and said, “The Mo clan and our Dong clan are north and south. The distance from each other is too great. I don’t know what the situation is. But I do know that after Mo Tian Ji returned to the clan, he was immediately sent to Cang Lan battlefront.”

“Huh?” Chu Yang frowned.

“I am not too clear about this, but when Mo Tian Ji left, he left with a great force. I heard that he even brought a cavalry with him and robbed like a madman as he went along. Plus, he intentionally went the long way and visited everywhere. He first went to the Ji clan for a while. For some reason, he argued with the Ji clan. Then he headed south and fought with the Luo clan. Afterward, he destroyed a shop of the Luo clan. Worst of all, he burned down a saber workshop of our Black Saber clan!”

“All of Middle Three Heavens know that the second young master of the Mo clan has gone crazy…” Dong Wu Shang grunted and said, “If it was not for the fact that I was in a rush to return here, I would have definitely chased that bastard and given him a beating!”

Chu Yang’s brows pinched tighter and tighter. An icy emotion flashed from his eyes, and he punched the table next to his bed. With a bam, the table shattered to pieces. Chu Yang gritted his teeth and said, “Damn the Mo clan!”

Chu Yang understood Mo Tian Ji more than anyone else in this world!

If these things were done by a playboy young master from a clan in Middle Three Heavens, there would have been nothing strange about it. In fact, if a cold and calm person like Gu Du Xing went crazy and did these things, it would not have been a shock. However, only Mo Tian Ji would definitely never do such things!

Given Mo Tian Ji’s character, doing these things was equivalent to a normal person going crazy! But something impossible was done by someone who could have possibly done it.

Then there must be some deep meaning within.

Chu Yang thought about the meanings behind these things that Mo Tian Ji did! Perhaps, after Mo Tian Ji returned, he is not able to leave or cannot go down to Lower Three Heavens. Therefore, he could only use these methods to send a secret message to me.

While they only met briefly one night, Mo Tian Ji knew that, in this world, the people that would lay their lives on the line for Mo Qing Wu were himself and Chu Yang.

Thus, there were some things he wanted Chu Yang to know.

And the clans that Mo Tian Ji harassed were the clans of the five people staying with Chu Yang!

Mo Tian Ji did such earth-shattering things and even placed himself in danger just to send Chu Yang a single message: Mo Qing Wu’s situation is currently bad!

The Ji clan was their relations, and Mo Tian Ji still caused trouble with them. This meant that relatives were not to be trusted; there was fighting in the clan.

With the Luo clan, they were longtime enemies. His fighting with the Luo clan said that the situation was very serious, very egregious, and deadly.

His making trouble with the Gu clan, a longtime ally, said there was betrayal between brothers!

The burning of the Black Saber clan’s workshop told Chu Yang that the saber had been taken away!

At the same time, all of this also told Chu Yang that his opponent was very powerful! Even Mo Tian Ji had to go to Cang Lan battlefront. This warned Chu Yang to be cautious and plan carefully before making a move!

Chu Yang ground his teeth and asked slowly, “The eldest young master of the Mo clan, is his name… Mo… Tian… Yun?”

“Yes!” Dong Wu Shang thought for moment.

“Mo Tian Yun. According to tradition, if the Nine Tribulations Sword master appears, then the disciples of Middle Three Heavens are sent down for training… This Mo Tian Yun, has he gone down to Lower Three Heavens?” Chu Yang asked lightly.

“Yes!” Dong Wu Shang could feel the hair on the back of his neck standing on ends.

When Chu Yang spoke, he looked normal. However, for some reason, Dong Wu Shang could feel a killing intent so thick that it was almost solid.

Could it be that Chu Yang wants to kill Mo Tian Yun?

The two men have never had any confrontation… Plus, not too long ago, Chu Yang saved Mo Tian Yun’s sister, Mo Qing Wu. The Mo clan should be thanking him. If Chu Yang ever goes to Middle Three Heavens, it would be very likely that the Mo clan becomes one of his trusted allies.

How could Chu Yang want to kill a descendant of his future ally?

Plus… this kind of killing intent is the type of mortal enemies!

“Call everyone in. There are some things I want to discuss about.” Chu Yang said with a scowl.

Dong Wu Shang was startled and turned to go find the rest of the people.

Within moments, Gu Du Xing and company were gathered in Chu Yang’s room.

“Today is the first time us six brothers officially sit down like this. It is also the first time we have had a discussion together.” Chu Yang did not bother with formalities and went straight to the point, “I want to talk about your next step.”

The five people simultaneous sat straight up. While this big brother was young, and his cultivation level was the weakest among the six, everyone knew that, given Chu Yang’s advancement speed, he would probably surpass them all in less than a year.

“It will soon be Ji Mo’s birthday, and Ji Mo would have to go home. In fact, I feel that all of you should go home. This place will be okay with Gu Du Xing and me.” Chu Yang said slowly.

“Why?” Everyone seemed reluctant. It was not easy to find brothers they could trust and rely on with their lives. How could they part from each other so easily?

“Think about this. Compared to Mo Tian Ji, how are you guys?” Chu Yang shot a glance across everyone’s faces.

“He is better!” Gu Du Xing was frank. If others were better, he would just say so.

Dong Wu Shang slowly nodded.

“How about compared to Mo Tian Yun?”

“He is also better.”

“Well, how about compared to the Ao clan’s eldest young master, Ao Xie Yun?” Chu Yang slowly asked.

“He is also… better…”

There was a touch of shame on Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang’s faces.

“The intelligence of anyone here is no less than them. But, whether it is tactics or calculation or dealing with others… even cultivation level, you are all less than them. In truth, these people are a few years older than you, but the key reason is…” Chu Yang said solemnly, “You have too little experience!”

“In other words, you have not dealt with enough challenges! You have rarely dealt with setbacks!” Chu Yang’s gaze gradually brightened as he spoke, “Therefore, you all must make up for this shortcoming. That is the only way you can truly grow!”

At this point, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo and company all nodded.

These words of Chu Yang touched an important issue.

“I want to stay in one place with all of you, but that is not possible. So I will send you all away!” Chu Yang said, “If we all stay in one place, there will be friends around whenever anything happens. Whether it is Mo Tian Ji or Mo Tian Yun, their strength and wisdom cannot compare to all six of us together! Our strength is great, but our individual strengths will never grow.”

“When I speak of individual strength, it is tactics and experience.” Chu Yang added, “Therefore, staying together for too long is a big disadvantage for all of you!”

“We must separate! Each of you must weather through storms and grow by his own effort.” Chu Yang concluded.

“This is not an issue. After returning, I will ask my big brother to give me a few responsibilities in the clan.” Dong Wu Shang nodded and said, “My big brother already asked me many times, but I didn’t want to. So he beat me up many times… He is also not afraid that I would steal his clan leader position…”

Luo Ke Di rolled his eyes and lamented, “Looking at your saber-crazy personality, would you still want to steal the clan leader position…”

Dong Wu Shang glared back.

“There is no problem on my part.” Ji Mo sighed, “My eldest brother is the laziest. Besides beating me up, he doesn’t do anything… Both of us ignore clan matters. If I return and say one word, my father would probably be overjoyed.”

“On my part, there is an issue…” Luo Ke Di frowned, “My eldest brother has great desire for power. He would probably not give me any power when I come home…”

“So you must fight for it!” Everyone else spoke with one voice, “Deal with your eldest brother!”

Luo Ke Di shivered…

“When I get back, I will go robbing with my master.” Rui Bu Tong said frankly.

The other five almost fainted…

“Not just rob; you must use Hypnotic Fragrance to steal and render people unconscious… Especially when it comes to the big clans.” Chu Yang instructed carefully, “It would be best to make them hunt you down; that way, you will advance very quickly!”

“At the same time, I will also die very quickly!” Rui Bu Tong rolled his eyes, but he was internally thinking: Could it be done?

“Ah, wait for a few days. When Dong Wu Shang’s saber is done, we will make our trek to Great Zhao!” Chu Yang said, “At that time, we will do one task in Great Zhao. When that is done, we will also part ways at Great Zhao!”

“So soon?” The five people said in unison.

“Not soon at all. After this is done, Ji Mo would be home just in time.” Chu Yang said, “There is one more thing I want to discuss with everyone today. It is about how we can put all of Great Zhao into chaos.”

The five looked at each other.

“If you want to make Jiang Hu of Great Zhao go into chaos, I have a way.” Ji Mo thought a little and said, “It will make them all fight with each other like mad dogs…”

“Mad dogs fighting?” Chu Yang seemed to have an inkling.

“Big brother’s sabers and swords. You could put out two and give them some background… and let them into Jiang Hu.” Ji Mo said, “Such heavenly weapons are always most loved by Jiang Hu people. But how to cause the biggest sensations, we must discuss this carefully.”

“That is an idea…” Chu Yang rubbed his chin and thought.

“As for the royal court, that is difficult.” Ji Mo frowned.

“No worries, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Chu Yang said definitively, “Let’s go first and figure it out later.”

“Iron Cloud is in the north; the weather is cold. So all of the Middle Three Heavens clans out for training are in Great Zhao because the weather there is mildest. So on this trip, we will meet many disciples of Middle Three Heavens out for training.” Chu Yang said gravely, “One of those people is the eldest young master of the Mo clan, Mo Tian Yun.”

Dong Wu Shang shivered internally; Chu Yang finally said it!

“Big brother wants to deal with Mo Tian Yun?” Gu Du Xing frowned.

“Not deal with him; I want to kill him!” Chu Yang said slowly, “I want to know, if I keep Mo Tian Yun in Lower Three Heavens forever, what will be the consequences?”

At this moment, the five felt Chu Yang’s killing intent surging like a rising tide… (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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